04th Aug2011

5 Clever Ways to Reuse Tin and Aluminum Cans

by Dinah Wulf

5 Clever Ways to Reuse Tin and Aluminum Cans

So after doing this blog I have officially become a hoarder because I no longer want to throw anything away, in hopes that I can turn it into something fabulous!  I have also become a huge advocate for recycling, reusing, and repurposing.  Taking the eco-friendly route feels good and also gets your creative Do It Yourself juices flowing.

If you strive to be the Hostess with the most, I have discovered that reusing cans, jars, boxes, and the like are perfect for party centerpieces and other decorations.  By covering them with decorative paper, or painting them, recycling items like these gives them a whole new look to fit any party theme.  For example, use wrapping paper to cover old boxes and create height and dimension to a candy or dessert table, or use glass mason jars embellished with ribbon or raffia as a tea light holder.

Check out these five ideas for reusing tin and aluminum cans.

1. Aluminum Can Tea Lights – Turn your favorite cans of soda into  decorative lighting.

2. Food Can Centerpiece – Use vintage cans to create an interesting centerpiece.

3. Food Can Storage Containers – Paint food cans to store office supplies.

4. Tin Pincushion – Make a cute pincushion out of a small tin.

5. Craft Supply Tin – Cover food containers with scrapbook paper to store scissors, paint brushes, or other craft supplies.


Check out these other creative ways to recycle:


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