14th Sep2012

A Submission Lost

by Dinah Wulf
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Today’s post is a little different; no tutorial, no repurposing inspiration.  I just wanted to share something that I wrote in November 2011.  I had only been blogging for seven months and I was loving it.  I decided to submit a letter to be considered for the magazine, Artful Blogger.  Below is my letter.  It’s been 10 months and I haven’t gotten a response. Not even a “no thank you”.  It is now a submission lost…


I would be honored to be considered as a featured Blogger in Artful Blogger.

My blog has become like my child except it doesn’t cry or talk back and I am in complete control of it. I maintain and care for it each day. When I’m away I think about it constantly. I believe that since having it, it has made me a better person.  I am officially obsessed with it and unashamed.

April 23, 2011. That was when it all began just seven short months ago; my first blog post. What is vexing about the whole “obsession” thing is that I believe it started six months and twenty-nine days ago.  That first post was published and I was instantly hooked. I had no idea what to expect. I originally decided to blog for myself and myself only because I was a new stay at home mom and ex-workaholic that needed something to do. Writing about things I like or appreciate would keep me contented, and perhaps if anyone did stumble upon my website, just maybe I would give them a little inspiration too.

As I continued to write and research other blogs, I ended up inspiring myself rather than my initial intention of inspiring others. I could not believe how many talented and creative people there were that had my same interests.  The blogging community was just that… a community, that I was a part of now.  I’ll never forget the day I opened up my email and I had a friendly request from a reader in Holland to post a free printable that she thought suited my blog. Imagine that.  In the beginning I didn’t even think about the power of the World Wide Web, the power of literally reaching the world or at least anyone with a computer or access to one.

Although my blog is mainly DIY tutorials, I think it’s important to have those moments of reflection as well.  These posts are the ones that remind us of the beauty or people that surrounds us daily… the true inspiration. Blogging has certainly changed my perspective on life and my everyday surroundings.  I tend to stop and look a little more. I bring a camera everywhere I go for those “just in case” inspirational moments.

Through this journey I have met some people who have attempted to blog but ended up quitting.  I couldn’t imagine abandoning my “baby”. If I were to give advice to a new blogger, I’d tell them to write about what makes you happy.  Write about your passion and the readers will come.


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Dinah Wulf
Dinah is a craft, home décor, & DIY Blogger for www.diyinspired.com, a creative blog promoting repurposing through reinvention. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Speech Communication from California State University Fullerton. Formerly an educator at CSUF and business owner, she now is a full time writer, Curator for Style Me Pretty Living, Real Simple Lifestyler, and a member of Martha’s Circle. She has blogged for multiple websites including Angie's List, Fix.com, Home Made Simple, and Sprout Online and has been published in a few magazines and ebooks. Her website, DIY Inspired has been recognized by Mashable, Parenting.com, and Buzzfeed.
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