07th Mar2012

Candy Land Birthday Party Part One

by Dinah Wulf

The famous Hasbro board game was first designed over 60 years ago, and yet it still seems to be a popular party theme. Today there are several different versions and spin offs of the game, with of course, an online version as well. The theme is perfect for a party due to the famous locations including Gum Drop Mountains, Lollipop Woods, and Peppermint Forest.

I wanted to share a real party thrown by one of my best friends, Jennifer Hostetler. Jenny is an extraordinary party planner and is one of the most detailed and creative people I know (Some of Jenny’s other projects include DIY Nursery Letters and a Carnival Theme Party). She transformed her back yard into a real life board game.  I have to edit so many pictures, that finally I decided to break it up into two different posts.

This first post will show the making of Candy Land, and tomorrow, I will post the fabulous results!

The game has several characters including the Gingerbread People and Mr. Mint.  Here are a few of the characters Jenny created with cardboard and paint.  Her nephew surprised everyone and played the role of Mr. Mint!

Candy Land Theme Party Part 1 (15)

Candy Land Theme Party Part 1 (16)

Candy Land Theme Party (20)

One by one, her and her husband painted many signs for each of the lands…

Candy Land Theme Party Part 1 (2)

Candy Land Theme Party Part 1 (4)

Candy Land Theme Party Part 1 (6)

Candy Land Theme Party Part 1 (5)

Painted gumdrops…

Candy Land Theme Party Part 1 (3)

Hand painted Styrofoam circles and attached sticks…

Candy Land Theme Party Part 1

Blew up balloons and wrapped each one in cellophane and ties with ribbon to create oversized candies…

Candy Land Theme Party Part 1(27)

… And painted each winding space for the Candy Land game board track.

Candy Land Theme Party Part 1 (7)

Wow! I’m tired just writing it! Come back tomorrow and see Jenny’s back yard Candy Land party transformation!


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