Stenciled Butterfly Wall Art

by Dinah Wulf

Recently, I wrote a post on DIY Butterfly Wall Art from items I found in my craft closet.  With my daughter’s garden themed birthday party coming up, I decided to make another craft scrap art piece.  I wanted to use it as part of the decorations at her birthday party, as well as hang it in her room after.

Once again, I didn’t have to buy anything new.  I had every item already sitting in my craft closet.  I even had another ugly painting that I inherited when my husband and I moved in together.  If you don’t have an old ugly painting, blank canvases can be purchased at any craft store.  Also consider going to a thrift store and recycle an old one.  It may even come with a frame you can reuse.

Here is what I used for my Stenciled Butterfly Wall Art project.

  • Old painting or canvas
  • Burlap
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Craft paint
  • Spouncer
  • Stencils
  • Paper plate
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Craft Butterflies

I started off by covering the painting with burlap that I had from my Stenciled Burlap Placemat project by attaching it with a staple gun.  Make sure you pull the fabric taught as you staple it.  Next, I laid out my stencils and butterflies in the order I wanted them placed on the canvas and took a digital photo of it.

I stenciled my daughter’s name on the bottom right and stenciled a butterfly in the center.  Check out my Stenciled Burlap Placemat project for stenciling tips and tricks.  Next, referring back to my digital photo, I hot glued each butterfly onto the canvas.

Both quickly and easily I have a unique and personalized party and room decoration that didn’t cost me a dime!!

Update! Here’s a video of the Garden Butterfly Party for my daughter’s 2nd birthday if you’d like to see it! Enjoy!

DIY Butterfly Wall Art

by Dinah Wulf

One of the things I do when I’m bored is stare at my craft closet to see if there is anything I can make without purchasing something new.  I had these wooden frames left over from a Wine Tasting Bridal Shower party I did and these butterflies I bought from a craft store that was going out of business a while ago (I bought 80 of these butterflies for less than $10).  These butterflies are great to adorn gifts, my initial intention for their use.  Anyway, with left over craft paint and scrapbook paper, I decided on DIY Butterfly Wall Art for my daughter’s bedroom.

Here are the materials you need:

  • Wooden frames
  • Craft Butterflies
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Hot Glue Gun

Yet another fun and easy project was complete while my daughter watched her one hour episode of Sesame Street (she LOVES Elmo and Baby Bear).

First, I painted each wooden frame.  By the way, you can purchase these frames in packs of three from IKEA for $1.99… cheap!  Meanwhile, while the paint was drying, I cut out scrapbook paper to fit the frames (4X6) with a paper cutter.

I assembled the frames when the paint was dry and using a hot glue gun, attached the butterfly to the center of the frames.  You have to hold the butterfly in place for a few seconds while the hot glue dries.  I hung them above my daughter’s window in her room.

Here are some AFTER photos.

What’s in YOUR craft closet??


The Things We Do For Love

by Dinah Wulf

Oh… the things we do for love!  My husband’s birthday just past, and with Father’s Day coming up, I thought I’d do something bigger than I normally would.  Here goes…

My hubby and I joke around a lot about turning the downstairs bathroom into a 90’s grunge themed bathroom.  I always laugh and play along, but in my head I’m always thinking, “HELL’S NO!”  Then one day we were talking and he mentioned that he wanted to spruce up the garage, paint it, organize it, and hang pictures up in it.  He said it would be “his” place and that I had the rest of the house. Immediately I felt badly.

This house is pretty big for just the three of us, and my hubby works very hard day in and day out.  He works late almost every night and he works from home on his computer on the weekends. I thought, why WOULDN’T I do a 90’s themed bathroom for him? But that wasn’t enough. I had to go bigger.

So over the past couple months I researched and purchased concert posters and frames online.  I also dug in boxes in the garage and in closets.  I found posters he purchased years ago still rolled up in tubes.  I framed them all and decided to hang them in our entry way… oh yes… the largest wall in the house.

Here is the wall before and after.  I originally had a family photo wall there, but it DID seem small for such a massive area.


Here are a few close ups of the new 90’s Grunge Wall (sorry for the glare).  I framed some albums as well.


Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day to the love of my life…


Eye Chart Wall Art

by Dinah Wulf

I love SUPER easy wall art! In the past I have shown tutorials for Letter Wall Art for my kitchen and Scrapbook Bird Art for my daughter’s bathroom. This Eye Chart Wall Art is also very easy, and with my notes, will literally take minutes to complete. It took me a little time figuring out spacing and font size, but I’ll leave you my notes below to make it easier for you to do.

I have seen so many variances of eye chart wall art that you can purchase in several magazines. The thing about doing it yourself is that it’s WAY cheaper and more personal. For my eye chart letters I used our last name, our first names, the dogs names, and words like “family”, “love” and “forever”. It’s up to you on how you would like to customize it!

I simply created a Word document on my computer and printed it on regular paper. Here are some of my notes for this easy Eye Chart Wall Art:

Century Gothic font
All caps
Varied spacing
Black Ink

Line 1: One letter, font 125
Line 2: Two letters, font 100
Line 3: Three letters, font 72
Line 4: Four letters, font 62
Line 5: Six letters, font 68
Line 6: Seven letters, font 36
Line 7: Space, font 12
Line 8: Eight letters, font 24
Line 9: Space, font 12
Line 10: Six letters, font 20
Line 11: Space, font 12
Line 12: Seven letters, font 16
Line 13: Space, font 10
Line 14: Eight letters, font 10

Hope you try it! It makes the perfect DIY gift!


Felt Wreaths

by Dinah Wulf

Ever since I made my Recycled Book Wreath and my Coffee Filter Wreath, I became obsessed with wreaths. They can look great all year round.  Also, lately I have noticed many cute do-it-yourself projects made out of felt, so naturally I thought… felt wreath! As I did my DIY inspiration research I came across so many beautiful felt wreaths. So many, that now I am confused as to which one I’d like to pursue. Maybe you can help me choose.  Here are some of my favorites.

This one from ProjectNursery stood out because of the colors.  Although I’m not really a pink type of gal, the gray wreath and pink ribbon just caught my eye.

Check out this one from PurlBee. It’s a wreath and wall hanging in one… very feminine and pretty.

TheBerry showcased this wreath.  I like how the entire wreath is not felt, rather just the embellishment.

GREEN Peace sign!!! Need I say more? (Source Unknown)

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, this one from TheIdeaRoom is so sweet.

Another pretty gray felt wreath that caught my eye from KristenEliseDesigns.

Love, love, love this all white felt wreath from Domestifluff.

Here are a few more that I found from Pintrest. Ugh! There are too many felt wreaths to choose from! In the meantime, I should probably master the felt flower. Perhaps, I can do a combo of all of the above! Any suggestions?


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Six Ways to Recycle Maps

by Dinah Wulf

Maps are so beautiful.  I’ve been looking for some ways to use them because I see them everywhere (including my glove box).  Just like CD’s, record albums, and books, they are becoming obsolete due to the emergence of electronics like the GPS and the internet.  But what I do love about maps is that they tell a story and simultaneously serve as a work of art.  Here are six great ways to recycle maps.

One: Art Work

Check out these heart maps by Tcktyboo.  Each heart represents a special place.  For example, where you were married, where you went on your honeymoon, or where the kids were born.


I also saw a great idea on Pintrest (I can’t find the picture or source anymore) where a map was framed and the route to a special trip was stitched in a coordinating colored string… so cute! Update! Thanks to Adri, here is the link for that map! Thank you, Adri!!!


Two: Pillow

This is a pillow from Etsy inspired by a vintage map.


Three: Pinwheels

Another Etsy find, these cute pinwheels make a whimsical vintage wedding favor.  Click here for different pinwheel tutorials.


Four: Upcycle Furniture

Here are three great examples of using decoupage on maps to turn an old piece of furniture into a unique and beautiful conversation piece.

Cover a wooden chest

Inspiration from Nate Berkus

Revamp an old Dresser

Add new life to an old Vanity


Five: Gift Wrap

Just in time for the holidays, use an old map as gift wrapping paper.


Six: Monograms or Letters

Use decoupage to commemorate a trip on craft letters (source unknown).


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DIY Ribbon Board

by Dinah Wulf



I always see these cute ribbon boards at gift shops, catalogues, and craft fairs.  They are great for organization for an office or (in my case) my daughter’s room.  I made this DIY Ribbon Board for items such as her hair bows, clips, and photographs.

Another reason I wanted to make this DIY Ribbon Board is because the my daughter’s first baby blanket was getting worn out by the washing machine and I wanted to preserve it somehow, without hiding it in a keepsake trunk where no one would see it.  Here is how I made it.


  • Old painting or frame and canvas
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Staple Gun
  • Paint (optional)
  • Pliers (if you are using an existing painting)

I had this old painting that was sitting in a box in my garage.

I turned it over and discovered that I needed to use pliers to remove the staples. Remove the canvas.

I took my daughters first baby blanket, trimmed it, and stapled it taut to the canvas.

I decided to paint my frame. I used two coats of paint plus a touch up.

In the meantime, while waiting for the paint to dry, I cut out my strips of ribbon, laying them out in the desired pattern.

One by one, I stapled each ribbon bottom to top and left to right (or vice versa), and then weaving bottom to top right to left. I also stapled the ribbon to the edge of the canvas to make it more secure.

Finally, when the paint is completely dry, (I waited overnight), insert the canvas.

Here are some close up and after pictures.

Thank you for reading!


Recycled Magazine Frame

by Dinah Wulf

My brother and I decided to make Christmas gifts this year to exchange.  Naturally, I had to do a recyling project. I have always wanted to try making something out of recycled magazine pages so I finally sat down and made this frame.  I have to say, although slightly tedious, it was quite fun, especially when I looked at the results.  My only regret is that I wished I didn’t use such a cheap wooden frame mainly because of the cardboard back.  I should have shelled out a few more bucks for a nicer one.  Even a thrift store one would have been better. Oh well.  Anyway, here is how I made a recycled magazine frame.


  • Any frame (again, I regret using the crappy one from IKEA)
  • Old Magazine
  • Tape
  • Paper Cutter
  • Decoupage medium
  • Small Paint brush

Gather a few magazines that you’ve already read and no longer want.  I say a few, because for this project I used four different Rolling Stones magazines to get the colored pages I wanted.

I chose to cut my strips to the width of the frame.  For example, the frame pictured here is for a 3X5 photo and the frame is a one inch wide, 4X7 frame.  I ended up cutting 1”X7” stripes (approximately eight pages).

Next, start rolling your strips.  The toughest part is the beginning; however it’s easy to get used to!  I used a small narrow piece of tape to secure each roll.  It was cleaner than attempting to glue each roll; and the tape can be easily hidden when attached to the frame.

For each roll, I laid it onto the frame so I knew when to stop. It helps to do this while you’re watching your favorite shows on TV.

After rolling all the strips, I glued each piece with a paint brush and decoupage medium one by one.

When you are finished adhering each roll, allow it to dry completely (about 15 minutes). Then, I used 2 coats of decoupage medium on top.  Allow it to dry between coats.

Insert your picture, and there you have it! The perfect handmade gift!

By the way, I had to show my little plug to recycle. If you look closely on the top left side of this picture, you will see what I mean!


***I heart comments! If you have any comments, ideas, or suggestions, please feel free to comment below.  Is there a craft project you want me to try? I’ll gladly do my best to take on your craft challenge and I’m always looking for new ideas! Just let me know! Also, if you have a project you’d like to share, please email me at


Letter and Number DIY Wall Art

by Dinah Wulf

I did a post on table numbers a while back and one of my favorites was from Martha Stewart.  They were digital pictures of house numbers printed on cardstock. I thought these were so cute and creative.  Pictures of numbers and letters would be cool to make DIY wall art… maybe frame a special date like a wedding anniversary or birthday as a gift.

In my head I thought, OK, I’ll bring my camera with me everywhere I go and try to take pictures of letters and numbers.  I didn’t want to limit it to house numbers because I had no idea how I could walk up to someone’s personal property and take a picture.  Well, actually I do because I used to do appraisals, but legally speaking… I couldn’t pull it off for a simple craft project.  So I thought maybe I could take pictures of any letters or numbers I see including license plates, signs, whatever.  Well, it never happened.  Probably because I would forget or I’d tell myself I’d just come back.

Low and behold, one night my obsession with Pintrest made life easier on me yet again! I saw a pin for a link on digital numbers and letters! Yay!

A Flickr account by Leo Reynolds has a selection of hundreds of letters and numbers. Click on the links to check them out!

My one year old daughter says, “MMM” and “YUM” almost every time she eats something. Anything. I decided to make this YUM, EAT, MMM design for the kitchen. I did it in minutes simply on Microsoft Word.  The photos are square, so used a square frame from IKEA to make it easy. Personal, cute, and simple!

Close Up (sorry for the glare)




Book Page Wreath

by Dinah Wulf

I’ve been looking for the perfect book page wreath to make because I have a damaged antique book with beautiful gold leafed pages.  The book is a book of poems by Keats, however it is falling apart and some pages are missing.

There are several book page wreaths out there for inspiration.  I finally came across one at this little boutique in Tustin (of course I didn’t have my camera on me at the time to take a picture).  Because I’m such a cheapskate, of course I didn’t buy it rather I did peep at the fifty dollar price tag!  Ha! I’ll make it myself for much less!

I wanted to get some tips before I tried to make it, so I did a little research.  I couldn’t find an exact tutorial on the one I wanted to make, but I did find some good tips from Living With Lindsay and The Penny Parlor.

Believe it or not I had everything I needed already, so I only spent a total of $1.04 for this project!!!  Here is what you need.

The Penny Parlor had a brilliant idea of buying a “foam tube” from Home Depot. I had no idea what department a “foam tube” would be in and after research, it’s in the plumbing department.  Here is a picture so you know what to ask for.

I chose the thickest tube for $1.94 ($2.08 with tax).  It is six feet long, the perfect size for two (maybe even three)wreaths, hence the $1.04 TOTAL I spent for this Book Page Wreath.

Start by cutting the tube in half.  Set aside one tube for another project. Carefully and gradually peel away the adhesive strip and stick the two sides together.  I say “carefully and gradually” because this sucker’s extremely sticky.

Next, tape the two ends together with duct tape.  It will look something like this.

Don’t panic like I did!  If you pinch and massage the tube, it will form into a circle and end up looking like this.

Next, cut your pages out of the book.  I found that the fastest and cleanest way is to use a sharp knife.

One by one, roll each page to make a cone shape and flatten the bottom part.

Using a hot glue gun, glue the cones onto the foam wreath. After your first layer, turn the wreath over.  You have just finished the back of the wreath. I used approximately 35 pages for the first layer.

Start your second layer as pictured below (approximately 30 pages).

For the third, fourth, and fifth layer, you will glue the cone over the ring as shown below.  After the fifth layer, “QC” your wreath and fill any open gaps with another cone.

Here is a picture of the back. Use a glue gun to attach a ribbon to hang it.

Here are some after pictures.

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Scrabble Art

by Dinah Wulf


I’ve seen a lot of Scrabble craft projects like ornaments, key chains, and jewelry on Pinterest and Etsy, which gave me inspiration to do this project.  We had an extra old Scrabble game sitting all alone in our closet ever since we got… wait for it… the Scrabble Diamond Addition! Yes, I am quite the Scrabble geek. I made this Scrabble art piece for our guest room.  I used an 8X10 frame and was able to fit the words, welcome, sleep, trip, dreamers, travel, guests, and getaway from the tiles of one Scrabble game. Make sure you lay out your words to ensure proper fit into the frame.

I used hot glue to affix the letters on decorative scrapbook paper to match the colors of the guest room. I inserted it into an inexpensive wooden frame from IKEA that I painted. Voila!

This would make a great DIY gift as well!  Consider making one with themed words for other rooms in the house like a kitchen, bathroom, playroom, or game room.

Looking for more craft ideas? Try these!

Crafting With Toilet Paper Rolls

by Dinah Wulf

Today, November 15th, is the 13th annual America Recycles Day! What better way to celebrate than to get some craft inspiration for recycling something EVERY American family has in their home?

I have become obsessed with the website, Pinterest, especially the DIY and Crafts section.  It has become a part of my daily routine just like this blog or Facebook. Check it out when you have time, you’ll get addicted too!

Because of my interest in crafts and recycling, I noticed some ingenious repurposed toilet paper roll projects that people were “pinning”. For example, I saw a pin that creatively turned a toilet paper roll into a gift box.  It was adorable and instantly made my craft to do list.  Embellished with ribbon and paper, you would have no idea it was a cardboard toilet paper roll.

I decided to do a Pinterest search on toilet paper rolls and found these very artistic ideas.  They are definitely worth checking out.  Recycling toilet paper rolls into art, one would never guess, seems pretty hip. These designs, some simple and some complicated are all beautiful and definitely inspiring!

Owls by Kerrys Paper Crafts


Pink Starburst Wall Art by A Subtle Revelry

Pink Art

Circle Paint Stamp by Recycled Lovelies

Paint stamp

Hip Holiday Wreath (my favorite) by See You There Designs


Flower Ornament by me!


Flower art on Canvas by Just A Girl Blog

White flower art

Sculpted Faces by Design Swan (Amazing!)


Blue Flower Wall Art by Tali Schiffer Oren


Intricate carved tree (source unknown)

Toilet Paper Roll Art

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Do It Yourself Wall Art

by Dinah Wulf

When it comes to budget decorating, do it yourself wall art is the way to go. I don’t really see myself as an artist, maybe more of a crafty “ish” person.  This DIY wall art I came up with was fun and easy and if you decide to take it on, it’s VERY inexpensive. It also makes a great gift!

I love the silhouette of birds and trees because they are beautiful and modern, so I decided to make these do it yourself art pieces for my daughter’s bathroom.  I wanted them to be whimsical and feminine.  I already had the frames and the colored scrapbook paper so this project didn’t cost me a dime! By the way, a great source for inexpensive cute frames at IKEA.   You can purchase traditional to modern frames starting at 99 cents!

The first thing I did was look online for inspiration, because let’s face it, I’m not THAT creative.  Google images is the way to go. I ended up googling “retro bird art” to find my inspiration.  I copied and altered a few silhouettes of birds and trees and first cut them out of white card stock.  I wanted to arrange them first and make sure I had the right scale to fit the frames. I had to cut and trim them a few times to get it perfect.

Next, I traced and cut out the final images out of decorative scrapbook paper.  I used several contrasting colors and patterns to match my daughter’s bathroom and arranged them to my liking. Double sided tape (one of my best friends) worked well to attach each image.

There you have it! Instant budget DIY wall art!


Trash to Treasure: Record Album Art

by Dinah Wulf


Old Records

My husband collects old record albums and has about 150 sitting in the garage in a huge plastic bin, some he collected himself and some were given to him. So many of them had beautiful artwork (and bad hair) on the front or back covers. I had to break them out and give them a better life!  I decided to pick a few in coordinating colors and frame them in our dining room to make record album art. The “Sounds Terrfic” cover I don’t think is even a music album.  It’s an album that came with an old record player. Oh well!

Framed Albums

You can pick up Album frames at Michael’s craft stores or Urban Outfitters for about $10-$15 each. Goodwill or the Salvation Army are great places to find old albums for practically nothing! Most thirft stores sell records around one to two dollars a piece.  By the way, has anyone ever heard of the band, Hot Tuna??

Albums After

You should also consider adding paint and altering an album cover to fit your home decor and personality as well.

Simply framing an album of a favorite band makes a great DIY gift too!  Another great way to reuse and recycle and turn your trash into treasure…


Check out these other creative ways to turn trash into treasure:


Creative Clocks: How to Make Your Own Clock

by Dinah Wulf

Creative Clocks: How to Make Your Own Clock

Learn how to make your own clock in an inexpensive and creative way to add your personality to your décor. It also makes a nice personalized gift.  I have recently noticed unique clocks in magazines and at department stores like Target. There was a great piece, a clock made out of colorful forks, knives, and spoons for your kitchen.  Why not do it yourself for half the price?

A clock kit can be purchased for about $8.00 at any craft store. Here is some inspiration to get you started.

If you just use your imagination, you can make a decorative wall clock with almost anything! It is a very simple DIY project.  Just follow the instructions on your kit.  Depending on your chosen timepiece, you may need to use a drill for a hole or you may need to attach a picture hanger as well. Consider making a clock out of an old book, a decorative tin tray, an existing painting on canvas, cooking utensils, or an old record album (is “old record album” an oxymoron?).  There you have it… an inexpensive and unique piece of DIY wall art and another great idea to turn your trash into treasure.


Try these other DIY decorating ideas:



DIY Photo Wall Décor Idea

by Dinah Wulf

DIY Wall Art

DIY Photo Wall Décor Idea

Here is a DIY design idea perfect for your living room or bedroom décor. One of my greatest friends put this one together. She purchased two picture ledges and turned them vertically. She cleverly attached curtain wires and clips to hang interesting black and white photos. Everything you need to complete this do it yourself project can be purchased at IKEA.  It is the perfect conversation starter and adds chic elegance to your living room decor.

Her original idea started by using photos of places she hoped and dreamed to travel to.  As she reached that destination, she would then print that photo in color, marking her achievment.

Need another idea? Fill your photo wall with fun pictures of great memories and commemorate your friends and family.

DIY Photo Wall Art

Photo Wall Art DIY

Photo Wall Art

Try these other DIY decorating ideas:

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