Three Simple DIY Dinner Party Ideas

by Dinah Wulf
DIY Dinner Party

This post is, Three Simple DIY Dinner Party Ideas, sponsored by BeFunky. All opinions are 100% my own. Ever since we moved into this house, we have enough room to entertain. One of my favorite things to do is to throw intimate dinner parties with a few great friends.  It’s a nice way to spend […]

Villains Birthday Party

by Dinah Wulf
Villains Birthday Party Ideas

Almost one year ago today, I shared one of my best friend’s daughter’s birthday parties. She did an amazing job on a Frozen themed birthday party. Her party favors were a hit on Pinterest. Today, I have the honor of sharing a Villains Birthday Party she did for her daughter’s 7th birthday this year. She […]

The Little Mermaid Party Favors

by Dinah Wulf

I am no stranger to The Little Mermaid. It is my favorite Disney cartoon of all time. I think between the years of 1990 to 1993, I watched that movie almost every day. I’ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue And it’s hey to the starboard, heave ho! Look out, lad, a mermaid […]

Cinderella Movie Party with Butterflies

by Dinah Wulf
Cinderella Party Centerpieces Glass Slipper

Success!! Ugh! I can’t believe it’s already over. With my two week vacation (which I’ll be writing about soon) just over days before my daughter’s fifth birthday party, I pulled it off! I have to say, this Cinderella movie party may be one of my favorites, because it wasn’t over the top, rather simple and […]

Cinderella Movie DIY Glass Slipper and Pillow

by Dinah Wulf
Cinderella Movie DIY Glass Slipper and Pillow

My daughter’s Cinderella birthday party will be here before we know it. I will be gone for 2 weeks prior so I need to get a head start on this Cinderella Movie DIY Glass Slipper and Pillow I made. I have already shared: Butterfly in a Box Invitations Paper Butterfly Party Lanterns Cinderella Party Favors […]

Cinderella Movie Party Favors with Printables

by Dinah Wulf
Cinderella Movie Party Favors Glass Slipper

My daughter’s 5th birthday party is coming up very soon and she requested a Cinderella (Movie 2015) birthday party theme. So far, I sent out homemade butterfly in a box invitations and I also made some lanterns with paper blue ombre butterflies that I LOVE. Today, I want to share the Cinderella Movie party favors […]

15 DIY Wedding Centerpieces that Won’t Break the Bank

by Tara Kramarsky
15 DIY Wedding Centerpieces that Won't Break the Bank

Planning a wedding can not only be incredibly stressful, it can also be very expensive. There are lots of ways that you can save money and still have a fantastic day, though. One of those ways is to make your own wedding centerpieces. It doesn’t have to be super extravagant, pricey or difficult, either. There […]

Frozen Fever Birthday Party for the Summer

by Dinah Wulf
Frozen Fever Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Alas! I am finally sharing this Frozen Fever Birthday Party for the Summer after the few tutorials I have recently shared. My best friend Jenny from Simply Creative Ways got together to decorate for this fabulous party. Let’s get down to business! When you first walk up to the party, we hung some potted flowers […]

DIY Minions Party Ideas

by Dinah Wulf
Easy DIY Minion Party Ideas

This post, DIY Minions Party Ideas, is sponsored by Bounty. All opinions are 100% my own. Just in time for the Minions movie coming up on July 10th, Bounty Minions Prints are here! Coincidentally, one of my good friends is having a Minions themed birthday party for her daughters and the Bounty Minions Prints napkins […]

Frozen Fever Party Ideas with Sunflowers

by Dinah Wulf
Sunflower Banner for Frozen Fever Party

Recently I shared Frozen Fever Party Centerpieces made with fresh flowers, Frozen Fever Inspired Party Bunting made from fabric scraps, and Frozen Themed Gift Wrapping with a handmade Olaf birthday card. Today I want to share how I some Frozen Fever party ideas with sunflowers including a party banner, cake toppers, and favor bags. Paper […]

Spray Paint and Rhinestone DIY Wedding Vase

by Dinah Wulf
Spray Paint and Rhinestone DIY Wedding Vase

I love participating in Craft Lightning and this time, we are doing a DIY wedding edition! This week’s hosts are The Country Chic Cottage, 30 Minute Crafts, and Sweet Rose Studio. For my fifteen minute craft I decided to make a simple but chic and stylish DIY wedding vase. It’s perfect for centerpieces, or other […]

Butterfly Birthday Party Invitation in a Box

by Dinah Wulf
Butterfly Birthday Party Invitiation Cinderella 2015 Movie

OK, so I may have gone a little over board but I couldn’t help it! I had an idea, got some great deals on the supplies, and went for it! My crazy idea turned into these beautiful blue butterfly birthday party invitations in a box. This year for my daughter’s fifth birthday she requested a […]

Last Minute Birthday Surprise Idea

by Dinah Wulf
Last Minute Birthday Cake Surprise DIY Inspired

I love my best friends. I love them for their individuality, their wisdom, their loyalty, and their unconditional love. I want them to know that. Now that we are older, we don’t usually buy presents for each other on our birthdays. We figure that we’d rather spoil our kids. We do, however like to get […]

Frozen Fever Party Flower Centerpieces

by Dinah Wulf
Frozen Fever Party Ideas

I was lucky enough to help decorate a Frozen Fever Party for a friend of mine. I already shared the gift wrapping and handmade Olaf birthday card as well as the fabric scrap party bunting. Today, I want to share the budget friendly Frozen Fever Party Flower Centerpieces I made. I say “budget friendly” because […]

Frozen Fever Birthday Party Bunting

by Dinah Wulf
Frozen Fever Inspired Birthday Party

Now that my daughter is in preschool, I am meeting a lot of great moms. One of which, I recently found out, is married to one of my old friends from my college days. I was so excited to learn that our daughters will be attending elementary and junior high together as well. I had […]

DIY Accordion Paper Butterflies with ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers

by Dinah Wulf
Accordion Butterfly Party Lanterns

Thank you to ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers for sponsoring this post , DIY Accordion Paper Butterflies With ASTROBRIGHTS®, as a part of ASTROBRIGHTS® COLORIZE campaign. All opinions are 100% my own. This year, for my daughter’s fifth birthday party, she chose Cinderella as the theme. She specifically told me, “No mama, not the book. I would like […]

Frozen Gift Wrapping with DIY Olaf Card

by Dinah Wulf
Frozen Gift Wrapping With DIY Olaf Card

I love gift wrapping almost as much as I like giving the gift. I feel like I’ve written that many times before… Ha! Well, I do! Anyway, my daughter’s new friend from school is having a birthday and the theme of her party if Frozen Fever. So cute! We found the perfect gift for her […]

Superhero Invitations and Gift Wrapping DIY

by Dinah Wulf
Creative Superhero Gift Wrapping

I can’t believe my God Daughters are going to be three! This year for their birthday party, they wanted a superhero theme. I volunteered to make superhero invitations and naturally, I had to get a little creative and crafty with gift wrapping their presents. Last year was simple, and I made them Popsicle birthday cards, […]