Four Year Blogaversary

by Dinah Wulf

RS Lifestylers-Dinah Wulf

I’m celebrating my four year Blogaversary a little early this year. It’s actually next month, the date I first went live, but it was in March 2011 that I decided to pull the plug, picked my first blog post theme, and came up with the ideas and inspiration behind DIY Inspired. This early celebration was sparked by my debut in the 15th Anniversary April issue of Real Simple Magazine.

What??? Pinch me, because it still hasn’t sunk in yet.

RS Lifestylers -Dinah Wulf

I am one out of fifteen bloggers chosen for the new A-List Blogger Network. The magazine came out in newsstands recently. I rushed out after I dropped my daughter off at school. I went to my local grocery store and the cashier informed me that the lady who stocks the magazines hasn’t come in yet.

Disappointed, I trudged over to the closest pharmacy. I couldn’t find the magazine there either, but the girl behind the counter made eye contact with me and I asked if she knew where I could find it. I saw a glimmer of hope.

She pointed over her shoulder and nonchalantly said, “Oh! They’re right here, let me check.” Piles of magazines and fifteen minutes later she held it up. I swear I heard a choir sing and a ray of light come down from the sky. Ahhhhhhhh!

“I’ll take two,” I said.

It’s moments like those that I will never forget. Like the first time Martha’s people emailed me and asked me to be a part of her circle, that time I got a personalized guided tour at Home Depot to go on a shopping spree, or the time I saw a large print out of my face at a Hewlett Packard My Printly event.

HP Printlys- Dinah Wulf

At this four year mark, I’ve written over 1000 original articles for myself and for other people, worked with some pretty amazing brands, and now… I’m officially declaring blogging as my career. That may not mean a whole lot to you, but it does to me. This is another moment I will never forget. It’s a start of a new-ish chapter in my professional career.

Hi. I’m Dinah, and I blog for a living.

To be continued…


In case you missed them:

Now, after reading these three posts again, I’ve realized that every year I do a round up of the most popular posts. With that said, here are some great ones from the past year:

Happy Fourth Birthday, Mia

by Dinah Wulf

Happy 4th Birthday Mia

Dear Mia,

It’s July, 23rd, or as you would say it, “Jew-lie tweny toid.” Happy Fourth Birthday, Mia! Last year I wrote you a letter on your birthday on my blog, and I thought I’d continue the tradition. I had fun reading it just now to see how much you have grown over the last 12 short months. You are the BIG 4 now, and like I’m sure every parent can attest, I have no idea where the time went.  This year has been SO fun.  Your little personality is no longer little actually. It’s quite LARGE. Here are some things I want you to remember this year:

  • You started dance class with your two best friends, Becca and Taylor, this year and had your first recital. It was a tap dance to Animal Crackers in My Soup. As much as I hated putting the required make-up on your face, it was the most adorable thing I have ever seen.  I cried.
  • You also started soccer and you love it, making Dad the happiest man on earth.  I think Dad cried.
  • In Preschool I am told that you like to play Mommy and Baby still.  You came home one day and told me about who was marrying whom in your class and I just about fainted.  Come on. You’re three. Boys already?
  • When you are at home you prefer to walk around in your underwear only.
  • You are a pro at traveling now and have been a great travel buddy through long car rides, lay overs, and airplane rides.
  • You, your Dad, and I have dance parties in our living room on the weekend and you like to shout “Shake your tail feathers!”
  • You went to your first baseball game at Dodger Stadium.
  • Your first concert was Rocket from the Crypt after the horse races in Del Mar.
  • Surprisingly you know A LOT of words to many Top 40 songs on the radio.
  • You know how to write and spell you name!
  • One of my favorite times of the day is reading to you before you go to bed.
  • Your favorite stuffed animals are “Ducky” (a yellow duck you won at the Orange County Fair) and Lamby Toot Toot (you named them both).
  • You saw your first movie, Frozen.
  • You love driving with the windows down and buckling your dolls and Lamby Toot Toot in the seat next to you.

Once again, I wanted to cut and paste the funny Facebook statuses I wrote about you, starting from the most recent:

July 6, 2014:

“Remind me to wear pants and socks on my hands next time we go to the park so that I can play on the playground. It’s too hot!” –Mia

June 26, 2014:

Mia was crying and upset because her car seat was hurting her and then Iggy Azalea came on the radio and she started rapping through her tears. She is SO my child!

June 25, 2014:

Mia was arranging her little chairs with blankets on top and I asked, “Are you making a fort?” She replies, “Yes, I’m making a fort of July!”

June 15, 2014:

“Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy who let’s me eat chips and dip and gummy bears right before dinner, plays Captain Hook with me and let’s me run around the house with a wire hanger, and retorts to my sassy attitude with Your Mom jokes. I love you more than anything (besides Mom, of course).” –Mia

May 21, 2014:

Mia just said: “Mama, I’d like to go to the Aquarium but we have to pick up Lilly, Becca, and Taylor. I also want to pick up Coco, but there’s not room so call her Mama to see if it’s OK that she sit in the back of the trunk.”

May 14, 2014:

True Story.

Mia: Mommy I’m too scared to go to the doctor!

Me: Then stop sticking gold fish up your nose.

April 17, 2014:

“Mama, my I please have some candy while I wait for the bananas to ripen?” Mia, age 3

April 5, 2014:

Only my husband can quote Cyprus Hill while playing Sesame Street with our little lady.

March 31, 2014:

Fun Fact by Mia Wulf, age 3: “Did you know that iPads can pause while someone goes to the bathroom?”

February 18, 2014:

At dinner tonight Mike asked Mia, “If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?” Mia answered, 1) for Mommy to do a craft with me, 2) for a stuffed animal frog, and 3) for Daddy to shave his beard!

February 5, 2014:

Mike: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Mia: A Doctor!

Mike and Me: Yes!!! (high five)

Mia: … AND a Tooth Fairy!!!!

January 10, 2014:

You know your husband’s a good father when he kisses Mia’s baby doll goodbye when he leaves for work only after he dresses it up (backwards I might add).

January 4, 2014:

“Mommy, you better bust a cap in daddy’s booty.” – Mia, age 3

December 20, 2013:

“Mommy, we better leave a sweater jacket for Santa to give to Mrs. Claus. She would like that.” – Mia, 3 YO

October 2: 2013:

Parenting Tip #12: QC your purse before you sit in a full waiting room with your toddler, because when they get bored from waiting and pull out the tampons and shout, “Hey, Mama! This is for your butt!”, it’s not fun…at all.

August 13, 2013:

This is my 8th time circling the airport to pick up my mom and Mia is yelling out the window “Peeeeeeeww! Smell my stinky toes!”

August 12, 2013:

Gotta love when your three year old can’t stop singing “I’m up all night to get lucky!”

August 3, 2013:

Mia: (gasp) Mama! You have scratches all over you!

Me: Those are called stretch marks.

Mia: Well, you better wipe those stretch marks off!

Me: (silence)

July 30, 2013:

Me: What is there a helicopter circling our neighborhood? It’s making me nervous.

Mia: I’m nervous too and Daddy’s nervous. Auntie Jennifer, The babies, Becca, Tiffany are nervous. Tito and Tita My are nervous. Auntie Katie and Taylor are nervous too.

Me: (laughing)

Mia: Mama?

Me: Yes?

Mia: Grandma and Grandpa are nervous too.


Happy 4th Birthday, my little lady. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you know!

A Note to My Husband on His Birthday

by Dinah Wulf

A Note to My Husband on His Birthday

Oh! Where do I begin?  I suppose I wanted to post this on the blog because, my husband is the reason why I am able to do what I do. He is so supportive of my creative journey. He welcomes conversations about my DIY inspirations and aspirations and even comes up with so many new ideas to help me move forward and upward. He never complains about the conferences I want to attend, the messy craft room, or the many paint cans in the garage.  In fact, he embraces it and encourages it.

Our daughter and I love his jokes, candid nature, and dance moves.  In fact, we look forward to our dance parties on Saturday night for our party of three (our secret is out). We love walking him to the door every morning and greeting him at the door every evening.

Today is about my husband; the man that provides for our family in so many ways, not only financially but emotionally and with an extremely passionate heart. He is a great father and a loving husband.  He is an inspiring boss and a dedicated friend. He challenges Mia and me and makes us better in so many ways.

We love you! Happy Birthday!

Here’s a little message from our daughter:

What message would you like to tell Daddy on his birthday?

“I want to get roller skates and ice skates for Daddy and maybe some flowers from outside.  I want to make a super hero picture of daddy because he helps me open things like my Play doh.” – Mia, age 3

Recycled Vintage Jewelry Inspiration

by Dinah Wulf

Recycled Vintage Jewelry Inspiration

I love going to vintage flea markets. I am so attracted to the booths with vintage jewelry and embellishments. In the past I have attempted to upcycle my own jewelry but for some reason, I am horrible at it! My pieces always fall apart.  I really should take a class. This, however, doesn’t stop me from admiring others and buying great pieces from talented artist that make quality one of a kind jewelry. So, I thought I’d put together a round-up of a dozen upcycled and recycled vintage jewelry I found on Etsy.

Hot Pink and Green Rhinestone Flower Necklace Debbie from ChicMaddiesBoutique

Hot Pink and Green Rhinestone Flower Necklace

Recycled Vintage Watch Bracelet by Carla from ShesCrafty121

Recycled Vintage Watch Bracelet

Recycled Vintage Statement Cuff {Via}

Recycled Vintage Statement Cuff

Recycled Vintage Tin Floral Brass Bracelet by Melani from CraftyLikeMom

Recycled Vintage Tin Floral Brass Bracelet

Steampunk Butterfly Brooch by VintageStarrBeads

Steampunk Butterfly Brooch

Antique Spoon Bracelet by Michael and Erin of OliveSpoonStudio

Antique Spoon Bracelet

Antique Spoon Ring by Michael and Erin of OliveSpoonStudio

Antique Spoon Ring

Recycled Vintage Tin Gold and Fuchsia Dangle Earrings by Melanie from CraftyLikeMom

Recycled Vintage Tin Gold and Fuchsia Dangle Earrings

Upcycled Sunglasses by PinkParee

Upcycled Sunglasses

Vintage Jewelry Statement Necklace {Via}

Vintage Jewelry Statement Necklace

Vintage Earring Bracelet by Debbie from ChicMaddiesBoutique

Vintage Earring Bracelet

And last but not least, for a little fun night out…

Ball in the Pocket Game Necklace by VintageStarrBeads

Ball in the Pocket Game Necklace

These were some of my most favorite repurposed pieces.  I hope you enjoyed them. Be sure to stop by these shops and show your support! They all have so many beautiful unique items to fit every style. Tell them that DIY Inspired sent you!

My Best Friend’s Birthday

by Dinah Wulf

Today is one of my best friend’s birthday. Jenny and I met each other almost twenty years ago when we were 19 years old. I was standing outside of my apartment in college and she walked up to me and introduced herself. It was that moment in time that forever changed my life. There are actually five of us, but if it wasn’t for Jenny walking up to me at that moment, who knows where we’d be today.

The girls

Over the past several years, we’ve lived… I mean LIVED a full life together. We survived our twenties which was a CRAZY time. Let’s just say THANK GOODNESS there was no social media back then. Can you say, “evidence”? We’ve survived love, heartache, and everything in between. Among the five of us we’ve been engaged, married, divorced, and married again. Today, the five of us have a dozen kids.

One of the reasons I wanted to write this is because Jenny has recently jumped on the craft and DIY blogging journey with me. She started her blog, Simply Creative Ways last September and has done a fantastic job. With four young kids and a husband, she manages to pull off some great ideas. She shares her craft tutorials, holiday ideas, party ideas, organization tips, and more. She even has her oldest daughter, Tiffany who is only six years old; write her very own crafty posts which are absolutely ADORABLE!

She’s an inspiration to me and I would love it if you stopped by…

Simply Creative Ways

…and show Jenny some support on her birthday! Leave a comment and tell her Dinah from DIY Inspired sent you! Thank you!!!

DIY Inspired: A Year in Review 2013

by Dinah Wulf

DIY Inspired: A Year in Review

Whoa I’ve been super busy this last year and that video is just a short two minute clip of what I’ve done. This year in review is a little late, but I think it took me a few weeks to let the last 12 months sink in. That said, I think this post is more for me than you… ha!

What I mean by that is that sometimes, well a lot of the times, I think I forget about the blogging part of blogging. I get so caught up in sharing new tutorials and projects that I forget about the writing and reflection part. At this time of year, 1) I ALWAYS can’t believe it’s a new year, and 2) reflect back at what I have accomplished the last year. This year in review for me isn’t particularly a round-up of projects (I’ve already done that HERE), rather a recollection of the things I have learned while blogging and writing and creating.

I think I’ve changed my “about” page and my “featured” page fifty times this last year. Every time I do that, it’s a really exciting feeling because it feels like an addition to my virtual resume. Blogging and writing and creating have officially become my profession. It’s so strange.  I feel so many things… lucky, happy, stressed, excited, encouraged, validated, and scared.

In general, in the past 12 months I’ve grown a TON in many ways including discipline, balance, organization, time management, professionalism, communication, and creativity.

But what is the most important thing I learned about Blogging this past year?

I learned that relationships and community are SO important. I knew that they always were, but this year I’ve REALLY learned the importance of being friends with other Bloggers, and sharing. My “Bloggy friends” are so important to me. It feels good to e-talk to others. It feels good to talk to others who know what you are going through. It feels GREAT to vent to people who know what the hell you’re talking about!

People, especially my friends and family, ask me all the time how to get started.  I am always open to sharing and there is a sense of honor that they respect my opinion and want my help. Here is basically what I tell them:

  • Blogging is AWESOME BUT…
  • Blogging is hard.
  • It’s A LOT of work.
  • It’s a full time job.
  • It’s not a hobby.
  • It takes time.
  • You can’t do it alone.
  • Good luck.

Just kidding on that last one! I actually enjoy helping others.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to do what they love for a living?

I digress. I think I just went off on a tangent…

This last year, I’ve also taken on a new journey with Inheriting Our Planet.  In the beginning I was excited.  It was a place for me to share the crafts that I did with my daughter that I didn’t publish on DIY Inspired.  What was I thinking? I admit that it was SO stressful after a while.  Was I out of my mind to start a second blog??? Now, however, the excitement is back and who knows, maybe my little one will take it over one day and it’ll be her blog.

Anyway, it’s been a fantastic year all in all.  I wouldn’t change any of it and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

In case you missed my round-up of the Best of DIY Inspired 2013, here it is!

Best of diyinspired 2013 Collage

Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show 2014

by Dinah Wulf

Make Pretty Stuff

This sign says it all! I had so much fun this past weekend at the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show 2014 at the Anaheim convention center this past weekend.  I must warn you, that I look like a complete Geek in these photos (most of them I posted on Instagram).  At the same time, being goofy and meeting these lovely ladies were the highlight of my weekend. Being a Blogger you “e-meet” so many fellow Bloggers.  If you’re lucky, you get to meet some in person. I did just that and had a fantastic time.

On Saturday, I spent most of my time with (left to right) Barbara from Chase the Star, Loren from Pandora’s Craft Box, {Me}, and Monika from Life With Lovebugs. We were at the Duck Brand booth posing in front of the Duck Bus they had.  Inside was an amazing display of creative Duck tape creations.

Duck Brand Breakfast

Monika, Loren, and I also stopped to pose at the Camelot Fabric chalkboard photo booth.  They have amazing patterns of fabric including adhesive felt and adhesive fabric! Did you know that the chalkboard behind us in this photo is fabric???  What??? Amazing! Do you like my felt glasses?

Camalot Fabric Photo Booth

This is me being extremely excited to meet Jaderbomb! Oh my! She was the sweetest gal ever and has the most charismatic and genuine personality.


The next morning on Sunday I was invited to the Duck Brand breakfast which was so much fun. I made this pretty Duck tape bracelet. I love it so much, I think I may post a tutorial on it soon.


I also met up with Barbara again as well as my friend Jill from Popsicle Blog. This is us posing at the Elmer’s booth.

Elmer's CHA

Here’s another one of Jill, Barbara, and I at the Camelot Fabric Booth.

Camelot Fabrics

Jill had a fun idea and had me pose to look like I was modeling with these extremely gorgeous ladies from the Lion booth.

Cupid CHA

Throughout the day (besides posing for pictures), I also did some fun make and takes.  Here are some of the things I made.


I would definitely go back next year.  I was also invited to an exclusive FaveCrafts Networking event that was fantastic! I met several more Bloggers and was able to have one on one time with many brands that I would love to work with. I connected with some amazing Bloggers and brands and can’t wait until next year already!

Looking Forward to Bloggy Bootcamp 2013

by Dinah Wulf

I am so excited to attend another blog conference this weekend, hence this post!  This time in Dallas, Texas!  It’s called the Bloggy Boot Camp and I am traveling with one of my fellow Bloggy friends Tara, from A Spectacled Owl. I’m looking forward to this conference in particular because a) I heard it was one of the best, and b) I finally get to meet some “e-friends” in person!

I haven’t packed yet! Ugh!

I have gone to my share of conferences.  Most recently (and when I say “most recently” I mean over five months ago!) I went to a small creative conference called Elevate. I had so much fun there.  We played games, did crafts, shared stories.  It was intimate, full of colorful creativity, and amazing Bloggers. I mean look at these photos…

elevate-conference-2013 (2) (560x372)

elevate-bloggers-conference (1) (560x378)

Did I mention I haven’t packed yet?

Last May I had the honor of being sponsored by Clever Girls Collective to attend Mom Summit 2.0. Holy moly…very different from Elevate, however, it was also full of inspiration and talent.  There were several celebrity speakers including Journalist Lisa Ling and Nia Vardalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Here are a few pictures of the view from the amazing and luxurious Ritz Carlton.

mom summit view 3

mom-2.0-summit-2013 (560x372)

The first blog conference I ever attended was the Socal Social.  I will never forget it.  I was really sad that I missed it this year, BUT I was bust sun bathing in warm Riviera Maya, Mexico. J  The Socal Social was great because I went in only knowing one person.  It was an intimate experience as well, like Elevate.  It was full of treasure hunting, good food, and swag like you wouldn’t believe.

Anyway, I’m REALLY looking forward to Bloggy Bootcamp 2013.  I can’t wait to share it all with you next week! Gah!!! I REALLY need to pack!


Introducing Simply Creative Ways

by Dinah Wulf

If you follow this blog, you may know my best friend Jenny Hostetler.  She is the creative one behind so many fantastic and ELABORATE birthday parties. Well, I’m REALLY excited to announce her new blog, Simply Creative Ways.  Before you head on over, let me share with you a fun round up of Jenny’s talent that she has allowed me to share on DIY Inspired.  Make sure you click the links to view the full parties!

Her most recent party was a whimsical and colorful Alice in Wonderland party for her twin daughters (my God daughters!).  This party was complete with the Queen of Hearts croquet court, the Mad Hatters wardrobe, and of course the tea party itself.

Alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party (1)

For her middle daughter’s birthday, AKA my daughter’s best friend, she threw a sweet black, red, and yellow polka dot Mickey Mouse themed party. Here is a photo of the dessert table.


This next party, a Candyland Themed Party has been shared thousands of times! There was so much great stuff that I had to do two posts!  Here is Candyland Part One and here is Candyland Part Two. Part one is the how-to and part two is the transformation of her backyard.  This is a photo that only shows part of a life-sized game board!


Finally, this party was one of the first parties she shared on my blog. This one was an amazing Carnival and Circus Themed party.  This party was vast, complete with a giant elephant, a circus tent, and unique and creative carnival games.  This is one of the cute table centerpieces.

DIY-Centerpieces-21-1024x768 (580x435)

Jen is just starting out and is already posting some fun and creative ideas.  Please visit her at Simply Creative Ways and say hello and tell her Dinah sent you!

Love you, Jen! I’m so glad your joining in this blogging journey with me!

Dear Mia

by Dinah Wulf

Happy Birthday Mia

Dear Mia,

I can’t believe you are three years old today. I have no idea where the past three years have gone.  You start pre-school in just two short months.  Before you know it, I’ll be sending you off to college. 

There are a few things I want you to remember about this past year.  Actually, I want to remember too!

  • You talk more than any other three year old I know, and your daily vocabulary contains words like “delicious”, “probably”,“cylinder”, and “disgusting”.
  • Your favorite treats are “wiggly worms” (gummy worms).  You get to pick two each time.  One regular and one sour.
  • You sing songs when you are tired.
  • You sing songs when you are in time out and it drives daddy and me nuts.
  • We go to the library almost every week to get 3-5 books to read before bed.
  • You like to race dad on your tricycle down the driveway and make him put his helmet on too.
  • You already like to dress yourself and ALWAYS pick out a skirt or dress and sometimes you’ll beg me to wear your patent leather dress shoes to the grocery store.
  • You take a purse and sunglasses everywhere we go.
  • When you get hurt, you hold in your tears.
  • Your favorite game is “I’m the Mommy and you’re the baby.”
  • Your memory is amazing!

With the help of Facebook, I had to go back and look at the timeline because I know I had posted some funny Facebook statuses I have written about you from the last year.  I just cut and pasted.  Here are some of them that I’ll never forget, starting with the most recent.

June 28, 2013: Ooooooh! So THAT’S what they mean by “terrible twos” or is it “only child syndrome”? Whatever it is I’m busting out some beers tonight…

April 10, 2013: Parenting tip #32: When your toddler lays down to get her diaper changed and she warns, “mommy, it’s a big one,” it’s time to crack down on potty training.

March 31, 2013: Mike and I have different parenting styles:

  • Mia: “Mommy, I pooped on Daddy’s Ipad.”
  • Me: “Oh No! You have to tell Mommy if you have to go to the bathroom.”
  • Mike: “How would you like it if I pooped on YOUR Ipad? I’m pooping on Dora! I’m pooping on Dora!”

March 19, 2013: Mia (2 YO) just asked me to please hold her pinwheel while she drives to our tax appointment.

February 8, 2013: Parenting tip #25: Do not leave the cream cheese tub unattended, otherwise your toddler will think it’s a good idea to eat it with her toes… yes… her toes… ew.

January 3, 2013: Parenting Tip #63: Be specific when talking to your toddler. For example, when warning “Be careful with your juice” you should really say, “Don’t put Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin in your juice, or stick your entire hand in it, or pour it all over the couch and sip it out of the crevices.” You’re welcome.

December 24, 2012: I love how I get potty training, counting, and reading duty and Mike gets to teach her how to lick French onion dip off the counter…

November 20, 2012: Parenting tip #62: If you’re wondering why your house smells like Italian food and you aren’t cooking, your toddler is probably upstairs emptying a Costco sized Parmesan cheese container all over her room.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.  I love you more than you will ever know.



Elevate Blog Conference 2013

by Dinah Wulf

elevate-bloggers-conference (5) (560x378)

Recently I the honor of attending the Elevate Blog Conference 2013 hosted by Summer from Made by Munchies Mama, Jen from Delightful Deets, and Nichole from Yeung Mother Hubbard



It was held at the beautiful Newport Dunes in sunny Newport Beach California.  The cool yet sunny weather was perfect that day.  The girls were so detailed in their planning for this fabulous event.  As we checked in and got our name tags, whimsical pinwheels lined the walkway.

elevate-conference (1) (560x372)

elevate-conference-2013 (560x372)

Around the corner there were refreshments and a snack bar that was filled all day.  The tables were graced with creative centerpieces and place settings, personalized for every attendee.

elevate-conference (8) (560x390)

elevate-conference (5) (560x369)

elevate-conference (4) (560x372)

The hosts took advantage of the gorgeous scenery and created a photo area filled with fun props and a lovely homemade Elevate banner.

elevate-conference-2013 (4) (560x372)

elevate-conference-2013 (2) (560x372)

Inside, there was a table filled with swag from all the amazing sponsors.

elevate-bloggers-conference (6) (560x378)

There was also dessert table decorated with colorful paper medallions and filled with yummy goodness. See that “EAT” sign in the back??  I won it!! Woo hoo!

elevate-bloggers-conference (1) (560x378)

elevate-bloggers-conference (4) (560x380)

elevate-bloggers-conference (2) (560x372)

The speakers were so inspiring.  It was great personally meeting all these fabulous women!

Ashley from Little Miss Momma

Kimmie from Sugar and Dots

Sarah from Little Penelope Lane

Erin from Living In Yellow



We also had Nat and her husband from Take the Cannoli representing a great cause, Soul Hope.  Sole Hope is a group of passionate, committed people who are putting closed toed shoes on African children, one pair at a time.  We even got to help make shoes and got together for a shoe cutting event.

We also had time to craft, of course!  This is a photo of me, Tara from A Spectacled Owl, and Joni from Pop Art Minis.



elevate-conference-2013 (1) (560x372)

This video made by Lora from Lora Knight Photography says it all!



I had a great time and can’t wait for next year!

Mom 2.0 Summit 2013

by Dinah Wulf

mom summit view 3

Sometimes as a Mom Blogger, you feel alone.  Friends and family who are not Bloggers really have no idea how much work is entailed with running a business like this from home, while running your household as well.  This is why, when you ask another Mommy Blogger, rather Influencer or Publisher, they’ll admit that a blog conference is equivalent to a “weekend vacation getaway”.  I was given the honor of being sponsored by Clever Girls Collective to attend Mom 2.0 Summit 2013 at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, California. “Holy crap” was the first thing that came to mind.  I couldn’t believe that I was chosen.  This was a HUGE honor for me, one that was worthy of going on my resume. So, I wanted to share my experience.

I have attended many trade shows and conferences across the nation in my last career however this would be my first large blog conference. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but in my gut it would be greatness…and it was.

mom summit lisa ling

The opening guest and key note speaker was Lisa Ling.  This was exciting for me because I have followed her career since she was on The View because she is a smart, young, beautiful, and successful Asian-American woman on TV.  There weren’t a ton of Asian-American women role models at the time when I was a vulnerable high school and college student so this was a real treat.

mom summit view

Surrounded by blue skies, crashing waves, and local surfers, the atmosphere was exhilarating.  This “conference” was more than just that… it was an experience.  I was able to speak with large brands like Honda, Whirlpool, Lowes, Treetop, and many others.   Did I mention you could get your hair and nails done by stylists from Dove and get your makeup done by Starbucks ReFreshers.  The food provided by the Ritz Carlton was fabulous as well.

mom summit dove booth

Even though I was there alone, everyone was so nice an open to talking to me.  I met so many interesting and talented women.  I ran into a blogger friend, Kara Noel from Elies Lids, whom I had met one time before and we spent a lot of the time together.  It was fantastic getting to know her better and I look forward to our new found bloggy friendship. Here are the two of us messing around and in action.

mom 2

There were so many amazing and inspiring speakers. Nia Vardalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding spoke about her preparation or lack there-of for becoming a mom through adoption.  Her personal story was both heartwarming and hilarious! Others that stood out for me were Katherine Wintsch on her presentation and poem about why moms refuse to be honest with marketers and Rachel Faucett from Handmade Charlotte where she turned 10 pounds of beeswax into her own crafty empire.  The panels were great as well.  I was able to hear some producers of the Today’s show give tips and tricks for video strategies.

mom-2.0-summit-2013 (560x372)

I will never forget this Mom 2.0 Summit 2013.  My only regret? I should have taken more pictures! Gah! A huge THANK YOU to Clever Girls Collective for making this happen for me!

Follow Me!

by Dinah Wulf

Follow Me

My name is Dinah and I’m addicted to Social Media.  It’s a necessary evil and I have a love hate relationship with it.  With the tremendous growth of DIY Inspired over the last year, I thought I’d put together a list of how to follow me and what you can expect by doing so.  There are so many social media platforms out there, and I use them all for different purposes.


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Facebook was my first love and it is relationship I cater to at least four times a day.  You will find inspiring photos and for DIY projects, crafts, home décor, and entertaining.  Typically there is a focus on repurposing or upcycling.  The photo albums are organized by subject like, Home Organization Inspiration, Clever Craft Ideas, and Upcycled and Repurposed Furniture.  You can always check the albums in case you missed something.


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I have to admit that I used to hate Twitter.  I didn’t understand it; but now that I decided to take the plunge and immerse myself into it, I have to say I tweet at least four or five times a day.  It may take me a day to respond, but I will!  You will typically find links for contests and giveaways, or tweets about the causes I believe in.


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Probably my most recent obsession, Google+ for me is about an online community of like-minded people.  If you’re a fellow Blogger or entrepreneur, I’d likely connect with you here. If you leave a comment, I will ALWAYS comment back!


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Mr. Eco the Environmental Rap Superhero

by Dinah Wulf

Mr. Eco the Environmental Rap Superhero

I love rap and I love Mr. Eco!  In honor of the fast approaching Earth Day on April 22nd, I wanted to introduce Mr. Eco the Environmental Rap Superhero!  The environmental rap superhero Mr. Eco who has performed for over 16,000 elementary school students released his new song and music video “Recycle Robot” on YouTube. Brett Edwards, who performs as Mr. Eco, delivers environmental messages in a way that is fun and engaging to kids everywhere.

Edwards says about recycling, “When we don’t recycle it starts a downward spiral, it’s about time that this goes viral.” His goal is to empower kids to become ‘EcoHeroes’ by living sustainably and following the messages in his songs.

Check out his YouTube video.

About Mr. Eco

Brett Edwards (aka Mr. Eco) performed free assemblies for more than 16,000 elementary school students in the San Luis Obispo area in 2012 and will perform for 10,000 students in San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Fresno in Spring 2013. Mr. Eco is releasing his new album, “Hybrid Hip-Hop” in Whole Foods nationwide this summer and “Recycle Robot” is the first single off the album. Inspired by his love for wildlife, Edwards has made it his mission to impact our youth and create a culture of environmental activism by using catchy lyrics and a superhero persona to deliver his message in a fun and engaging way for kids. When Edwards isn’t saving the world as Mr. Eco, he attends school at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He will be pursuing Mr. Eco full time with his team following their graduation in June. Through performances, music videos, green campaigns and songs, Mr. Eco will continue to spread his messages across all platforms and encourage others to join the environmental movement.

Bethany from Whistle and Ivy

by Dinah Wulf

I am ecstatic to feature Bethany from Whistle and Ivy today!  Bethany is multi-talented from her party throwing and sewing skills to her crafty know-how.  On her blog you can find craft tutorials, recipes, and original sewing patterns (I’m a fan of her Barba Beanie).  I personally admire her humor and photography skills.

Pink and Orange Baby Shower

Pink Baby Shower

Here is a baby shower for her sister with the color scheme pink and orange.  She served colored deviled eggs, orange cream cupcakes and make-your-own fruit pizzas.  Be sure to check out the rest of her decorations, diaper cake, and party favors.

Framed Earring Holder

Jewelry Organizer

She also has a tutorial for turning an old thrifted frame into a cute earring holder.  With a few materials and the fabric rosettes she made to embellish the frame, Bethany made organizing quite stylish!

Upcycle T-shirt into Baby Bib

DIY Bibs


I may have saved the best for last!  Bethany decided to put a pile of t-shirts destined for Goodwill to good use and started making bibs for her baby. She said that they are so fun to decorate and customize.  Complete with a pattern for an owl applique, this project was a fantastic upcycle!

A big THANK YOU to Bethany for sharing her fabulous creations!  You can follow her on Facebook and Google+ to see what she’s up to!

Do you have and crafts or DIY projects you would like to submit for a chance to be featured on DIY Inspired?  I would love to hear from you!  Just fill out this submission form.

Upcycled Designs by studio

by Dinah Wulf

I e-meet so many inspiring and creative artist every week, especially on my Facebook page.  Recently, I had the honor of meeting Vicky from studio. studio is a collaboration of architect and design.  They turn ordinary objects such as newspaper or glass bottles into fabulous yet useful art.  I wanted to share some of these unique creations with you today.  Here are six Upcycled Designs by studio.

This is a custom made floor lamp with an old metal structure, bottles of Coca-Cola, and wooden bottom. studio- repurposed-designs (2) studio- repurposed-designs (4)

Here is a clever table lamp with a black shade from an old jar and newspaper sculpture. studio- repurposed-designs (7)

This is a unique Marilyn Monroe inspired lamp with a metal structure and a piece of salvaged drift wood for the base. studio- repurposed-designs (1)

Made from an old drawer and reused as a shelf, this piece is painted inside with the Abraham Lincoln quote, “I am a slow walker but I never walk backwards.” This may be my favorite one.  I would have never thought to have put a quote on the inside of the shelf.  It’s a nice touch that can be personalized.  Also pictured are custom made cushions with one –of-a-kind designs. studio- repurposed-designs (6)

These are custom handmade signs made from old wood or drift wood with sayings like “home sweet home”, “imagine”, and “dream “.  You can use them as ornaments, gift embellishments, or hang them in your home. studio- repurposed-designs (5) studio- repurposed-designs (3)

Thank you so much, Vicky for sharing your designs! Don’t forget to show your support on the studio Facebook page!