Introducing My Skinny Cow WoCavé

by Dinah Wulf
skinny-cow-wocave (2)

I am absolutely ecstatic to be sponsored by Skinny Cow brand and a part of the WoCavé Campaign this summer!  What is a WoCavé  you ask? WoCavé {wo-cah-vay} is short for “Woman Cave”. It can be any place that you are in your truest self, where you are both fabulous and flawed, but ALWAYS celebrated!  […]

Golf Themed Baby Shower

by Dinah Wulf
Golf Themed Baby Shower (17)

This time last year I helped one of my best friends with her wine tasting bridal shower.  Almost exactly one year later, I helped co-host her baby shower!  This baby shower, I’d have to say, was one of the most fun that I have helped decorate for to date.  The Mommy-to-be requested a co-ed golf […]

Four Easy Halloween Party Treats

by Dinah Wulf
Easy Halloween Party Treats (4)

I always go to my best friend’s house on Halloween to take the kids Trick or Treating.  This is what I brought over for Halloween last year (it was too late to post after Halloween).  I made these because, 1) All of these treats are SUPER easy to make, 2) I can’t cook, 3) They […]

Back to School Time

by Dinah Wulf
Teacher Gift

I have seen so many status updates on Facebook lately about how much back to school items cost.  One of my friends said that she paid $125 for supplies and hasn’t even bought a backpack yet!  That is a lot of money for most of us.  I’m a huge believer in searching for Back to […]

Summer Birthday Party Food and Drink

by Dinah Wulf
072112-Mia's 2nd Birthday 087

Since I had so much to share for my daughter’s birthday party I broke the posts into: Summer Birthday Party Sneak Peek, Summer Birthday Party Decorations, and today’s post Summer Birthday Party Food and Drink. Let’s get to it! Food We had a hot dog bar complete with all the toppings, sauces, and recipe suggestions.  […]

Last Minute Party Appetizers

by Dinah Wulf
July 4th Appetizers (2)

Every year we go to my best friend’s house for the Fourth of July.  It’s a casual potluck style get together and I always have a ton of fun.  This year I was assigned appetizers.  Although I didn’t know this until yesterday I was able to put together some fun festive last minute party appetizers. […]

Cocktail Desserts and After Dinner Drinks

by David Edessa

Cocktail Desserts and After Dinner Drinks The first one is reminiscent of my mother’s favorite candy bar… The Milky Way.   Milky Way Cocktail Martini: Ingredients: 1½ oz. Vanilla Rhum ¾ oz. white crème de cacao ¾ oz. Irish cream liqueur Hersey’s chocolate syrup Instructions: Place a martini glass in a freezer till cold. Place […]

Father’s Day Bouquet

by Dinah Wulf
Father's day Bouquet

Here is something you can do last minute for Father’s Day.  I hope I’m not posting it too late, but I’m taking the chance that my husband won’t look at my website until Monday!  It’s very easy and inexpensive. I think many of us enjoy receiving bouquets of flowers, however for many men in our […]

Lego Marshmallow Pops

by Dinah Wulf
Lego Marshmallow Pops (6)

Legos Legos everywhere!  It seems that EVERY little boy I know is obsessed with Legos.  A friend of mine, Tami, threw a Lego themed party for her four year old son.  She made these adorable Lego Marshmallow Pops inspired by Living Locurto for the treat pales to pass out as favors for all the kiddos.  This […]


by Dinah Wulf

I know I have a while until my little one starts going to school, but I can’t help but be excited to participate in all the fun classroom activities. I recall that Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays in grade school. That week, we would make “mailboxes” out of old shoe boxes to […]

Indoor Smores

by Dinah Wulf

My husband and I were invited to a casual pot luck style party.  Our assigned dish was dessert.  Being that the evite had the words “bounce house” in it I knew immediately what to bring… Smores!   Indoor Smores are quick easy, inexpensive, and both children and adults love to participate in making and eating […]

New Year’s Specialty Cocktail Recipes

by David Edessa
Egg Nog Jello Shots

Recipes by David Edessa I hope you had a Merry Christmas! Can you believe it’s already over?  It’s time to celebrate the New Year! What better way than with a great cocktail? Here are some more delicious New Year’s Specialty cocktail recipes by David Edessa for your upcoming New Year’s party!  I hope you enjoyed […]

Just Add Ice Cream

by Dinah Wulf
hostess gift ideas

I remember being inspired by this idea on Tip Junkie and I finally got around to doing it. My husband and I were invited to a November BBQ (California LOVE). I put this “Just Add Ice Cream” idea together as a quick and easy hostess gift.  I picked up all this yummy goodness (basket, sugar […]

Sweet Gift Idea

by Dinah Wulf
Quotes for candy 2

What do you do with all that left over Halloween candy?  Here is a sweet gift idea. My poor hubby severed his Achilles tendon playing soccer.  He’s in a cast and crutches for six weeks and will be in a boot for another six weeks after that.  Needless to say, it makes his life a […]

Finger Food

by Dinah Wulf

Easy Halloween Desserts – Creative Ideas for Halloween This chocolate pretzel recipe doubles as a great Halloween dessert and as DIY Halloween props.  It definitely gives a new meaning to “finger food”.  These chocolate dipped pretzels are SUPER easy and quick to make. The materials you will need are: One bag of pretzel rods Melting […]

Carnival Theme or Circus Theme Party

by Dinah Wulf
carnival-circus-theme-party-diy  (1)

Carnival Theme or Circus Theme Party One of my best friends, Jennifer Hostetler, ALWAYS comes up with amazing ideas for a theme party.  This year, for her daughter’s first birthday, she decided to do a Circus theme.  With a little do it yourself creativity and a lot of imagination, Jennifer hosted a fabulous party on […]

Baby Shower Dessert Table

by Dinah Wulf
Asian Themed Dessert Table2

Baby Shower Dessert Table Dessert tables are becoming more common for baby showers, weddings, and birthday parties.  It’s a simple party idea that can spruce up your decorations and can also be affordable.  A set of various sized candy jars is a great investment for any Host or Hostess.  You can find inexpensive sets at […]

Candy Dipped Fortune Cookies

by Dinah Wulf
07-30-11 034

I made these blue and green candy dipped fortune cookies for my cousin’s baby shower.  I had never done this before and found it quite easy. Here is what I did. Materials Needed: Candy Melts Fortune Cookies Spatula Double broiler or Saucepan and glass bowl Water Vegetable Oil (optional) Wax Paper or Parchment Paper Baking […]

First Birthday Party DIY Decoration Ideas

by Dinah Wulf

First Birthday Party DIY Decoration Ideas Friend and fellow Crafty Chick (and may I add GORGEOUS), Tara Woelfer, did a fabulous job for an Elmo themed first birthday party.  Here are some Birthday Party DIY Decoration Ideas. She used bold primary and secondary colors coordinated with polka dot and checkered patterns. She covered boxes with colorful gift […]

Sweet Treats: Custom Cakery

by Dinah Wulf
Tiffany Box Cake

Sweet Treats: Custom Cakery A friend and former co-worker, Robert Hetrick, is the man behind Custom Cakery in Corona, California.  I had to blog about Robert and share some of his incredible edible designs.  He is so amazing and talented and these are some of his creations. His repertoire consists of fabulous custom cakes for […]

Carnival or Circus Themed Party

by Dinah Wulf
May 30 6

Carnival or Circus Themed Party My family and I went to the Strawberry Festival this year over Memorial Day weekend and I took these pictures to inspire one of my best friends because I knew she was planning a carnival/circus theme for her daughter’s first birthday. She usually throws elaborate parties and I know hers […]

LA Laker Cupcake Decoration

by Dinah Wulf
Cupcake Decoration

So it happens to be NBA Playoff time, and my Los Angeles Lakers aren’t lookin’ too hot right now. I figured I’d better inspire myself and make a good luck cupcake decoration to bring to a Laker party tonight. This was quick and easy and I did it in less than a half an hour. Go Lakers!!! […]