Trash To Treasure

Upcycled and repurposed project tutorials from treasures found at flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales.

DIY Upholstered Wooden Bench DIY Inspired
DIY Upholstered Wood Bench

I scored on this bench months ago at a garage sale for $5.00. I made it over once to go at the foot of my guestroom bed, but since I decided to put up…

DIY Rustic Pallet Flag DIY Inspired
DIY Rustic Pallet Flag

What do an old pallet, old saw blade and an old sanding disc have in common?  They all make a trash to treasure DIY rustic pallet flag!  A friend of o…

Vintage Tool Box Makeover (2)
Vintage Tool Box Makeover

I inherited my great uncle Mac’s old wooden tool box.  He made this wooden box over 100 years ago and used it every day!  I’ve seen similar boxes in a…