28th Oct2011

Danger Do Not Enter

by Dinah Wulf

Homemade Halloween Ideas: Danger Do Not Enter

So this is one of my last Halloween post for this year and I am very sad about it.  I wanted to do something for those last minute Halloween party touches.

Having a Halloween party and want your guests to stay out of certain areas? Here is an easy homemade Halloween idea. Make a quick and easy Danger Do Not Enter sign out of scrapbook paper.  Use blood red and black colors and embellish it with paper skulls and plastic bugs to hang on your doors. Add orange, black, or red rhinestones for the skull eyes and use Chiller font on your computer for an extra spooky effect. It’s cheaper than buying Caution tape! If you don’t have scrapbook paper handy, it is only about 49 cents each at the craft store and one sheet will make two signs.

I ended up giving the signs to one of my best friends little boys for the door to his room because he loved pirates and skulls.  It’s a fun and simple Halloween craft to do with your kids as well.

Tip: Use double sided tape on black plastic bugs, and have them crawl off the sign and down and around the door knob. It is easy to remove and will not cause sticky residue on your door.

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