05th Jul2011

Room Decor Ideas: STRIPES

by Dinah Wulf

Room Decor Ideas: STRIPES

Get it? Yesterday I posted Room Decor Ideas: STARS and today I am posting Room Decor Ideas:  STRIPES! I’m still in the patriotic spirit… anyway…

A  little goes a long way when it comes to stripes. Wide, narrow, vertical, or horizontal, stripes add a little fun to any room. Striped furniture or accessories add interest and style.  Classic pinstripes can give a modern update your decor and seem to never go out of style. Striped wall paint or wallpaper will make a room look larger and wider and vertically striped curtains can lengthen a room as well.  If painting a striped wall is too much, try adding a striped accent pillow, vase, or frame instead.  This pillow inspired by nature is a perfect example.  Check out these cool ideas for your decor and decorate in stripes! It’s perfect for Summer!



Sources: Anthropologie, Etsy, IKEA, Pottery Barn, ZGallerie

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