03rd Feb2014

DIY Inspired: A Year in Review 2013

by Dinah Wulf
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DIY Inspired: A Year in Review

Whoa I’ve been super busy this last year and that video is just a short two minute clip of what I’ve done. This year in review is a little late, but I think it took me a few weeks to let the last 12 months sink in. That said, I think this post is more for me than you… ha!

What I mean by that is that sometimes, well a lot of the times, I think I forget about the blogging part of blogging. I get so caught up in sharing new tutorials and projects that I forget about the writing and reflection part. At this time of year, 1) I ALWAYS can’t believe it’s a new year, and 2) reflect back at what I have accomplished the last year. This year in review for me isn’t particularly a round-up of projects (I’ve already done that HERE), rather a recollection of the things I have learned while blogging and writing and creating.

I think I’ve changed my “about” page and my “featured” page fifty times this last year. Every time I do that, it’s a really exciting feeling because it feels like an addition to my virtual resume. Blogging and writing and creating have officially become my profession. It’s so strange.  I feel so many things… lucky, happy, stressed, excited, encouraged, validated, and scared.

In general, in the past 12 months I’ve grown a TON in many ways including discipline, balance, organization, time management, professionalism, communication, and creativity.

But what is the most important thing I learned about Blogging this past year?

I learned that relationships and community are SO important. I knew that they always were, but this year I’ve REALLY learned the importance of being friends with other Bloggers, and sharing. My “Bloggy friends” are so important to me. It feels good to e-talk to others. It feels good to talk to others who know what you are going through. It feels GREAT to vent to people who know what the hell you’re talking about!

People, especially my friends and family, ask me all the time how to get started.  I am always open to sharing and there is a sense of honor that they respect my opinion and want my help. Here is basically what I tell them:

  • Blogging is AWESOME BUT…
  • Blogging is hard.
  • It’s A LOT of work.
  • It’s a full time job.
  • It’s not a hobby.
  • It takes time.
  • You can’t do it alone.
  • Good luck.

Just kidding on that last one! I actually enjoy helping others.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to do what they love for a living?

I digress. I think I just went off on a tangent…

This last year, I’ve also taken on a new journey with Inheriting Our Planet.  In the beginning I was excited.  It was a place for me to share the crafts that I did with my daughter that I didn’t publish on DIY Inspired.  What was I thinking? I admit that it was SO stressful after a while.  Was I out of my mind to start a second blog??? Now, however, the excitement is back and who knows, maybe my little one will take it over one day and it’ll be her blog.

Anyway, it’s been a fantastic year all in all.  I wouldn’t change any of it and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

In case you missed my round-up of the Best of DIY Inspired 2013, here it is!

Best of diyinspired 2013 Collage

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Dinah Wulf
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