09th May2011

Paper Flower Week: Double Fringed Paper Flowers

by Dinah Wulf

Make these beautiful Double Fringed Paper Flowers by Inna’s Creations. Group a few together in different colors and make a flower bouquet.  It is the perfect DIY Craft!

Materials Needed:

– Double-sided colored paper
– Scissors
– Glue
– A ready-made or a do-it-yourself slotted tool, or just a wooden toothpick.


1. Cut a paper strip about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long. Fold it lengthwise.

2. Create a fringe by making small cuts at 45 degrees along the closed edge.

3. Attach to its end a regular — 1/8 inch wide and 10 inches long — quilling strip. This will make the center of the flower.

4. Roll tightly using a toothpick or quilling tool, starting from the tip of the narrow strip.

5. After the fringe is rolled up, glue its tip and hold for a couple of minutes to let the glue dry a little.

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