02nd Feb2012

Etsy Valentines

by Dinah Wulf

Valentine’s Day is almost here and for me, it’s my Birthaversentine (Birthday, Anniversary, and V day all within 10 days of one another… I know I know… didn’t quite think that through. I did, however, make it clear to my husband that one gift doesn’t cover all three). Soooo, I thought I’d give some shout outs to my favorite Etsy Valentines handmade crafts. I literally scrolled through over 2000 items and these were my favs! Here we go!

Oh my! Starting big with my favorite one! This heart shaped mason jar chandelier is right up my alley!

Spoon Me Pillow – So cute! Buffalovely will customize a pillow by color and script.

I couldn’t resist! This greeting card and magnet set cracks me up! For $4 you can’t go wrong.

Check out this nostalgic cuff from VictoriaCampDesigns! What a cute idea! I’d definitely wear it.

He WAS Luke’s father, wasn’t he? This Darth Vader “Everyone’s a lover sometime” Lego piece by iLego is adorable. It’s perfect for your Lego or Star Wars lovers.

Love this feed sack inspired pillow!

Don’t forget about the doggies! I admit that my pups haven’t gotten as much attention since the little one arrived.  They definitely could use some extra homemade dog treats this year.

And for those of you who celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day.  I love these conversation heart earrings.  You can purchase pairs such as “you suck” and “loser” or “no way” and “get lost”. These are perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your single girlfriends (or some guy friends, I suppose).




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