21st Sep2011

Inspiring People: Alison Parks Poland

by Dinah Wulf

I heart blogging and social media.  Let me explain.

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such talented friends and family. Some I didn’t even know about until I started blogging.  Blogging has surly opened my eyes, one of the things I love most about it, and has allowed me an outlet to share the inspiring artists I stumble upon. Social media, on another note, amazes me.  It enables us to be able to connect and reconnect with friends and long lost family. SOOO, when I’m stalking my friends on Facebook to find out what they have been up to, naturally I get to brag and blog.

The first thing I thought about when I reconnected with Alison Parks Poland was how I had a crazy allergic reaction to her five kittens that I insisted on sleeping with (in a tiny sleeping bag) when I was attending a birthday sleep over at her house circa 1988.  The second thing I thought about when I reconnected with Alison was, “holy crap she’s an amazing artist.” I had no idea.

Other than her inspiring works of art, what made me want to write about Alison was what I recall best about her.  Ever since the sixth grade, I remember Alison being strong and sweet at the same time.  She cared about others and was nice to everyone.  It turns out, almost twenty years later; Alison has carried on that altruistic spirit and uses her talent to benefit others.  Her passed events include foundations including but not limited to Make a Wish Foundation, American Cancer Society, Hoops For Africa, the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and The Lynne Cohen Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research.

Alison has a graduate degree from University of Maryland, College Park in Architecture. She utilizes various medium including charcoal and paint to bring her urban surroundings to life. The pieces on this post are some of my favorites.  Check out her website, www.paintedwhitecanvas.com and her Facebook page. Her limited edition prints are available for purchase.

Thank you, Alison for inspiring me!



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