08th Sep2011

Inspiring People: Michal Sparks

by Dinah Wulf

I stumbled upon Michal Sparks, when I wrote the post, Recycled Plastic Grocery Bags. I found her ingenious credit card holders on Etsy.  I thought they were so cute and wanted to share with all of you creative ways to recycle plastic bags.

I first have to say, one of my most favorite things about blogging, is crossing paths with inspiring people.  It’s even better when you establish some sort of communication (emails, snail mail, or face-to-face) and get to know a little more about them.  I get to write about these people, share their stories, and I have an eternal virtual record to look back on and reflect.

What I learned about Michal, and what intrigued me even further is our similar story.  Michal was once a stay at home career mom working for her art.  What gives me hope is that she has been doing what she loves successfully for over twenty years now.  Her kids, now 13 and 15, were her inspiration for her credit card holders.

It gets better… After delving into her website, I found that she is inspired by many things. What is so amazing is my little search on recycled plastics, led me to find a true Artist, who not only creates and designs these adorable little holders, but an artist and teacher working in fine art, jewelry, textiles, and illustration (just to name a few).  My favorite pieces are Michal’s eco book art.   Her nature inspired water color paintings are beautifully painted on antique poetry pages.

Please support her art and check out her website, Michal Sparks Art Life and her Etsy shop, ACleverSpark.

P.S. Those credit card holders are sturdy little suckers!! Can you say, stocking stuffer??? LOVE them! Below are pictures of mine…

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