06th May2011

LA Laker Cupcake Decoration

by Dinah Wulf

So it happens to be NBA Playoff time, and my Los Angeles Lakers aren’t lookin’ too hot right now. I figured I’d better inspire myself and make a good luck cupcake decoration to bring to a Laker party tonight. This was quick and easy and I did it in less than a half an hour. Go Lakers!!!


• Computer and printer
• Colored paper
• Circular punches (1” and 2”)
• Glue stick
• Hot glue gun
• Toothpicks

Step 1: Google Images is my best friend. Look up your team’s logo and copy and paste it (as many times as you have cupcakes) on a Word document at 1” in diameter and punch them out.

Step 2: Punch out your team’s contrasting color with a 2” punch.

Step 3: Glue the logo onto the 2” circle and hot glue a toothpick on the back.

Step 4: When the glue is dry, insert them into the center of your cupcake (mine are deliciously store bought) and enjoy!

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Dinah Wulf
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