16th Dec2011

Nutcracker Craft Fair

by Dinah Wulf

I decided to check out the Nutcracker Craft Fair at the Brea Community Center, 695 E. Madison Way in Brea, California.  After all, admission was only $2 and parking was free!

There were over 250 vendors displaying one-of-a-kind holiday gifts, decor, handmade items and collectibles. The best part is that all the proceeds benefit the Community Center’s youth and family programs.

I went early.  It opened at 9am and I was there at 8:55am.  Of course there was a short line, but it went quickly. I had never been to the Brea Community Center and did not realize how big it was.

There was a maze of artisans jammed in every corner both outside and in.  You could find everything from ornaments to doll clothes, and homemade greeting cards to pottery. It was kind of overwhelming because there was so much stimuli.  You could smell hot chocolate and coffee in the food ally and buy homemade chocolates in the gymnasium.

Most of the items there weren’t exactly “my style” but it was nice to walk around (I did twice) and browse the antiques and admire the sellers that were so proud of the hand crafted things they were selling.

Good times…


One Response to “Nutcracker Craft Fair”

  • Crafty Mommy

    Love going to places like this too, even if it’s just to look around. It’s fun to see all the creativity!

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