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28th Jun2013

Eight Tasty Cocktail Recipes for Summer Entertaining

My regular guest author and contributor, David Edessa works really hard at coming up with his own unique cocktail recipes exclusively for DIY Inspired.  Since it is...

27th Jun2013
Command-Brand-bathroom-organization (1) (560x372)

Organizing Your Bathroom with Command Brand

I wanted to make a big THANK YOU for Command Brand for sponsoring this post.  I am actually a very big fan and have been using Command...

26th Jun2013
DIY personalized mugs (4) (560x372)

How to Make Your Own Personalized Mugs

I have been on a thrift store roll lately!  I found these cute coffee mugs for fifty cents each at the Goodwill. I’ve always wanted to try...

25th Jun2013

Your Serene Space: 6 Master Bedroom Redecorating Tips

After a long, stressful day you need somewhere to go that allows you to forget all of your worries and reset your brain. Naturally, your master bedroom...

24th Jun2013
easy-mirror-upcycle (1) (560x372)

Easy Thrift Store Mirror Update

I bought this Target mirror at Goodwill for a great price.  I recall seeing it at Target before and I loved it then.  I loved the lines...

21st Jun2013
Painting A Room DIY Inspired (8) (560x420)

Choosing the Right Paint Color

Having the right furniture in a room is a big step in the overall feel of a room.  Is the furniture warm, comfortable and inviting or is...

20th Jun2013
Six Fun Painted Furniture Ideas

Six Fun Painted Furniture Ideas

After spray painting a few projects this week (tutorials coming soon!), I started thinking about some of the fun painted furniture projects I’ve done.  I wanted to...

19th Jun2013
photo-strip-collage-art (2) (560x372)

How to Make a Photo Strip Collage

Last year, my 2 year old daughter was messing around with my iPhone.  She took several pictures of herself making goofy faces without even knowing it.  These...

18th Jun2013
updated-lighting ideas (3) (560x372)

Updated Lighting Ideas

I’m writing this post mostly because I’m excited!  We have lived in our home now for over two years.  From the very beginning we knew we wanted...

17th Jun2013
upcycled-kids-play-hutch (3) (560x344)

Repurposed Kids Play Kitchen Hutch

I had yet ANOTHER successful trip to the Goodwill!  I found this old red and white play hutch that I thought was too cute to pass up...

14th Jun2013
heat-transfer-recycle-bag-project (7) (560x377)

Heat Transfer Recycled Tote Bag

I am so excited to have started a partnership with Silhouette America.  I wanted to share a project I did using the heat transfer starter kit that...

13th Jun2013
Black-boxed-wine (2) (560x372)

Wine Tasting Party Ideas with Black Box Wines

With summertime quickly approaching, I tend to entertain more and more.  I LOVE playing hostess.  It’s always been a way for me to get creative.  Today I...

12th Jun2013
repurposed tires

Amazing Repurposed Rubber Tires

Rubber tires are so problematic to landfills that 11 U.S. states ban tires from landfills, and all but eight states have some sort of restriction on how...

11th Jun2013
upcycled-headboard-update (1) (560x369)

Upcycled Canvas Headboard Update

  My in-laws are coming! My in-laws are coming! Oh my, it’s been over a year that I made this headboard out of a curtain panel and...