01st May2013
Repurposed Lighting (2)

Easy DIY Projects For Modern Homes

If you’re looking a beautiful modern home décor with just the right amount of personal customization, then easy DIY projects are perfect for you.  When you make...

30th Apr2013
make-your-own-candle (2) (560x372)

How to Make a Citrus Floating Candle

My brother was on Facebook the other day and a friend of his posted a picture of how to make a candle from an orange.  I thought...

29th Apr2013

Creative Curtain Accents: Making a Statement

As we wave goodbye to winter and welcome warm spring weather, we are ready for change. Heavy sweaters are packed away for next year while colorful tank...

26th Apr2013

Jala-Piña Margarita Cocktail

Jala-Piña Margarita Cocktail, Written by David Edessa {Via} Cinco de Mayo is around the corner. It’s time to reacquaint ourselves with tequila. Last year I wrote a...

25th Apr2013
Follow Me

Follow Me!

My name is Dinah and I’m addicted to Social Media.  It’s a necessary evil and I have a love hate relationship with it.  With the tremendous growth...

24th Apr2013
how-to-remove-candle-wax-from-glass (1)

How to Remove Wax from Glass

I cannot tell a lie.  Sometimes I purchase items because of the container it comes in.  There.  I said it.  In particular, candles are a splurge for...

23rd Apr2013
DIY Book Page Butterfly Wreath

Two Year Blogaversary

Woo hoo! With well over 500 blog posts published and a community that has grown to be over fifteen thousand, I can’t believe it’s been two short...

22nd Apr2013
cereal-box-puzzles (3) (540x359)

Recycled Kid’s Craft: Cereal Box Puzzles

Happy Earth Day!  In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to share a special recycled craft I did with my daughter.  She may only be two, but...

19th Apr2013

4 Tips to Redo a Small Bathroom

{Via} The bathroom obviously needs to be an efficient, comfortable and functioning unit of your home. And it should be treated that way. By focusing on the...

18th Apr2013
radio-flyer-horse (540x376)

Refurbished Radio Flyer Wooden Toy Horse

One of my best friends has a Radio Flyer Wooden Toy Horse that all three of her kids played with.  Her youngest, Taylor, absolutely LOVES this horse...

17th Apr2013

12 Recycled Book Page Crafts

Most of the 12 recycled book page crafts featured in this post all started from a book safe that I made a while ago.  I tucked away...

16th Apr2013
Mr. Eco the Environmental Rap Superhero

Mr. Eco the Environmental Rap Superhero

I love rap and I love Mr. Eco!  In honor of the fast approaching Earth Day on April 22nd, I wanted to introduce Mr. Eco the Environmental...

15th Apr2013
recycled-straw-necklace-craft (3) (540x377)

Recycled Straw Necklace Craft for Kids

Lucky for me, I get to spend at least two times a week with my best friends and their kids.  We try to schedule play dates every...

12th Apr2013
Green Crayons

Earth Day Inspired DIY Crafts

On April 22nd, it doesn’t matter what age, race, religion or gender you are, millions of people from across the globe will come together to honor the...

11th Apr2013
Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Go Green with an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

As larger percentages of Americans are placing stress on the importance of eco-friendly fixtures in their homes, and more and more initiatives are aimed at encouraging homes...

10th Apr2013
cardboard-box-photo-booth (8)

Cardboard Box Photo Booth

I know Easter is officially over (hope you had a great one!), but I wanted to share this fantastic Cardboard Box Photo Booth idea from a friend...