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10th May2013
04-04-13 009

8 Fun and Easy Ideas for Stencils

I must say that stenciling is one of my favorite craft projects to do.  It’s a fairly simple task, especially when you know a few tips or...

09th May2013
master-bedroom-design-ideas (2) (560x372)

Master Bedroom Design Ideas

OK, this is more of a “thinking out loud” post. My master bedroom needs help!  Our bedroom is probably the most neglected room in the house because,...

08th May2013
updated-wood-bowls (3) (560x372)

Upcycled Wooden Bowls

I went thrift store shopping last week and I found a set of wooden bowls for $6.00. The shape of these bowls is what interested me, so...

07th May2013
mom summit view

Mom 2.0 Summit 2013

Sometimes as a Mom Blogger, you feel alone.  Friends and family who are not Bloggers really have no idea how much work is entailed with running a...

06th May2013
Coffee Filter Roses (3) (540x359)

Alice in Wonderland Theme Party: Red Paper Flowers

My best friend is having an Alice in Wonderland theme party for my twin God daughters for their first birthday.  Needless to say, I wanted to help...

03rd May2013
Jalapeno Pineapple Collage

Infused Tequila and Cocktail ideas for Cinco de Mayo

Written By David Edessa Infused tequila is very simple to make and needs just a few ingredients.   Today I want to share how to make a roasted...

02nd May2013
DIY Pedestal Bowl (1) (560x372)

DIY Pedestal Bowl

One of my thrifty obsessions is to walk through the local Goodwill shop on the weekends, particularly because of the half off sale.  Throughout the day, they...

01st May2013
Repurposed Lighting (2)

Easy DIY Projects For Modern Homes

If you’re looking a beautiful modern home décor with just the right amount of personal customization, then easy DIY projects are perfect for you.  When you make...

30th Apr2013
make-your-own-candle (2) (560x372)

How to Make a Citrus Floating Candle

My brother was on Facebook the other day and a friend of his posted a picture of how to make a candle from an orange.  I thought...

29th Apr2013

Creative Curtain Accents: Making a Statement

As we wave goodbye to winter and welcome warm spring weather, we are ready for change. Heavy sweaters are packed away for next year while colorful tank...

26th Apr2013

Jala-Piña Margarita Cocktail

Jala-Piña Margarita Cocktail, Written by David Edessa {Via} Cinco de Mayo is around the corner. It’s time to reacquaint ourselves with tequila. Last year I wrote a...

25th Apr2013
Follow Me

Follow Me!

My name is Dinah and I’m addicted to Social Media.  It’s a necessary evil and I have a love hate relationship with it.  With the tremendous growth...

24th Apr2013
how-to-remove-candle-wax-from-glass (1)

How to Remove Wax from Glass

I cannot tell a lie.  Sometimes I purchase items because of the container it comes in.  There.  I said it.  In particular, candles are a splurge for...

23rd Apr2013
DIY Book Page Butterfly Wreath

Two Year Blogaversary

Woo hoo! With well over 500 blog posts published and a community that has grown to be over fifteen thousand, I can’t believe it’s been two short...