20th Feb2013
Lipton Tea Cocktails (3)

Fun and Fruity #LiptonGirlsNight Cocktail Recipes

I am a very lucky girl to have a core group of girlfriends I’ve known for many years!  Now that we are all busy moms, it is...

19th Feb2013
mush.room studio- repurposed-designs (5)

Upcycled Designs by mush.room studio

I e-meet so many inspiring and creative artist every week, especially on my Facebook page.  Recently, I had the honor of meeting Vicky from mush.room studio.  Mush.room...

18th Feb2013
lady hammer

If I Had a Hammer: Tools Every Homeowner Needs

As a homeowner on a budget, I had to learn how to handle a lot of problems on my own. If it weren’t for YouTube tutorials and...

15th Feb2013

The Old Fashion: A Classic Cocktail

This week, David has two Old Fashion cocktail recipes, the Classic Old Fashion recipe and the Mediterranean Old Fashion recipe.  Perfect for a sophisticated evening cocktail party,...

14th Feb2013
how-to-decorate-your-room (1)

Tips for Making your Bedroom your Sanctuary

Did you know that the average sleep time for men and women ages 25-44 is about 8.5 hours a night? That’s close to 60 hours a week...

13th Feb2013
Recycled Coin Wrapper Flowers (2)

Recycled Coin Wrapper Flowers

Ever since I started this blog, one of my besties tells me she finds it difficult to throw things away.  She said she thinks to herself, “Dinah...

12th Feb2013
DIY Monogram Swarovski Pearls in a Frame  (1)

DIY Monogram Swarovski Pearls in a Frame

I am so excited to have Heather guest post today from Rockstew!  She is sharing her DIY Monogram Swarovski Pearls in a Frame Tutorial.  Not only does...

11th Feb2013
DIY Girls Room Ideas

8 DIY Girls Room Ideas

My daughter and I were playing in her bedroom the other day.  She wanted me to lie down on the floor and tuck me in, just like...

08th Feb2013
upcycled lighting ideas (7)

Upcycled Lighting Ideas

I have written about repurposed lighting ideas before from inspirations I found while shopping out and about in retail stores.  I haven’t written about upcycled lighting ideas,...

07th Feb2013
12 DIY Theme Party Ideas

12 DIY Theme Party Ideas

Looking back at my past 22 months of blogging, I noticed that my party theme ideas get a lot of love in the social media world.  I...

06th Feb2013
Pringles Can Pull Me Gift Kits (1)

Recycled Pringles Can Gift Kits

I have seen a few Pringles can cookie tins on Pinterest.  They are cleverly wrapped and hold the perfect sized cookie.  I’ve seen them wrapped with Christmas...

05th Feb2013
Shabby Chic Bedside Table Makeover (1)

Shabby Chic Bedside Table Makeover

I am so excited to have Federica of La Cianfrusagliera join me today on a guest post and sharing her passion for design.  Here is how she...

04th Feb2013
Valentines Day Craft (9)

Valentines Day Craft DIY Garland

This Valentines Day Craft DIY Garland is a fun and easy activity for kids.  It’s very easy to do and involves using recycled materials.  I always seem...

01st Feb2013
Apple and Orange Cocktail

Apples and Oranges Cocktail

This week’s recipe is a refreshing fruity apples and oranges cocktail with homemade ginger syrup written by David Edessa. •<~>•<~>•<~>•<~>•<~>•<~>•<~>• Apples & Oranges Cocktail Recipe: Ingredients: 1½...

31st Jan2013
Seas and Peas Giveaway

My Funny Valentine Seas and Peas Giveaway

I know I’ve said this a thousand (ok maybe six-ish) times, but one of the reasons I started blogging was to help promote other people, products I...

30th Jan2013
Storage Ideas For Kids (7)

Storage Ideas for Kids

The older my daughter gets, the more toys and books she has.  I’m always looking for inventive and fun storage ideas for kids.  There are so many...