10th Jan2013
Glass Jar Craft Storage

Craft Room Ideas

We moved into this house in February of this year and we never used the office.  I housed all my craft supplies in the closet, and had...

09th Jan2013
Repurposed Furniture for your Bathroom (2)

Repurposed Furniture for your Bathroom

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time in the bathroom…wait…that didn’t come out right!  What I meant to write was that I...

08th Jan2013
Free Curb Side Pick Up (1)

Free Curb Side Pick Up

The frame you see here was a free curb side pickup.  It was left unwanted alongside of a few other frames I picked up in my friend’s...

07th Jan2013
4 Furniture Cleaning Tips 1

4 Furniture Cleaning Tips

4 Furniture Cleaning Tips Did you know that a dirty kitchen and a grimy bathroom are the biggest turns-offs for prospective buyers? Rightmove has revealed that grubby...

04th Jan2013
Rhum Apple-Cranberry Cider Recipe

Rhum Apple Cranberry Cider Recipe

Happy New Year…. It’s time to get use to writing the year 2013. Where did the time go?  I hope it’s been a good year for everyone...

03rd Jan2013
Recycled Craft Jars (1)

Recycled Craft Jars

OK, I’m not going to lie.  Sometimes I purchase things because of the packaging.  If I know I can reuse things, I feel like I get my...

02nd Jan2013
Top 15 Recycled Craft and Projects of 2012

Top 15 Recycled Crafts and Projects of 2012

It is so tough to figure out what the top projects are for the 2012, especially when you have to sort through over 200 posts I wrote...

01st Jan2013

5 Tips to Help Your Floral Bouquets Last Longer

Flowers have the unique ability to brighten a room and your mood, and the fragrances they exude can infuse your home with a freshness that no air...

31st Dec2012
metal cabinet 18

Metal File Cabinet Makeover

Today I have the honor of sharing an amazing metal file cabinet transformation done by Barbara from Chase The Star.  Here is her tutorial for her metal...

28th Dec2012
Kids Craft Ideas New Years Noise Makers (2)

Kids Craft Ideas New Year’s Noise Makers

Ever since I had my little nugget, New Year’s Eve hasn’t been quite the same.  Since it is extremely difficult to find a baby sitter on this...

27th Dec2012
DIY Ribbon Board

DIY Craft Organization Board

This painting I found was in a pile of unwanted garage sale items about to hit the trash.  Lucky for me, I was able to salvage a...

26th Dec2012
Potty Training Chart Free Printable (2)

Potty Training Chart with Free Printable

Like every other Mother out there with a toddler, I am working on a new rite of passage… potty training.  Ugh.  First of all, I think I...

25th Dec2012
photo (5)

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

24th Dec2012
Christmas Eve Sleeping Tips for Kids

Silent Night: Christmas Eve Sleeping Tips for Kids

For children, going to sleep on Christmas Eve can be difficult. After all, there is much to be excited about. For parents, it may be difficult to...

22nd Dec2012
Christmas Card Display

10 Creative Ways to Display Your Christmas Cards

It’s that time of year when our letterboxes are inundated with little gestures of goodwill in the form of Christmas cards. For many of us, these cards...

21st Dec2012

Puerto Rico’s Eggnog Coquito Punch Recipe

If you would like to try something different from the Christmas eggnog that you prepare every year; I suggest you try the Coquito. Puerto Rico’s eggnog and...