02nd Nov2012
Pink & Purple Party (2)

Whimsical Monogram Sign

Yesterday I posted about some decorations I made for the Baptism of my God Daughters (Yes! Twins!).  These decorations aren’t exclusive to a baptism; rather some of...

01st Nov2012
Baptism for Twins (11)

Baptism for Twins Sneak Peek

Guess what?? I’m a Godmother!  Guess what else?  OF TWINS!! I am so excited and truly honored to be the Godmother of my best friend’s daughters.  Needless...

31st Oct2012
Halloween Treats

Halloween Round Up

Happy Halloween!! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween today.  I just wanted to celebrate by doing a Halloween Round Up of some of the...

30th Oct2012
Guest Room Makeover (3)

Guest Room Paint Makeover

Whenever people come over for the first time and want a tour of the house, the guest room is the room that I always apologized for.  The...

29th Oct2012
Repurposed Inspiration from Antique Shopping (8)

Repurposed Inspiration from Antique Shopping

I can’t believe this is my 400th post!  Thought I’d celebrate by sharing a lovely event I went to.  Recently, I attended the Socal Social here in...

26th Oct2012
Easy Halloween Tree Craft (4)

Easy Halloween Tree

This Halloween tree came to fruition when I was trimming some branches in my back yard.  Of course, it’s always hard for me to throw anything away,...

25th Oct2012
Jeweled Skull (1)

Halloween Jeweled Skull

Skulls are one of my favorite Halloween decorations because they are so creepy.  The fake foam bag of bones  you can buy at any retail store are...

24th Oct2012
Yes To Fruits and Veggies

Yes To Fruits and Veggies

Yes To Fruits and Veggies I am guilty.  That’s right.  Guilty.  I am guilty of completely being gluttonous and indulgent in those tempting and beautifully decorated displays...

23rd Oct2012
Dancing Ghosts (8)

Dancing Ghosts

My friends (aka my family) are amazing.  So amazing, in fact, that two of them took step by step photos for me while making these awesome dancing...

22nd Oct2012
Halloween Kid's Craft

Tissue Box Monster

Seventh Generation came out with the cutest DIY tissue box monster video on YouTube showing appreciation for their one million Facebook fans.  Congratulations, Seventh Generation!  Check the...

19th Oct2012

Pumpkin Café au Lait

Halloween is just around the corner. When I was a kid one of my favorite desserts was roasted pumpkin with cream. In fact, I loved it so...

18th Oct2012
DIY Holiday treat ideas (5)

Holiday Treat Gift Ideas

My initial inspiration for this post was poop.  Yes you read that correctly.  Poop.  I kept seeing Pumpkin Poop and Reindeer poop ideas on Pinterest that I...

17th Oct2012
Glittered Skulls

Four Easy Halloween Party Crafts

If you couldn’t tell, my favorite holiday is Halloween.  I love everything about it; the decorations, the costumes, the weather, taking the kids trick-or-treating, and of course,...

16th Oct2012
Halloween Monster Wreath Craft (5)

Halloween Monster Wreath

I heart Halloween AND I also heart dollar bins!  This Halloween Monster Wreath cost me about $7.00 to make.  It’s a fun craft you can do with...

15th Oct2012

Add New Life to Everyday Objects with ‘Upcycling’

If you are looking to upgrade but don’t want to discard, it’s possible to add new life to everyday items by “upcycling” them. Whether they are boring,...

12th Oct2012
Burlap scrap wreath

Burlap Scrap Wreath

OK, I’m calling this a Burlap Scrap Wreath because not only is it made out of burlap scraps; this wreath is also made out of craft scraps. ...