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13th Sep2012
DIY Tulle Tutu

DIY No Sew Tutu

With Halloween coming up I thought this would be appropriate.  I’ve seen several Halloween costumes with tutus including all the Disney Princesses and much more!  I made...

12th Sep2012
Recycled Book Page Art (3)

Recycled Book Page Art

As you know, I am a BIG fan of recycled book page crafts.  I have done more than one wreath tutorial, magnets, and flowers, just to name...

11th Sep2012
DIY Recycled Jar Tea Light (1)

DIY Recycled Jar Tea Light

I’m pretty sure I save every single jar after it’s empty.  Pickle, spaghetti sauce, salsa… I don’t discriminate.  The Mason jar is beautiful but I think it...

10th Sep2012
Black and Red Anniversary Party (3)

Elegant Black and Red Anniversary Party

There something chic and exotic about black and red.  This color combination is the formula to throwing a memorable and sophisticated party.  I wanted to share an...

07th Sep2012
Hazelnut After Dinner Cocktails

Hazelnut After Dinner Cocktails

Written By David Edessa Many moons ago when I first turn 21, a bartender friend turned me on to these two Hazelnut After Dinner Cocktails. There those...

06th Sep2012
Repurposed Shutters (14)

Repurposed Shutters

Shutters are probably the one item that you can find in every flea market, garage sale, salvage yard, or recycling stores like Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Not...

05th Sep2012
Porch railing upcyled to mail organizer

Repurposed Storage Ideas to Update an Entryway

The foyer or entryway to a home is usually the first impression your guests have when they come over.  It’s often an inexpensive and budget-friendly area to...

04th Sep2012
DIY Owl Themed Birthday Party (18)

Owl Themed First Birthday

I know I’ve showed you my YouTube video for how to make these Owl Decorations (It’s below if you missed it), but I also wanted to share...

31st Aug2012
Halloween DIY Ideas (4)

Pintrest Halloween Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe it’s that time of year again.  I just went to Michael’s to get some craft supplies and the...

30th Aug2012
Repurposed Table Ideas (7)

Repurposed Table Ideas

I have been blogging for what seems to be a while now.  In my search for repurposed furniture I have seen some really cool and creative stuff.  Today,...

29th Aug2012
Mickey Mouse Theme Party

Mickey Mouse Theme Party

I have another fabulous party done by my best friend Jennifer Hostetler.  This time, she did a Mickey Mouse theme party for her daughter’s second birthday party. ...

28th Aug2012
DIY Photo Collage Card

DIY Photo Collage Card

Before we know it the holidays will be here so I wanted to share with you a way to make your own photo collage cards.  Photo cards...

27th Aug2012
Recycled Junk Drawer Crafts

Junk Drawer Crafts

I made these simple junk drawer crafts for a fundraiser coming up.  I call them “junk drawer crafts” because they are recycled crafts literally made out of...

24th Aug2012
java cocktail recipes

Java Cocktails

Java Cocktails!!!! I love coffee. The flavor leaves me wanting another. I enjoy coffee flavored ice cream and enjoy it as an after dinner cocktail. “Black as...