02nd Aug2011

Places To Go: Maui, Hawaii

by Dinah Wulf

Places To Go: Maui, Hawaii

The thing about being a tourist in Hawaii is that you are bombarded with t-shirts, hula dolls, shot glasses, and a multitude of flavors and varieties of macadamia nuts.  But if you can get past the mass produced Hawaiian shirts and puka shells, there is a variety of handmade arts and crafts.

The Banyan Tree Park is a common tourist stop on Front Street in Lahaina.  At 60 feet high with 12 major tree trunks in addition to the gargantuan core, underneath you will find unique artwork and pressed flower jewelry at the occasional arts and crafts fair.  Across the street at the Wharf you can find
handmade soaps, wind chimes, and vintage Hawaiian fabrics.  On Front Street you can peruse several galleries, discover antique posters and vintage maps.

Artists are everywhere. Just further north of Lahaina in Ka’anapali in Whalers Village you can learn about the art of Scrimshaw.  Driving along the
30 you will see painters with their easels finding inspiration from their
surroundings of the ocean, sand, lush plant life and flowers.  Rainbows are not uncommon on the way even further north.  Along a scenic path and windy
road I found a gift shop that looked like a personal residence in the middle of
nowhere with interesting wood and metal sculptures.

I made my husband stop if we saw signs for craft fairs along the road. We found intricate woodwork, bowls made out of palms, and a local man crafting beautiful wooden tikis with amallet and wood log wedged between his feet.

With inspiration everywhere, you can bring home beautifully crafted souvenirs along with your Maui shot glass and box of chocolate macadamia nuts.


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