10th Apr2012

Replacing a Light Fixture

by Dinah Wulf

I have never replaced a light fixture before, and since I started blogging I thought I’d better try and do it myself. When I mean “myself” I mean my husband (haha!). Replacing a light fixture is actually a lot easier than I thought.

Here is the fan before.  It’s nice but not our style. I didn’t want a ceiling fan in here because the airflow is so nice with all the windows anyway.

First, we made sure that we turned off all the power. Next, we carefully removed the plate. It took both of us, because the fan is so large, awkward, and heavy. I held it as my husband carefully unscrewed the plate.

While taking the old fixture off we found this nail.  It was stripped and took forever to get out… could it BE any longer? Geesh…

We followed the instructions carefully and we successfully replaced the light in no time. I suggest wearing goggles and a hat because pieces of falling paint or plaster in your eyes or hair is not fun.

If you prefer to see it on video, I found an awesome one and a half minute video tutorial on replacing a light fixture for Dummies from Dummies.com. It’s short and sweet!

Here are a few after shots. It still needs a little pizzazz, but it’s a good start. It is much better than standing at the counter while eating dinner for the last few weeks for sure!


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