28th Jun2011

Simple DIY Party Banner

by Dinah Wulf

Simple DIY Party Banner

I wanted to decorate the first space where my husband goes after work the minute he walks thru the door on his birthday. It’s the space where he sets down his keys and messenger bag, and then opens his mail everyday like clockwork. I decided to make some banners for him.

This DIY craft is very simple and takes little time.  Just print out the message in any font and size you wish. Cut out the words and use double sided tape to adhere the words onto decorative scrapbook paper. Next, hot glue the words onto ribbon and hang. If you choose, add some pictures as shown. For a more whimsical or feminine look, add Japanese Rice Paper Flowers.

I also included pictures of a similar butterfly themed first birthday party banner I did as well.  For this one, instead of glue, I used a sharp knife to cut slits into the sides to weave the ribbon through.  Simple, quick, cute, and thoughtful…

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