14th Jun2011

Sweet Treats: Custom Cakery

by Dinah Wulf

Sweet Treats: Custom Cakery

A friend and former co-worker, Robert Hetrick, is the man behind Custom Cakery in Corona, California.  I had to blog about Robert and share some of his incredible edible designs.  He is so amazing and talented and these are some of his creations.

His repertoire consists of fabulous custom cakes for any occasion; graduation, birthdays, showers, weddings, and corporate events to name a few. Isn’t the iPhone cake brilliant?

The minute a perused Custom Cakery’s Facebook page, the first thing I thought of was… well…actually the first thing I thought of was, “I didn’t know Robert could bake?” Then the second thing I thought was that Robert should be on the show Ultimate Cake Off on TLC!


These are just some of my favorites.  It was tough to narrow it down, as there were so many to choose from! I may have to go with the Scrabble Cake as the favorite…

Check out more of Robert’s custom creations on his Facebook page.  I’m sure he’d be happy to give you a consultation.  Hey Robert, when are auditions??? Oh, and thanks for inspiring us!

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