Baby Buggy

by Dinah Wulf
DIY costume

I love the creepy and crawliness of Halloween.  For some reason I’m drawn to all things gross and scary. I’ve always been like that.  I can recall wanting to show a scary movie at every single birthday slumber party I’ve ever had. Since this is my daughter’s real first Halloween (she was only 3 months […]

Headless Man and Headless Woman Costumes

by Dinah Wulf
Coolest handmade costume

The older I get, the more I love being “scary” things for Halloween.  I decided to be a headless zombie this year.  Searching the web for ideas, I came across some pretty good costume ideas.  My inspiration for this project was mainly from author, connielim_2000 from and from Make Magazine, an article about Nicole […]

How to Make Angel Wings

by Dinah Wulf
10-1-11 010

OK, I am admitting to the World Wide Web that I cheated. I committed DIY blasphemy… The pink butterfly wings pictured here, I didn’t make, I bought (sigh)… BUT they were free technically!!! That’s my excuse and I stand by it! Because of my mini extreme couponing and thriftiness, I got these wings absolutely free, […]

Tea Staining

by Dinah Wulf

Tea staining is a great technique for aging or antiquing clothing.  Nonetheless, it comes in handy for DIY Halloween costumes as well.  I am making headless zombie costumes (tutorial coming soon!) this year, and tea staining came in handy to age my zombie attire.  It also works great to dress up those DIY Halloween props […]