Beach Inspired Design

by Dinah Wulf

Summer is fully underway! Nothing says summer like bringing the outdoors in, especially when you are at the beach.  If you don’t live close to the beach, why not bring it home? If you do live near the beach, why not bring it home?!  Decorating with white sandy beaches in mind can add calm and relaxation to any room.  Here are a few Beach Inspired Design Ideas.

Red, White, & Blue Décor Accents

One of the first things I think about when summer rolls along is the Fourth of July.  Get patriotic and decorate in subtle tones of red, white, and blue. You don’t have to go bold!  Consider lighter hues as well. Arrange a collection of seashells or sand from your travels in a jar or vase and use it as a centerpiece.  Label the jar with your vacation destination and date on a tag with twine to add a personal touch.


Keeping it Fresh & Crisp & White

Arguably, white may not be a “color”, however look at this beautiful white washed oak laminate flooring.  It adds style, character, and personality to a room and makes an elegant statement. Rustic and romantic, this room screams (well, whispers) relaxation.


Adding Natural Fibers


I love projects using natural fibers like, sisal, burlap, jute, and rope.  It’s eco-friendly, chic, and inexpensive.  What more could you want? It also goes with several types of décor styles from industrial to rustic and from nautical to French country.  Burlap can be purchased at fabric stores for less than three dollars a yard.


Tasteful Nautical Themed Accents


OK, I’m all for theme parties but taking a theme into your home can be done tastefully and with grace.  The kitschy look can be avoided. Here are some nautical themed accent pieces where I don’t think you can go wrong. My favorite is the map.  You can never go wrong with a beautifully framed map!


Photo Sources: Bestlaminate,


Coastal Decor

by Dinah Wulf

Today is officially the first day of summer!  Living here on the west coast, a few miles from the beach it feels like summer all year round, however there is something exciting about the end of the school year, BBQ’s, and my favorite, summer entertaining.  Summer entertaining, to me, starts with preparing my home.  I wanted to share a few Coastal Décor ideas to help inspired you to get your home ready for those upcoming back yard BBQ’s.

Nature Inspired Décor

Consider these nature-inspired decorating tips.

Shells & Coral – Shells and large coral pieces make beautiful centerpieces.  Display them on table tops inside glass vases or vessels with sand collected from the beach of a family vacation, inside recycled mason jars, or atop pillar candle holders.  Place them in flea market baskets in a bathroom, guest room, or living room. Here are some fun decorative coral pillows I found as well.


Blue and Green Glass – Blue represents the ocean, water, or twilight, while green represents nature and life.  Flea markets are the best place to find timeless blue and green bottles and decorative vases.  Also, save those empty bottles of wine! Wine bottles come in so many beautiful shades of green.  Soak an empty wine bottle in water for an hour or two to easily peel off the label.  Display flowers from your garden to make a fantastic eco-friendly centerpiece.

Coastal Décor DIY Projects

For all you DIY’ers, summer is the perfect time to update your home with bigger projects.

White Laminate Flooring- White washed laminate flooring is a great light and airy option to freshen up a room and perfect for coastal living.

Salvaged Wood Walls- Vintage recycled building materials in teak or oak would make a large decorative statement to an accent wall.

I hope these few ideas inspire you.  If you can’t live at the beach, bring it home to you!


Photo Sources: Bestlaminate,



Road Side Find

by Dinah Wulf

I love meeting new Bloggers through my blogging journey.  There is so much creativity and talent out there that it’s very inspiring.  It’s one of the reasons that keep me blogging.  There’s an unspoken sense of community and camaraderie that only fellow Bloggers can understand.  I met Susan via Blog Frog.  She’s a new Blogger with great ideas.  Check out this cute updated Road Side Find she made. Feel free to follow her on Twitter @homemakermom.



Written By: Susan Jaxon of Susie Homemaker

My Road Side Find, Trash to Treasure

I am excited about my new blog as I journal my journey as a homemaker. I am a wife, home schooling stay at home, entrepreneurial mom. I am a woman with big dreams & goals. I have actually set my mind on a few and they have come true! I believe in never giving up. I have a lot of hobbies & passions.  I get so happy when I create something! I see the imperfectness of life as art.

I found an old yellow broken mirror on the road side for free. I saw it could be something great. One man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure!  I started by spray painting it. Next I put scrap booking paper in the back where the mirror used to be. I took wooden letters I had got for only 10 cents and Exacto knifed pretty paper to fit them, and then glued them on. I painted a special wooden key that was hand made for me via whittling, as a gift. I painted it white and mounted it. I think it’s a wonderful way to display my special key!


Expensive Furniture for Less

by Dinah Wulf

Expensive Furniture for Less

Written By: Rasy Sor

Have you heard of the phrase, “champagne taste on a beer budget?”   I have and unfortunately, I too, am afflicted with this.  I definitely have champagne test on a beer budget when it comes to interior design.

One of my favorite furniture shops is Room and Board.   I usually go there for design inspiration since I’m unable to afford most of their furniture.  Then, I discovered that Ikea had very similar styles for a lot less!    I know.  I know.   Most of you are thinking, Ikea is the last place you’d shop when it comes to your home; especially when you use to shop there to furnish the apartment that you shared with 5 roommates because let’s face it, ANYTHING goes with your 3rd roommate’s bean bag.   Ikea, in my opinion, has definitely come a long way.

Here is some furniture that I love at Room and Board that I also found at Ikea, but for A LOT less!

Portica Dining Table at Room and Board $1,209


Porsby Dining Table at Ikea $219 (Savings $990)

Bella Table Lamp at Room and Board $299

Jonsbo Egby Table Lamp at Ikea $19.99 (Savings $279)

Reese Sofa at Room and Board $3,099

Sater Sofa at Ikea $399 (Savings $2,700)

Tiffany Counter Stools at Room and Board $299

Glenn Counter Stools at Ikea $69.99 (savings $229)


For more inspiration, get the Room & Board 2012 Catalog here! Room & Board Annual Catalog 2012 Furniture Home Storage Bed Dining Office Outdoor

Ombre Inspiration Board

by Dinah Wulf

If you Google the word “ombre” you’ll find a lot of information on celebrity hair styles.  That’s not exactly what I was looking for.  So I researched a little further.  The best definition of the word  that I found was from Fire Mountain Gems, “Ombré (from the French world “ombrer” meaning to shade) is a dip-dye technique used on fabric where the color is graduated from light to dark.” The term is also used to refer to design color in general, not necessarily limited to fabric.  It was popular a few years ago, but I have found that it’s a trend that is back, as it is popping up everywhere. Lately, I’ve noticed it online, in magazines, and on television.

This week’s inspiration board is all about ombre! I found a few tutorials, and surprisingly a lot of erred links! Once again, forgive me if the link isn’t there. I must say, I love the dresser drawers the best.  There are a few examples below.  It’s a simple way to upcycle an old dresser or desk or add a little pizzazz to a nursery changing table. And yes, you are seeing it correctly… a design on a radiator! So clever!

I hope you enjoy my inspiration board!

Ombre Inspiration Board Links

Did anything on this inspiration board actually inspire you? Please fee free to leave a comment! :)


Natural Fibers Inspiration Board

by Dinah Wulf

I love projects using natural fibers like, sisal, burlap, jute, and rope.  It’s eco-friendly, chic, and inexpensive.  What more could you want? It also goes with several types of décor styles from industrial to rustic and from nautical to French country. So, I created a Natural Fiber Inspiration Board for actually several reasons: 1) I am obsessed with Pinterest and Houzz and I can look at pictures for hours, 2) I wanted to share my favorites with my DIY Inspired readers, 3) My blog is my virtual diary, and also my virtual to do list.

I decided that it would be fun to do my own versions of inspiration boards so for now, I’ll try and use Monday’s posts for that… we’ll see how long that lasts!

I did my best to find the correct DIY tutorial for each photo.  Some of the photos on this inspiration board are from or other online retailers, so the link will tell you where you can purchase it (woo hoo!), because sometimes we don’t have time to make everything ourselves! Scroll all the way down; the links are below at the end of the post.  If there is no link, I couldn’t find it. Sorry! However, hopefully the photo itself will still give you some do-it-yourself inspiration anyway!

Links for Natural Fibers Inspiration Board DIY Tutorials

Free DIY Tools and Calculators

by Dinah Wulf

Today I thought I’d put some of my favorite free DIY Tools and Calculators together to help you out on your next DIY project! The style quizzes are fun and the calculators can come in handy. Have fun!


HGTV’s What’s Your Design Style Quiz

This is a simple ten question quiz to help you with your design style. Many of which is a choice of photos you choose that bests fits your fancy.


What’s Your Decorating Personality Quiz from Real Simple

This decorating personality quiz consists of nine multiple choice questions asking, “Which item do you like best?”  They appear to be random pictures, however represent something much more.  You calculate your style by counting mostly A’s, B’s, C’s, or D’s.  My problem? I had 3 A’s, 3 C’s, and 3 D’s… doh!


BHG Design a Room Layout

This Design a Room Layout tool is awesome! You start by selecting from four different room layouts. Once you pick a room you can reshape it to fit your room exactly!  You add furniture piece by piece from a wide selection. You can rotate and alter the dimensions of each piece of furniture as well! Brilliant!


BHG My Color Finder

I don’t know about you, but deciding on what color to paint a room is stressful! This free tool from Better Homes and Gardens is so helpful and useful. Find colors for both interior and exterior, room by room, and you even have the option to upload your own photo. If you don’t have a photo there are several selections for you to choose from that best fits your style.


Wall Paper Calculator

Don’t feel like painting? Home Depot offers an easy and user friendly wall paper calculator. It estimates the number of rolls needed to complete your project.


Carpet calculator

Home Depot also offers a handy carpet calculator as well. It estimates the number of square yards needed to cover your space.


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Repurposed Lighting Inspiration

by Dinah Wulf

Everywhere I go, I always have my camera.  Not only do I want to capture fun moments with my daughter, family, and friends, but I find decorating inspiration EVERYWHERE. I end up filing my pictures in digital folders on my computer.

I just noticed that I had taken several pictures of lighting ideas and thought I’d share them. Some of these pictures are old, but in my head, the store bought version is way too expensive anyway.  I’d rather try and recreate them with flea market or thrift store finds.

Anyway, here is some really cool repurposed lighting inspiration that I’ve captured on my camera over the last several months.  I think with a little creativity, you can get these looks for less.

This was a lamp I saw at Anthropologie.  It’s simply a tea kettle, lamp kit, and colorful lamp shade.  I’ve also seen lamps similar to this made out of stacked tea cups and saucers… super cute.

This one is also from Anthropologie (I frequent there often… love the window displays). It’s a lamp made out of recycled cardboard!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! The mix of an industrial metal basket and chic chandelier is fantastic!

If I recall correctly, the price tag on this one was pretty steep…several thousand dollars….yikes! I think a smaller version of this made out of mismatched thrift store silverware would be cute.

I can picture this one hanging in an enclosed patio or sun room.  I like the mixture of glass bottles, shells, and twine.

Technically, this one isn’t repurposed, but it caught my eye.




Fiber and Fire

by Dinah Wulf

Oh my gosh… I can’t stand it! I am obsessed with the craftsmanship and knack for design of this talented mother and daughter team, Patricia and Andrea also known as Fiber and Fire.

I was doing my usual rounds of blog exploration one day and I came across Fiber and Fire on Picket Fence Blogs. The Ad button alone caught my eye.  I clicked on the link and scrolled down each post and several clicks later I was inspired.  Wishing I lived close enough to attend one of their upcoming shows, I couldn’t help but be amazed at the color and pattern combinations that worked so well together.  There are SO many great pieces in the online portfolio that I had to keep editing myself down to share these select few.

These pictures are more than I intended to share but I couldn’t help it! They are all so amazing! I mean really? How am I supposed to pick?

If you’d like to view the full portfolio click HERE.  Also, check out their Facebook page for the latest updates. The Fiber and Fire blog is also filled with several awesome before and after pictures.

Here is the rundown for the upcoming Fiber and Fire shows.  Hopefully you live close enough to attend!  If you do, let me know how it goes!

February 10-11, 2012

  • Las Cruces ‘A Century of Enchantment’ Quilt Show; Las Cruces, NM Convention Center

March 8-10, 2012

  • Arizona Quilters Guild Quilt Show; Mesa Convention Center Mesa, AZ

May 10-12, 2012

  • Home Machine Quilting Show; South Towne Expo Center Sandy, UT

August 31 – September 1, 2012

  • Midway Swiss Days; Midway, UT

OK, one last picture… I swear… :)



Family Photo Wall

by Dinah Wulf

I was pretty happy after I sat back and looked at my family photo wall, so I decided to blog about it.  My friends seem to ask me for tips all the time on the subject, and my friend Jenny and I are known for rearranging photo walls at our mutual friend’s homes.

If you want to see more, I’ve blogged about How To Arrange Art and I also did a post on a DIY Photo Wall Décor Idea that got a lot of interest on Pintrest.

Here are some ideas I hope you can use if you want to create something similar.

  • I decided to stick to three types of frames only: black, silver, and dark wood.
  • I used all black and white photos because I thought it made it look more modern.
  • I used a variety of frame sizes: 8X10, 5X7, 4X6
  • I kept one horizontal imaginary straight line all the way across the wall and placed the photos above or below the line.
  • I started with the larger frames in, and worked my way out using smaller frames.
  • I used a photo mat for most of the photos which created a little more dimension.
  • Social networking sites are a great resource to get family photos if your collection is lacking.
  • Most importantly, Command Strips are DEFINITELY the way to go when hanging ANY picture frames.  No holes!!! You can get them at any retail store like Target or Walmart for a few dollars.  It also makes it easier, because you don’t have to worry about aligning a nail and frame hook.

Here’s another picture.

Hope this helps! For more picture hanging tips, click here.

Here’s another quick idea. I love taking photo booth pictures.  Instead of hiding them in drawers, display them with a matted frame and decorative scrapbook paper!



Book Page Wreath

by Dinah Wulf

I’ve been looking for the perfect book page wreath to make because I have a damaged antique book with beautiful gold leafed pages.  The book is a book of poems by Keats, however it is falling apart and some pages are missing.

There are several book page wreaths out there for inspiration.  I finally came across one at this little boutique in Tustin (of course I didn’t have my camera on me at the time to take a picture).  Because I’m such a cheapskate, of course I didn’t buy it rather I did peep at the fifty dollar price tag!  Ha! I’ll make it myself for much less!

I wanted to get some tips before I tried to make it, so I did a little research.  I couldn’t find an exact tutorial on the one I wanted to make, but I did find some good tips from Living With Lindsay and The Penny Parlor.

Believe it or not I had everything I needed already, so I only spent a total of $1.04 for this project!!!  Here is what you need.

The Penny Parlor had a brilliant idea of buying a “foam tube” from Home Depot. I had no idea what department a “foam tube” would be in and after research, it’s in the plumbing department.  Here is a picture so you know what to ask for.

I chose the thickest tube for $1.94 ($2.08 with tax).  It is six feet long, the perfect size for two (maybe even three)wreaths, hence the $1.04 TOTAL I spent for this Book Page Wreath.

Start by cutting the tube in half.  Set aside one tube for another project. Carefully and gradually peel away the adhesive strip and stick the two sides together.  I say “carefully and gradually” because this sucker’s extremely sticky.

Next, tape the two ends together with duct tape.  It will look something like this.

Don’t panic like I did!  If you pinch and massage the tube, it will form into a circle and end up looking like this.

Next, cut your pages out of the book.  I found that the fastest and cleanest way is to use a sharp knife.

One by one, roll each page to make a cone shape and flatten the bottom part.

Using a hot glue gun, glue the cones onto the foam wreath. After your first layer, turn the wreath over.  You have just finished the back of the wreath. I used approximately 35 pages for the first layer.

Start your second layer as pictured below (approximately 30 pages).

For the third, fourth, and fifth layer, you will glue the cone over the ring as shown below.  After the fifth layer, “QC” your wreath and fill any open gaps with another cone.

Here is a picture of the back. Use a glue gun to attach a ribbon to hang it.

Here are some after pictures.

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10 Great Room Decor Ideas

by Dinah Wulf

10 Great Room Decor Ideas

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall!  Where has the time gone?  It’s the perfect time to update your space and give your home décor a stylish lift.  There’s no need to spend a lot of money. A few small thrifty changes will do the trick.  Check out these ten room décor ideas and inspiration to help get you started.  Just click on the photo or link to read more.

Brighten up your living room or bedroom with wallpaper or stencils. Think outside of the box. Wallpaper is not only for walls. Save and use wallpaper leftovers to update a piece of furniture or shelves.

Click here to get designer, Nathan Turner’s rustic industrial look for (a lot) less from Bravo’s show, Million Dollar Decorators.

Get inspired by the 1960’s Southern style from the film, The Help and design by House Beautiful.

Get Sharon Osbourne’s rockin’ stylish look for less, a design by Martin Lawrence Bullard.

Get innovative and eco-friendly with an industrial style and bring in reclaimed and salvaged pieces.

Get vibrant with vintage modern if you have an eclectic style.  This is the perfect style to incorporate your trash to treasure pieces.

Liven it up with smooth lines and classic stripes!

Get hip with hollywod regency and go 1930’s Hollywood glam with a modern twist.

Create a calming environment and relax with nature.  Bring the outdoors indoors!Check out these awesome retail finds.

Lastly, go thrift store glam with budget styling and refurbishing tips from Mr. Goodwill Hunting, a regular on The Nate Berkus Show.

Room Decor Ideas: ANIMAL PRINTS

by Dinah Wulf

Room Decor Ideas: ANIMAL PRINTS

Autumn is coming up… a great time to incorporate animal prints into your home.

Elle Décor has some of my most favorite decorating ideas and tips and animal prints is on their trend alert.  I often go to their website to get some inspiration. Some of the greatest designers often add  subtle animal prints in their designs. If utilized correctly, animal prints never go out of style and add a certain allure to any room. Leopard is very popular, but don’t forget about, cow, zebra, snake, or giraffe!  Check out these awesome animal prints.

Mixing animal prints is ok too.  It is said to be masculine, exotic, and timeless.  But proceed with caution because the main design mistake with animal prints is overuse. Pick a couple of pieces and don’t go overboard, say a chair and throw pillows.

If you on a budget, striking animal prints are always laying around discount stores, or get DIYInspired and purchase a small quantity of animal print fabric and reupholster a flea market find… so why not spice up your home and go wild!

Photo Sources: Linon, Brown Zebra, Pier One, JCPenny, The Foundary

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Places To Go: IKEA

by Dinah Wulf

Places To Go: IKEA

OK, so I think IKEA definitely gets a bad rap. I’ve heard the complaints from my friends before of how the material is cheap and easily disposable, or how it’s only a great place to shop when you’re in college. I personally love IKEA. I like to go to the showroom to get a little inspiration. I think they have beautiful designs and I’ll admit I actually STILL have IKEA furniture from college that is holding up just fine and still looks good… and we’re talking over 15 years old here (ew).

If you don’t want to purchase anything in fear putting together your own furniture (but then you are probably not the type of person reading this blog…oh well), IKEA is also a great place to walk around and admire the work of well thought out design and storage solutions.  It’s also a great place to buy inexpensive pieces like, frames, vases, or glasses for party supplies and decorations.

Anyway, here are a few pieces that I wouldn’t mind having and let’s face it; you can’t buy lighting fixtures like these at Lowes or Home Depot. I love the clean industrial style of these pieces.

These lighting fixtures are super chic and super inexpensive (music to my ears)!  They are also nice and light weight.

Love the shape and trough style of this sink.



Room Decor Ideas: NATURE

by Dinah Wulf

Room Decor Ideas: NATURE

Bring the outside indoors with nature inspired design. Some of the most beautiful home décor is inspired by nature. Bringing in something natural brings life into your home. Check out these pieces from Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, IKEA, and ZGallerie and get inspired by nature.

This modern swivel office chair from IKEA is whimsical and fun.  The print is subtle and in neutral colors. This chair is perfect for a kid’s room, craft room, or office.

If you are uncomfortable bringing in a piece of furniture, perhaps this hand towel from Anthropologie or these butterfly frames and coral tea light holder from ZGallerie better suit your taste. I love the rich bold color pallet of the hand towel. The butterfly frames have a nice rustic look, while the coral tealight holder has a calming beachy feel.


Driftwood is beautiful in itself. This end table from Crate and Barrel and this hurricane from Anthropologie, doubles as works of art.

Tip: Try your local lumber yard for inexpensive wood stumps.  Stain or paint and laquer it if you wish and place a glass on top to create your own unique piece of art.


Check out these curtains from IKEA.  They give the illusion of being immersed in nature while stying in the comfort of your own home.


More great Summer DIY Projects:


Inspiration from The Help

by Dinah Wulf

Inspiration from The Help

So I recently finished reading the book, The Help by Kathryn Stockett.   It was a great read and I definitely recommend it.  It was one of those books that you can’t put down and are saddened when you finish it because you want it to keep going.  You instantly fall in love with the characters, both protagonists and antagonists. I love it when I find design inspiration from reading books.

The book The Help is now a film currently in movie theaters starring Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Allison Janney.   It takes place in the South in Jackson Mississippi in the early 1960’s and explores the daily lives and conflicts of gossip loving, bridge playing homemakers and their African American maids. This was a controversial time of racial hierarchy during the Civil Rights movement where Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks helped change history.

I’m interested to see how the book is depicted in film.  When reading books (at least for me), your imagination allows you to escape back in time and visualize each scene. The interior design at this time and place consisted of horizontal lines, heavy drapery, canopy beds, wood paneling, and floral and Asian inspired prints. Checked patterned floors and wallpapered walls in kitchens were popular in the 1960’s as well.

The pictures above are stills from the movie.  Here is some other inspiration from House Beautiful.  These are rooms that were featured in issues during the early 1960’s that are similar to what I pictured while reading The

This is a versatile kitchen featured in the February 1962 issue of House Beautiful.

This is a wood paneled living room featured in the October 1962 issue.

This is a wallpapered bedroom with a canopy bed featured in the November 1962 issue.

Pictured below is a living room featured in the October 1961 issue.

Exploring interior design from the past reminds me of what I love about design and provides new inspiration for me today.


Room Decor Ideas: BLACK & WHITE

by Dinah Wulf

Room Decor Ideas: BLACK & WHITE

Black is the color of authority and power, while white is the color of purity and cleanliness.  Both are popular in design because they are both neutral and timeless.  There’s something chic adding black and white to your room decor. It seems to never go out of style and black and white is simple and sophisticated. Add some elegance with these inspiring black and white ideas.

Another décor idea is to style your room in black and white with a pop of one accent color as pictured above. It makes a bold statement. I decorated my daughter’s nursery in black and white with a pop of green.  Not your traditional baby room colors, however I used a repeated damask print that gave the décor a feminine touch.  It will also stay in style as she gets older and grows well in to her teens.  I can keep the black and white, and simply change the accent color.

Whether you decide to be discrete with a lamp or kitchen utensils, or go excessive with wallpaper and carpet, black and white adds interest to any room.

Photo Sources: Anthropologie, Etsy, IKEA, ZGallerie, Laura Ashley, Home Design Ideas


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Trash to Treasure: Record Album Art

by Dinah Wulf


Old Records

My husband collects old record albums and has about 150 sitting in the garage in a huge plastic bin, some he collected himself and some were given to him. So many of them had beautiful artwork (and bad hair) on the front or back covers. I had to break them out and give them a better life!  I decided to pick a few in coordinating colors and frame them in our dining room to make record album art. The “Sounds Terrfic” cover I don’t think is even a music album.  It’s an album that came with an old record player. Oh well!

Framed Albums

You can pick up Album frames at Michael’s craft stores or Urban Outfitters for about $10-$15 each. Goodwill or the Salvation Army are great places to find old albums for practically nothing! Most thirft stores sell records around one to two dollars a piece.  By the way, has anyone ever heard of the band, Hot Tuna??

Albums After

You should also consider adding paint and altering an album cover to fit your home decor and personality as well.

Simply framing an album of a favorite band makes a great DIY gift too!  Another great way to reuse and recycle and turn your trash into treasure…


Check out these other creative ways to turn trash into treasure: