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16th Jan2014

Braided Duck Tape Bracelet Tutorial

by Dinah Wulf

duck-tape-bracelet (3)

OK, so when I said yesterday on my Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show 2014 post that I would post a tutorial on how to make my Braided Duck Tape Bracelet I made at the show “soon”, by “soon” I meant today. Ha!

Being invited and attending the Duck Brand breakfast last Sunday at the show was an honor. I was able to see all the new products and partnerships that the Duck Brand offered. They announced a partnership with Fiskars and a new set of scissors especially made for Duck Tape (I’m SUPER excited about trying those out). They had some fun and clever new patterns like the one’s shown in the background of this Instagram photo I posted.  


To make the braided Duck Tape bracelet, all you need are three things, Duck Tape, a ruler, and scissors. First, pick three colors or patterns you would like.


Cut three pieces of your choice at about 12 inches long.

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (1)

Fold each piece lengthwise in thirds.

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (2)

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (3)

Secure the ends together with a piece of tape as shown.

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (4)

Weave your three pieces in a traditional braid.

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (5)

Secure each end with tape.

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (6)

Tape the two ends together.

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (7)

That’s it! Super easy!

braided-duck-tape-bracelet-tutorial (8)

A few of the others were also making these flat wrist bands with three colors/patterns  as well.

duck-tape-bracelet (2)

I also received this fun bracelet as a gift from Duck Brand! Don’t ask me how to make it though! Ha!

duck-tape-bracelet (1)

If you haven’t read my post about the CHA 2014 show, check it out there are some funny pictures of yours truly on it! Also, you can see more photos on my Instagram if you want too!

08th Aug2013

DIY Fabric Flower Barrette

by Dinah Wulf

flower-head-piece (5) (560x392)

I believe I started a new craft addiction. Um yeah… that would be hair accessories.  They are so easy to make and take minutes.  I think I decided that I liked them once I started getting compliments when I wore them out.  So, today I decided to share another DIY fabric flower barrette.

It all started off on the fourth of July when I made that last minute flower in red, white, and blue to wear with my headband.  THEN, I decided to disclose to the world that my head was shaved and these headpieces were absolutely necessary to cover my awkward hair do. Anyway, here’s a fun and easy piece to either keep or give away as a handmade gift.


  • Fabric flowers
  • Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Felt
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Hair clip or barrette


First play around with your arrangement.  Keep the size of the barrette in mind to make sure you don’t make your flower cluster too big or too small.  Hot glue the pieces into place.

flower-head-piece (1) (560x372)

The glue will dry in seconds.  Next, cut and trim the felt as shown.

flower-head-piece (2) (560x372)

Finally, hot glue the barrette onto the center of the hair clip in the desired position.

flower-head-piece (3) (560x372)

Here are the two that I made.  I like to clip them onto different head bands, or you can also wear them by themselves. 

flower-head-piece (4) (560x372)

Here is another AFTER photo.

flower-head-piece (5) (560x392)

You can package them up in a cute box with ribbon to make a sweet personalized gift. Consider adding pearls or rhinestones for some added BLING!

31st Jul2013

Easy Felt Flower Tutorial

by Dinah Wulf

easy-felt-flower-tutorial (8)

I have been brainstorming some ideas for a baby shower that I am helping with.  The Mommy-to-be requested a vintage inspired shower with lots of lace and burlap.  She is not giving away the gender, so she wants neutral colors or both blue and pink and other pastels. I decided to try and make a felt flower.  I have sewn similar fabric flowers before and working with felt was actually easier because it is sturdy. 

Here are the materials I used for one flower:

  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Pearl Bead

easy-felt-flower-tutorial (1)


Each flower takes six felt petals.  Here is how I cut mine. In hindsight I would have cut smaller pieces.

easy-felt-flower-tutorial (2)

You can play around with the size and shape of each petal.  With a good pair of scissors, you can easily cut 3-4 petals at a time. Keep in mind that each flower will be 5-6 times larger than one petal.

easy-felt-flower-tutorial (3)

Thread your needle and sew each petal together as shown.

easy-felt-flower-tutorial (4)

easy-felt-flower-tutorial (5)

easy-felt-flower-tutorial (6)

easy-felt-flower-tutorial (7)

Lastly, sew on the pearl.

easy-felt-flower-tutorial (8)

I think I may make smaller ones in blue, pink, yellow, and green and embellish some mason jars with them with burlap and lace for flower vases. I think it will be cute to mix in rattles, white baby shoes, and vintage books.

You can also use these to make hair accessories like this one and this one or use them to embellish gifts or cards.  Use them for home décor and sew a cluster of them on accent pillows or throw blankets.

22nd Jul2013

DIY Flower Cluster Headpiece

by Dinah Wulf

diy-flower-headpiece (5) (560x381)

Oh did I get the DIY accessory bug after I made that last minute headpiece for the Fourth of July!  I just HAD to make a flower cluster headpiece.   I’ve had to wear headbands for several months now because I am growing out my hair.  Did you know I had a shaved head?  Yep… that picture over there to your right?  The sides of my head are shaved.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s proof:

Dinah-DIY-Inspired (2)

Dinah-DIY-Inspired (1)

Oooops! It looks like my daughter didn’t like that I shaved my head in that last picture! When I had that haircut, my husband had to shave my head for me every two weeks…that’s love! I had it that way for 425 days before I decided that I didn’t want to have a shaved head once I reached 40 years old and I knew it would take a while to grow back! So now that I have to wear headpieces all the time to cover up the weird growth on the side of my head I have decided to do this tutorial.


  • Felt
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Flower craft embellishments
  • Tulle
  • Hair clip


There is no exact science to this due to personal style, but I simply arranged the embellishments until I liked the way it looked.

diy-flower-headpiece (1) (560x372)

Hot glue your arrangement onto the felt.

diy-flower-headpiece (2) (560x372)

Cut the excess felt off around the back of your headpiece with scissors.

diy-flower-headpiece (3) (560x372)

Hot glue the arrangement to your hair clip.

diy-flower-headpiece (4) (560x372)

I clipped it to a headband in this photo. I like using hair clips and headbands separately so that I can interchange the style depending on my outfit. Oh! And there is an added bonus! This giant headpiece hides my gray hair perfectly!

diy-flower-headpiece (6) (560x372)

14th Nov2011

Upcycled Gift Card Charms

by Dinah Wulf

Upcycled Gift Card Charms written by Michal Sparks



Being the Mom to a couple of teenagers our life could not move forward without ipods and itunes so as a result we have numerous itunes gift cards. These cards are particularly brightly colored and my daughter Ivy and I got to thinking……We made heart charms that came out so cute and were super easy, fast and fun!

These are a few of the cards we had, any plastic gift card would work.

We cut each card into 8 squares.

Then using just regular scissors, cut the heart shapes.

 I cut them free form as I think they look cool a little uneven.

Then we”sanded” them with a basic nail file.

When the hearts got roughed up they took on a whole new look!


Just punch a hole in one corner with a basic craft small hole punch.


Add a jump ring.


We added a little glass seed bead on a head pin for an accent color.


Put it on a chain and you’re done!!

Too cute!

Great for a party activity.

Go crazy, make two for earrings, cut different shapes, maybe squares that link together for a bracelet!

Have Fun!

 To see more of Michal’s work, visit her Etsy Shop, A Clever Spark!


12th Aug2011

Nancy Nelson Jewelry

by Dinah Wulf

Nancy Nelson Jewelry

I can’t stop. I think I have visited every page… twice.  Nancy Nelson Jewelry is so elegant and timeless and feminine.  My eyes hurt from staring and perusing each piece.  I’ll admit I don’t accessorize as much as I used to since having a baby.  They like to pull things.  But, I’m about to change that and charge up the Discover card.

Her nature inspired line really caught my eye.  Her philosophy of jewelry
telling a story and evoking emotion truly rings through.  She uses sterling silver, copper, and 14k gold-filled materials.  It was difficult to narrow down the pieces I wanted to add to this blog post! I think the Family Tree piece from her Storytelling collection is my favorite if I had to choose.  The In Love With Nature necklace from her Woodland collection comes in at a close second.

Nancy Nelson definitely has an eye for jewelry design.  She launched her line in 2006, and five years later, her dainty and rustic masterpieces can be found in stores across the United States.  Not to worry if there isn’t a store near you, Nancy sells her jewelry on her fabulous website and on Etsy as well.

Subscribe to the newsletter for codes, news, and sales, or check out her blog.  You can enter free giveaways, get the latest on new locations featuring Nancy Nelson jewelry, and learn how to care for your jewelry, or simply learn about what inspires her.

Thank YOU, Nancy for the inspiration!


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21st Jul2011

DIY Beach Towel Ideas

by Dinah Wulf

DIY Beach Towel Ideas

It’s Summer time, which means it’s time to go to the beach… or the pool!  This time of year I often reflect on the times our family would spend a week in Nags Head, North Carolina. We did it every year for a good five or six years. I would spend hours playing in the sand or swimming in the ocean.  I had no fear and no wave was big enough. I have no idea when or how it happened, but now I’m completely afraid to go in the water! I’ll gladly go to the beaches here in Southern California, however now I’m content sitting on my beach towel blanket and soaking in the sun.

Here are three creative Summer craft ideas for your beach towels, a beach tote blanket, a beach towel mat with handles, and a cute towel sarong. Click on the link for full DIY instructions.

Beach Tote Blanket

This beach blanket tote by Ready Made holds all your sun block, sunglasses, books and magazines and cleaverly unwraps into a beach blanket.

DIY Beach Towel Blanket with Mat

An inexpensive DIY tote made out of one bath towel and two hand towels. Use colored or patterned prints to match your beach gear.

Beach Towel Sarong

A great way to repurpose an old towel.  Embellish it with ribbon and buttons. Make mini sarongs for the kids or make his and hers for the shower and bathroom.


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20th Jul2011

Make Your Own Tote Bag

by Dinah Wulf

Make Your Own Tote Bag

Making a tote bag is a great DIY Spring or Summer craft or project. I always have several tote bags in the trunk of my car for groceries or other purchases. No more plastic bags for me!  I found these four cute creative ideas to share. The crocheted tote made out of plastic bags is genius! Click on the links for a full tutorial.

A grocery bag tote from Design Sponge. This tote fits any style, as you can personalize it by embellishing it with buttons, brooches, and fabric scraps.

A beach tote from Country Living. Perfect for Summer, this tote is embellished with seashells. Just stitch each shell using upholstery thread in a design of your liking.

Recycle plastic bags and make this tote from Marlo’s Crochet Corner.  Using colorful plastic grocery bags and an M hook, crochet this fabulous eco-friendly tote.

A giant flower tote from Tatertots and Jello. This is an old tote from Walmart that was updated with cute ruffled fabric flowers.


Check out these other creative ways to recycle: