Headband Halloween Craft for Kids

by Dinah Wulf
Headband Halloween Craft For Kids

One of the best parts of blogging is meeting and networking with people. Today I want to share a Halloween craft for kids from a friend I met on Twitter. Bee has always been such an amazing support for me and my projects and when I saw this fun craft she did with her granddaughters […]

Upcycled Vintage Compact and Look Book Live

by Dinah Wulf
Upcycled Vintage Compact Boho Inspired

I was lucky enough to attend the ‘Make A Date With Style’ at LOOKBOOK Live in collaboration with Glamour and GQ magazines at The Shops at Mission Viejo with my best friends last Saturday. We had a special invitation-only VIP access where we had access to a welcome lounge with refreshments and special access to […]

Dollar Bin DIY Halloween Headbands

by Dinah Wulf
Dollar Store DIY Halloween Headbands

My first Halloween post of the year…woo hoo! Anyway, I’m a sucker for a good deal and every time I see these adorable glittered headbands in the dollar bins at Jo-Ann’s I snag one…or two… or three! In the past I have made a party top hat for my daughter’s fourth birthday and I have […]

Party Top Hat Headband DIY

by Dinah Wulf
Party Top Hat Headband DIY (9)

My daughter turns four at the end of this month and my husband and I are taking her two best friends and her to the circus for the first time (BTW, check out the circus party favors I made). I thought it’d be fun to dress her up a little for her special day so […]

Red, White, and Blue DIY Feather Hair Clips

by Dinah Wulf
easy red white and blue head piece (5)

I know yesterday I shared Easy Dollar Bin Headbands that I made for my daughter, but I was on a roll with hair pieces so I thought I’d share another one I made for my friend and I to wear at an annual Fourth of July party that we go to.  Last year I made […]

Easy Dollar Bin Headbands

by Dinah Wulf
dollar store headbands (2)

My daughter will be turning age four soon and I think she gets more girly and more girly every day.  Because she loves dressing up with skirts and dresses and shoes, it gets a little expensive.  I always try to find ways to save a little money here and there.  The other day, I went […]

Recycled Vintage Jewelry Inspiration

by Dinah Wulf
Recycled Vintage Jewelry Inspiration

I love going to vintage flea markets. I am so attracted to the booths with vintage jewelry and embellishments. In the past I have attempted to upcycle my own jewelry but for some reason, I am horrible at it! My pieces always fall apart.  I really should take a class. This, however, doesn’t stop me […]

Braided Duck Tape Bracelet Tutorial

by Dinah Wulf
duck-tape-bracelet (3)

OK, so when I said yesterday on my Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show 2014 post that I would post a tutorial on how to make my Braided Duck Tape Bracelet I made at the show “soon”, by “soon” I meant today. Ha! Being invited and attending the Duck Brand breakfast last Sunday at the […]

DIY Fabric Flower Barrette

by Dinah Wulf
flower-head-piece (4) (560x372)

I believe I started a new craft addiction. Um yeah… that would be hair accessories.  They are so easy to make and take minutes.  I think I decided that I liked them once I started getting compliments when I wore them out.  So, today I decided to share another DIY fabric flower barrette. It all […]

Easy Felt Flower Tutorial

by Dinah Wulf
easy-felt-flower-tutorial (8)

I have been brainstorming some ideas for a baby shower that I am helping with.  The Mommy-to-be requested a vintage inspired shower with lots of lace and burlap.  She is not giving away the gender, so she wants neutral colors or both blue and pink and other pastels. I decided to try and make a […]

DIY Flower Cluster Headpiece

by Dinah Wulf
diy-flower-headpiece (5) (560x381)

Oh did I get the DIY accessory bug after I made that last minute headpiece for the Fourth of July!  I just HAD to make a flower cluster headpiece.   I’ve had to wear headbands for several months now because I am growing out my hair.  Did you know I had a shaved head?  Yep… that […]

Quick and Easy Flower Headpiece

by Dinah Wulf

I wasn’t going to do a post today because of the holiday weekend…BUT I COULDN’T DO IT!  This blog is an addiction, I tell ya!  If you haven’t guessed, I am an extremely calculated person.  I HATE to procrastinate and I almost feel a strong anxiety when I do not plan ahead.  This includes this […]

Upcycled Gift Card Charms

by Dinah Wulf

Upcycled Gift Card Charms written by Michal Sparks     Being the Mom to a couple of teenagers our life could not move forward without ipods and itunes so as a result we have numerous itunes gift cards. These cards are particularly brightly colored and my daughter Ivy and I got to thinking……We made heart […]

Nancy Nelson Jewelry

by Dinah Wulf
Branchen Out

Nancy Nelson Jewelry I can’t stop. I think I have visited every page… twice.  Nancy Nelson Jewelry is so elegant and timeless and feminine.  My eyes hurt from staring and perusing each piece.  I’ll admit I don’t accessorize as much as I used to since having a baby.  They like to pull things.  But, I’m […]

DIY Beach Towel Ideas

by Dinah Wulf

DIY Beach Towel Ideas It’s Summer time, which means it’s time to go to the beach… or the pool!  This time of year I often reflect on the times our family would spend a week in Nags Head, North Carolina. We did it every year for a good five or six years. I would spend hours playing in […]

Make Your Own Tote Bag

by Dinah Wulf
Marlos Tote

Make Your Own Tote Bag Making a tote bag is a great DIY Spring or Summer craft or project. I always have several tote bags in the trunk of my car for groceries or other purchases. No more plastic bags for me!  I found these four cute creative ideas to share. The crocheted tote made out of plastic […]