Clever Trash to Treasure Earth Day Crafts

by Dinah Wulf
Trash to Treasure Earth Day Crafts

Earth Day is next week already! I swear it was just Christmas. Where does the time go? In honor of this important national holiday, I thought I’d put together some fun and clever trash to treasure Earth Day Crafts.  Each craft has a step by step photo tutorial done by yours truly! I hope you […]

24 Mason Jar and Book Page Recycled Crafts

by Dinah Wulf

Going through my blog I have discovered two trends 1) mason jar crafts, and 2) book page crafts. This lead me to put together this list of two dozen Mason Jar and Book Page Recycled Crafts I have published over the last two and half years! Here we go! 11 Easy Mason Jar Crafts Metallic […]

9 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

by Dinah Wulf

I was wrapping gifts the other day and realized that I have published some fun eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas here on DIY Inspired.  Since the holidays are just around the corner, I thought I’d share nine easy ideas from both sites. Make sure you check out the links for all the pictures and full step […]

Recycled Book Page Wreath Tutorial

by Dinah Wulf
recycled-book-page-wreath-tutorial (3)

This recycled book page wreath tutorial was an oldie but goodie trash to treasure idea.  I wanted to re-share it because I thought it may have gotten lost in the mix of over 600 posts I’ve published and I thought it was a fun book page craft! I had a damaged antique book with beautiful […]

Recycling Facts for Kids

by Dinah Wulf
recycling-facts-for kids

Different materials can be recycled, including paper, plastic, glass, metal, textiles and electronic equipment. Here are some recycling facts to pass on to your kids. Metals Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours. We use over 80 BILLION aluminum soda cans every year! Americans throw away enough steel […]

Water Conservation for Kids

by Dinah Wulf

Water Conservation for Kids Our kids always learn in school that 70% of the Earth is covered by water.  Even though less than 1% is available for human use, there are at least 36 states in our country that are projecting water shortages in 2013 according to the Environmental Protection Agency.  Here are a few […]

Recycled Kid’s Craft: Cereal Box Puzzles

by Dinah Wulf
cereal-box-puzzles (3) (540x359)

Happy Earth Day!  In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to share a special recycled craft I did with my daughter.  She may only be two, but crafting runs through my little one’s blood!  I love it!  We are always trying out different kid’s crafts.  Most of the time, I look for things around the […]

Mr. Eco the Environmental Rap Superhero

by Dinah Wulf
Mr. Eco the Environmental Rap Superhero

I love rap and I love Mr. Eco!  In honor of the fast approaching Earth Day on April 22nd, I wanted to introduce Mr. Eco the Environmental Rap Superhero!  The environmental rap superhero Mr. Eco who has performed for over 16,000 elementary school students released his new song and music video “Recycle Robot” on YouTube. […]

Earth Day Inspired DIY Crafts

by Dinah Wulf
Green Crayons

On April 22nd, it doesn’t matter what age, race, religion or gender you are, millions of people from across the globe will come together to honor the earth on Earth Day. Teaching our children at a young age to respect Mother Nature is essential. As we all know, they learn better by seeing and doing, […]

Recycled Book Page Butterfly Wreath

by Dinah Wulf
DIY Book Page Butterfly Wreath

If you follow me on Facebook, you saw this Recycled Book Page Butterfly Wreath I found on Pintrest. A few of us were commenting on how to make it and inspired each other to take this project on ourselves (Thank you, Elise, Rose, Katie, Jo, Michelle, and Zach & Lois… you all are the best!).  […]

Repurposed Phonebook Flowers

by Dinah Wulf
Recycled Phonebook

I don’t know why I get SO annoyed when this shows up at my front door step. The phonebook.  Every year I get it; it stays in the plastic bag and gets shoved in this cupboard I can’t reach above my stove.  When I get the next one, I throw the old one away (still […]

The Reverse Graffiti Gallery

by Dinah Wulf

I have always been a big fan of street art.  Art is the operative word.  In fact, I have a large three panel Banksy piece hanging in my living room! AND with Earth day coming up, I thought it was appropriate to show one way to help demonstrate a healthy sustainable environment. When I saw […]

Cranberry Sauce Leftover Cocktails

by Dinah Wulf
SavorySweetLife Cranberry Sauce

Every week, David writes amazing and unique recipes to help make our cocktail parties fun, tasty, and talked about.  This week, he has outdone himself again by concocting recipes using leftover cranberry sauce!  Earth Day is coming up this month and one way we can help, is reducing our waste! What better way to use […]

Recycled Book Page Flowers

by Dinah Wulf
Book Page Flowers 2

I have done so many recycled book page projects including wreaths to magnets and other embellishments!  This one is one of my favorite.  I saw these paper flowers in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine several months ago and I thought I’d finally try it out. I thought they would be perfect for gift wrapping. […]