Whimsical Easter Dessert Table

by Dinah Wulf
Easter Dessert Table Spread

My best friend’s sister in law is the ultimate party planner extraordinaire. She can make any party, big or small, absolutely fabulous. Last year, her family kindly invited us over for Easter and I just had to share this amazing Easter dessert table she put together for this small family event.   Besides the donuts, […]

Upcycled Thrift Store Easter Bunny Décor

by Dinah Wulf
Upcycled Thrift Store Easter Bunny Decor

I was out trash to treasure hunting the other day and saw these adorable stone Easter bunnies. I couldn’t however, bring myself to pay the price for them. I decided to go on a thrift store search for cheap ceramic bunnies that I could upcycle to make my own version of this upcycled thrift store Easter […]

Plastic Easter Egg Chicks Craft for Kids

by Dinah Wulf
Plastic Easter Egg Chicks Craft

My daughter Mia and I are excited to share a 15 minute kids craft for Craft Lightning today! When I asked her what she would like to make out of a plastic Easter egg she said, “baby chicks!” So, we raided the craft room and came up with this plastic Easter egg chicks craft for […]

DIY Carrot Easter Eggs

by Dinah Wulf
DIY Carrot Easter Eggs Craft

The other day I was looking through an Oriental Trading Company magazine and saw these cute carrot Easter eggs. A split second later I thought, I can make a version of that! I dug through my craft room and my Easter bin in the garage and found the perfect plastic eggs to make these adorable […]

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Craft

by Dinah Wulf
Toilet Paper Roll Bunny (5)

Mia and I recently read a book together that was about a pink bunny. She loved that book from school and so when I asked her what she wanted to make she said none other than… a pink bunny! It worked out great too because it’s spring time and this would make the perfect Toilet […]

Easter Egg Clothespin Craft for Kids

by Dinah Wulf
Easter Egg Clothespin Craft

The other day, Mia and I were playing with all the clothespin crafts we made and she suggested making an Easter one. I know I know… she’s way ahead of schedule because of me! We ended up using some old stickers we had to make our Easter Egg Clothespin Craft. Materials: Clothespins Egg stickers (or […]

Tips for Making DIY Moss Eggs

by Dinah Wulf
DIY Moss Eggs (5)

OK, so this project is easy, BUT I realized that after making a few of these, there are some tips to consider when making these moss eggs because it’s messy and at times a little frustrating because the moss sticks to your hands. So, here are my tips for turning these ordinary plastic eggs into moss […]

How to Hollow Out an Egg

by Dinah Wulf
How to Hollow Out an Egg

I always wanted to know how to hollow out an egg and I finally took the time to try it out. I want to use them for various Easter projects coming up.  It was a lot easier than I thought.  I sort of guessed on how to do it based on methods I’ve seen in […]

Mini Plastic Cup DIY Easter Baskets

by Dinah Wulf
DIY Mini Easter Baskets

I have to say, these mini plastic cup DIY Easter baskets are one of my most favorite Easter crafts I have done so far! I used the infamous red Solo cups that were left over from an event that I had at my Couples Olympics party. Here is what you’ll need: One plastic cup basket […]

Ribbon Craft Flower Arrangement

by Dinah Wulf
Ribbon Craft Flower Arrangement

I was lucky enough to attend CHA this year again, including an exclusive Blogger party where we got to mingle with some amazing brands and learn about some new products. One of the products I received were these cute pull ribbon flowers from Little B. When I pulled them out of the container, I knew […]

Jelly Bean Martini Recipe

by Dinah Wulf

Today, my friend and cocktail expert, David Edessa is sharing a sweet and tasty Jelly Bean Martini Recipe. Written by: David Edessa Ingredients: 3 oz. Jelly Bean Infused Vodka (recipe below) 1 oz. Triple Sec ½ oz. Sparkling Wine Brut 1 lemon wedge Cocktail Shaker Glass Preparation: Add sugar along the rim of the martini […]

Egg Carton Easter Decoration

by Loren Crane

I’ve been looking for cute little ceramic egg carton everywhere and I can’t seem to find them. During Easter time they seem to be all over Pinterest and I just get the urge to get one but I can’t seem to find one so I decided to make one of my own. I did not […]

8 Adorable Baby Chick Easter Crafts for Kids

by Dinah Wulf

There is so much talent out there in the blogosphere! I thought I’d put together some fun and absolutely adorable baby chick Easter crafts for kids by some pretty amazing creative kid Bloggers.   Pompom Chicks from The Mad House – With a little bit of yarn, felt, and a glue gun you can make […]

No Sew Easter Kitchen Towel

by Dinah Wulf
no-sew-easter-kitchen-towels (3)

I have become obsessed with making festive holiday themed kitchen towels! Recently, I made a Valentine’s Day kitchen towel and a St. Patrick’s Day kitchen towel, so I thought I’d keep it up and make a No Sew Easter Kitchen Towel too! I went back to Jo-Ann Fabrics to see if I could find some […]

Spray Painted Birdcage

by Dinah Wulf
spray-painted-birdcage (4)

I bought this birdcage on sale around Halloween time at Michael’s.  I used it once during Halloween for a spooky skull display. It’s been sitting at the bottom of my craft closet ever since then collecting dust. I like it but the color was to dark and dreary so I decided to paint it a […]

DIY Spring Bunting and Gift Box Set

by Dinah Wulf
krylon-mystery-box (1)

A couple months ago I had the honor of attending an exclusive FaveCrafts Networking event party at the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Mega Show . One of the brands I got to meet was Krylon. At the event, we were given a Krylon Mystery Box Challenge for CHA Spring Fling. Inside the Mystery Box […]

Easy Duck Tape and Washi Tape Treat Bags

by Dinah Wulf
duck-tape-and-washi-tape-treat-bags (6)

You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I couldn’t help it. The other day, a few moms at my daughter’s school arranged a big playdate for about a dozen kids at a local park.  I had about 15 minutes before I had to leave my house to meet.  I decided to bring some treats for […]

Vintage Themed Baby Shower Decorations

by Dinah Wulf

I have been working on this vintage themed baby shower that I have coming up for a friend and I just wanted to share a couple of the decoration ideas I have already started. You know how I love upcycling so I started saving sauce and dressing jars to use as flower vases. I also had […]

Cardboard Box Photo Booth

by Dinah Wulf
cardboard-box-photo-booth (8)

I know Easter is officially over (hope you had a great one!), but I wanted to share this fantastic Cardboard Box Photo Booth idea from a friend of mine.  This is such a great upcycle and it’s perfect for any party, especially for kids. My friend had a box from a large flat screen TV […]

Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

by Dinah Wulf
decorating-with-plastic-easter-eggs (3)

Plastic Easter eggs are EVERYWHERE during this time of year.  They are probably one of the most inexpensive, if not THE most inexpensive Easter decoration you can purchase at a retail store.  You can buy an entire bag for less than a dollar!  Being the cheapskate I am, I wanted to think of some Easter […]

Arrowhead Holiday Water Bottles

by Dinah Wulf
holiday-easter-water (2)

Did you know about Arrowhead® 100% Mountain Spring Water’s ReBorn™ Bottle made with 50% recycled plastic? By recycling more, you’re helping us get closer to our goal of making our 500mL ReBorn™ bottles with 100% recycled plastic! This isn’t Arrowhead’s first environmental initiative. And it won’t be our last. In fact, Arrowhead has a long […]

Recycled Pringles Can Gift Kits

by Dinah Wulf
Pringles Can Pull Me Gift Kits (1)

I have seen a few Pringles can cookie tins on Pinterest.  They are cleverly wrapped and hold the perfect sized cookie.  I’ve seen them wrapped with Christmas paper complete with a bow and I’ve seen them wrapped like a Mummy for Halloween.   These lovely ideas inspired me to create these Recycled Pringles Can Gift Kits […]