Hand-made Clothes for Your Little One

by Dinah Wulf
Handmade Baby Clothes

Written By: JoEllen Krauss   BIO: JoEllen Krauss is a freelance writer for 1800WheelChair.  In her spare time she enjoys decorating and designing new room layouts for friends and family and making clothes for her little ones, Matt and Shona.   Mama Does It Best: Hand-made Clothes for Your Little One   The arrival of […]

Strawberry Shortcake Shake and Almond Joy Martini

by Dinah Wulf

Written By: David Edessa This weekend I had two treats at a friend’s dinner party. First, a 1988 Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky with two ice cubes just to chase that burn away and let the flavor of the whisky surface…… It was delicious!!!  The second treat was an IPA from Full Sail Brewery.  I […]

Reupholstering a Dumpster Find

by Dinah Wulf

Written by Loren Crane   I thank you for Dinah for  letting share my new chair with you guys. If you remember my last chair was done with Ikea fabric.   I decided to go in another adventure in reupholstering a chair. The new chair is completely different from the other one I did and […]

Cocktail Desserts and After Dinner Drinks

by Dinah Wulf

Cocktail Desserts and After Dinner Drinks The first one is reminiscent of my mother’s favorite candy bar… The Milky Way.   Milky Way Cocktail Martini: Ingredients: 1½ oz. Vanilla Rhum ¾ oz. white crème de cacao ¾ oz. Irish cream liqueur Hersey’s chocolate syrup Instructions: Place a martini glass in a freezer till cold. Place […]

Upcycled Baseball Themed Dresser

by Dinah Wulf
Upcycled Baseball Themed Dresser

Written By: Barbara from Chase The Star Hi there!  I’m Barbara from Chase the Star, a little blog about decorating and crafting on a budget.  I love to take something in need of some DIY love, and make it look fabulous!  I just recently stumbled upon Dinah’s blog, and must say, I’m a big fan […]

Pistachio Infused Whiskey Cocktails

by Dinah Wulf
pistachio shake

Written By David Edessa Two weeks ago I posted how to create a delicious Pistachio Infused Bourbon. Today, we will put that infusion to work with after dinner Pistachio Infused Whiskey Cocktails. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Here are some great party recipes for after dinner cocktails Pistachio Shortbread Martini: Ingredients: 1/3 cup Light cream 1/4 cup Pistachio Infused […]

Savvy Tips to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Mattresses

by Dinah Wulf

Savvy Tips to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Mattresses Written By Jack Black Imagine this scene. A proud owner of a brand-new mattress waiting for his purchase to be delivered is jumping up and down with excitement. Tingles travel down his spine as he thinks of the coming nights with the fresh mattress beneath his […]

Happy Father’s Day Cocktails

by Dinah Wulf
Old Fashion

Written By David Edessa Happy Father’s Day Cocktails Who’s the Boss? While having their evening dinner together, a little girl looked up at her father and asked, “Daddy, you’re the boss in our family, right?” The father was very pleased to hear it and confidently replied, “Yes my little princess.” The girl then continued, “That’s […]

Scrap Fabrics

by Dinah Wulf

Written by Linn of The Home Project   Hi guys! I’m so happy to be the guest writer here at DIY Inspired! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the concept of using up scrap fabrics. Do you have a scrap pile full of fabrics that seem too small to really use for […]

Father’s Day Cocktail Recipes

by Dinah Wulf
Pistachios 1

Written By David Edessa   Prep for Father’s Day by making him Maple Bacon Infused Bourbon. WARNING BACON IS NOT JUST FOR BREAKFAST ANYMORE!!! When creating an infusion I like to choose a good and reasonable priced brand. There is no need to waste your money on expensive bourbon. However, avoid buying rot gut booze… […]

Recycled Text Books

by Dinah Wulf
Recycled Text Books (4)

Recycled Text Books, Written By Caitlin Farkas (@Ms_Cait) of This Crazy Life You, your kids or someone you know is graduating from school. After the congratulations are put to rest, the cake is eaten and the money collected there’s something left over that might seem to intrude on your living space; textbooks. Every student has them, […]

Movie Party Birthday Bash

by Dinah Wulf
Movie Party Theme

Written By Amy Greene of Pounds4Pennies Amy Greene of Pounds4Pennies lives in Texas with her husband and blended family of three kids, two who are 10 and a 2 year old. Amy has been a frugal shopper for years and enjoys throwing a party on a budget. She enjoys couponing, cooking and crafts. This year […]

Gummy Bear Cocktail Recipes

by Dinah Wulf
Gummy Bear Cocktails

Written by: David Edessa   There is always room for Jell-O!!! Last week I mentioned that I was going to infuse Gummy Bears for a trip down the river, and a wonderful mistake happened. I will be giving both Gummy Bear Cocktail Recipes. It proves there are no mistakes!!!! Just Jell-O •<~>•<~>•<~>•<~>•<~>•<~>•<~>• Drunken Gummy Bears: […]

How to Make Organic Deodorants

by Dinah Wulf

Written By Alexis Thompson How to Make Organic Deodorants How many deodorants are there out in the market? How many have you actually tried? Come on, be honest. Who hasn’t tried a lot of deodorant brands promising to make you smell cleaner for longer hours, or to make it less itchy, or make it smoother […]

Road Side Find

by Dinah Wulf
Trash to treasure (2)

I love meeting new Bloggers through my blogging journey.  There is so much creativity and talent out there that it’s very inspiring.  It’s one of the reasons that keep me blogging.  There’s an unspoken sense of community and camaraderie that only fellow Bloggers can understand.  I met Susan via Blog Frog.  She’s a new Blogger […]

Memorial Day Cocktails

by Dinah Wulf
Mint Julep

Written By David Edessa   Memorial Weekend is filled with celebrations via picnics and barbecues. Why not celebrate with an American classic liquor….. Whiskey!!!  Here are some refreshing Memorial Day cocktails using whiskey/bourbon. •<~>•<~>•<~>•<~>•<~>•<~>•<~>• Mint Julep Cup – 10 fl oz Mint Julep Punch Recipe: Ingredients: 2 cups Water 2 cups Sugar 1 cup Peach […]

Repurposed Shadow Box

by Dinah Wulf
shadow box foot stool

  I am very happy to be a guest here at DIY Inspired! I want to thank Dinah for the opportunity.  I am Loren over at  Pandora’s Craft box. I am a full time mom and crafter. I hate to cook but love to make messes. I am clumsy and hot tempered but I love with […]

How to Make Candy Infused Alcohol

by Dinah Wulf

Written By David Edessa Candy Infused Booze- Cause the Candy Man Can!!!   This is great for Memorial Weekend… Especially since infusion has to be made at least two to three days prior. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• How to Make Candy Infused Alcohol WARNING- Not for the under aged!!! Or the completely immature!!! Infusing alcohol candy and creating […]