DIY Industrial Console Table

by Dinah Wulf
DIY Industrial Console Table (9)

This article, DIY Industrial Console Table, is sponsored by Simplified Building. All opinions are 100% my own. Since we moved into our new home last December, I have slowly been making changes to our home décor. In particular, I wanted to make a console table for our family room. I would call our décor style, […]

Refurbished Barn Find to Side Table

by T Berokoff
Refurbished Barn Find to Side Table - Trash to Treasure

Refurbished Barn Find to Side Table When I looked up in the rafters of a friend’s barn recently, I saw old rattan and wicker pigeon carrier baskets.  Being in a racing pigeon club, as was this man, I knew these were old and needed to be rescued and upcycled!  The baskets are from the 1930’s […]

Junk Turned DIY Laundry Basket

by T Berokoff
Trash to Treasure DIY Laundry Basket

DISCARDED ITEMS BECOME CUTE DIY LAUNDRY BASKET One thing that I’ve missed since moving is a place to put our dirty clothes.   So, when I was looking through some recent “found” items, I saw a laundry basket in the making.  Here’s what I saw… The first order of business was to wash all the plastic […]

Repurposed Rake Turned Dog Leash Holder

by T Berokoff
Repurposed Rake Turned Leash Holder

Repurposed Rake Turned Dog Leash Holder Recently I had an opportunity to go back to our friend’s property where I have been finding some rusty treasures.  Here’s the beautiful pastoral setting… Here’s some of my latest finds: Doesn’t look like much to others, but to me, treasures!  The first project I wanted to do was […]

DIY Upholstered Wood Bench

by Dinah Wulf
DIY Upholstered Wooden Bench DIY Inspired

I scored on this bench months ago at a garage sale for $5.00. I made it over once to go at the foot of my guestroom bed, but since I decided to put up wallpaper in there, I had to change it. I took the old one apart and simply repainted it and changed the […]

Refurbished Retro Vintage Chair Rescue

by T Berokoff
Refurbished Retro Metal Chair

Refurbished Retro Vintage Chair Rescue For years I have seen these chairs in magazines and drooled over them, wanting one but not willing to pay the price they demand.  I found a couple of Retro Vintage Metal Patio Spring Base Chairs on eBay for $85.00 to $138.00 each, some are cheaper at $60.00, but I […]

The GMC DIY Challenge is Live

by Dinah Wulf

Woooooo hooooooo! It’s official! The GMC DIY Challenge is live right now on the GMC YouTube channel! Recently I shared my experience being a part of the first ever GMC and Habitat for Humanity DIY Challenge.  I wasn’t able to reveal the winner until today. You can see some behind the scenes photos and read […]

From Funky Birdhouse to Fabulous DIY Bird Feeder

by T Berokoff
From Funky Birdhouse to Fabulous Bird Feeder

We had a funky birdhouse high on a pole in the back of our home left by the previous owners.  I’ve looked at it for months now trying to figure out what to do with it.  Since no birds were using it, I decided to make it into a DIY bird feeder that birds would […]

IKEA Hack: Expedit Cubes

by Medina Grillo
IKEA Hack Expedit Shelves Industrial Grillo Designs (14)

I love IKEA and I love a good IKEA hack even more! I’ve recently moved homes, and have started decorating my sons room (of course his room has to be done first!) I’ve been going for an industrial theme – of course a lot of DIY involved here as industrial decor costs a fortune! His […]

Vintage Tool Box Makeover

by T Berokoff
Vintage Tool Box Makeover (2)

I inherited my great uncle Mac’s old wooden tool box.  He made this wooden box over 100 years ago and used it every day!  I’ve seen similar boxes in antique stores being sold “as is”.  I didn’t want to leave it “as is” because, frankly, it was worn pretty badly.  Rather, I wanted to make […]

Trash to Treasure: Repurposed Desk

by T Berokoff
Repurposed Door Turned Desk After

School will be starting before we know it!  I needed a place to spread out all the papers I’ll soon be grading.  Also, we wanted a table in the sunroom where we could work on puzzles and play games.  After looking at the tables available online, I decided another trip to the barn and basement […]

Super Easy Upcycled Stool DIY Tutorials

by Dinah Wulf
Super Easy Upcycled Stool DIY Tutorials

I like to go through my site every once in a while. After writing over one thousand posts, sometimes you forget what you have already published! Perusing my site, I realized I have published a few upcycled stool DIY posts. So, I thought it be nice to do a quick recap for posts like these […]

Kid’s Picnic Table Makeover

by Dinah Wulf
Kids Picnic Table Makeover (6)

I was literally about to throw this table away, and then a split second later I thought, “What the hell am I thinking? Is this trash to treasure girl nuts?” We all make mistakes. 😉 Anyway, I took a few hours and brought new life to it, so today I thought I’d share this super […]

Upcycled Thrift Store Bench for Kids

by Dinah Wulf
Upcycled Thrift Store Bench for Kids BLACK + DECKER

Thanks to BLACK+DECKER for sponsoring today’s post, Upcycled Thrift Store Bench for Kids. All opinions are 100% my own. I finally did it! Inspired by BLACK + DECKER’s “Your Big Finish” initiative, I completed a project I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. A few months ago, I found a little bench while […]

Play Kitchen Hutch from Thrift Store Finds

by Dinah Wulf
DIY Play Kitchen Hutch From Thrift Store Makeover

I had made a little play kitchen hutch for my daughter before, as well as refurbished an old Disney princess table I got for free. Along with a Pottery Barn stove I got on Craigslist, my daughter plays with this little play kitchen almost every single day. This is why I couldn’t resist making another […]

DIY Furniture Makeovers Anyone Can Do

by Dinah Wulf
DIY Furniture Makeovers Anyone Can Do

I love thrift shopping and garage sale hunting.  When I take a piece of furniture home, I honestly just figure it out as I go.  I find that most of these makeovers I do are pretty easy and be completed in a few hours or less. I thought I’d put together some of my favorites […]

Thrift Store Finds to Makeover for Your Kids

by Dinah Wulf
DIY projects for kid's toys and furniture befor and after collage.

I am no stranger to thrift store shopping. In fact, I have done so many thrift store makeovers that I have lost count. I noticed that I have made over several pieces, specifically for my daughter, so I thought I’d put together a round-up of thrift store finds to makeover for your kids. This entire […]

Spray Painted Chevron Dresser DIY

by Dinah Wulf
Spray Painted Chevron Dresser

I have had this dresser since college.  It was an inexpensive IKEA buy that has lasted over 15 years. Now, I am working on making my walk-in closet a little prettier and wanted to make it stand out. This project came just in time for the Make It Yours®​ with Krylon® contest (details to follow) […]