Long Beach Antique Swap Meet

by Dinah Wulf
Long Beach Antique Swap Meet (8)

Every time I attend the Long Beach Antique Swap Meet I have the best time.  This time, last weekend, I went by myself and I STILL loved every second of it. I spent two and a half hours meandering around, admiring each vintage find, examining unknown artifacts, and meeting friendly vendors. I spoke to a father […]

Repurposed Crate Ideas

by Dinah Wulf
Eco Salon.com

A few months ago, I did a blog post on recycling old crates.  It included using crates for shelving, bike baskets, and side tables.  Since then, I have gathered a collection of old wine crates from a wine tasting party I did in October.  I’ve been searching for more inspiration for a new project and […]

Flea Market Finds

by Dinah Wulf
Flea Market Bottles

I am completely obsessed with Flea Markets.  Ever since I started blogging, I have come across so many fun places to go. I wanted to share some of my flea market finds and show how you can get hunt for inexpensive great pieces and repurpose them into something new. I found this old milk crate […]

Paper Flower Magnets

by Dinah Wulf
Magnet How To Seven

After making a Hollow Book Safe out of antique books that I inherited, I kept the left over pages in case I wanted to use them to make other craft projects. I ended up making these cute Paper Flower Magnets out of a few of the recycled book pages and beer bottle caps. I actually […]

DIY Ribbon Board

by Dinah Wulf
DIY Ribbon Board

  I always see these cute ribbon boards at gift shops, catalogues, and craft fairs.  They are great for organization for an office or (in my case) my daughter’s room.  I made this DIY Ribbon Board for items such as her hair bows, clips, and photographs. Another reason I wanted to make this DIY Ribbon […]

Wine Bottle Frames

by Dinah Wulf
Wine Bottle Frame

I made these wine bottle frames out of recycled wine bottles for a wine tasting party.  It was also a bridal shower party, so I used them for a “who knows the bride best game”. I framed each question and placed the wine bottle frames all over the room so that the guests could mingle, […]

Salvaged Wood Toy Chest

by Dinah Wulf
Salvaged Wood Toy Chest (5)

The minute I received this toy chest in the mail I had to share it on my blog. You see, my father has been a Cardiologist in the same hospital and nursing home in the same small town for almost forty years and as a result, he has developed some close familial relationships with his […]

Eco-friendly Gift Tags and Gift Wrapping

by Dinah Wulf
Gift Wrapping Idea

Here are some creative and inspiring eco-friendly gift tags and gift wrapping ideas in time for the holidays.   Check out these beautiful gift tags made out of recycled CD’s from our friends at Bellenza!   Also from Bellenza, here is a tutorial for making eco-friendly gift packaging with decoupage paper mosaics.   Personalize your gift […]

Candy Mason Jar

by Dinah Wulf
Candy Mason Jar (8)

Yet another recycled Mason jar project here! I saw this DIY project on the Nate Show last week and I’ve been dying to try it! I recently made these frosted Mason jar tea light holders and I had a few Mason jars left over. This project was super easy and took little time and money […]

30 DIY Gift Ideas

by Dinah Wulf

Click on the link for DIY inspiration and tutorials for these 30 DIY gift ideas. All of them are clever, creative, and won’t break the bank.  Only have ten minutes to make your gift? Scroll all the way down to see quick and easy budget-friendly DIY gifts by Overstock.com.  Here we go… 30 DIY Gift Ideas! […]

Coffee Filter Wreath

by Dinah Wulf
How to make a coffee filter wreath

  So I bought six feet of plumbing insulation tube at Home Depot to make this wreath out of antique book pages.  The project only needed thirty six inches, so I had enough to make a second wreath. I had seen amazingly creative DIY projects made out of coffee filters, including wreaths, and with the […]

Paint Stick Crafts

by Dinah Wulf

If you know me (or read this blog) you know what a cheapskate I am…I mean “budget conscious”.  So naturally, anytime I find a craft material I can get for FREE, I’ll find SOMETHING to do with it. Anytime you buy paint, the guy (or gal) who mixes it will always throw in a few […]

Coat Hanger Wreath

by Dinah Wulf

Coat Hanger Wreath written by Michal Sparks My quick coat hanger wreath is one of those holiday decorations that you can make with just stuff from your house and yard. The only item you might need is thin wire such as green florist wire that can be found at any craft store. OK, first you […]

DIY Apothecary Jars

by Dinah Wulf
DIY Apothecary Jars (12)

I love the look of apothecary jars.  They are so beautiful and can serve several display purposes.  You can use them for candy, holiday decorations, or even display your collections. They look pretty on a mantel or kitchen island or even a bathroom filled with sponges or shells.  I like to use them for candy […]

Repurposed Pallets

by Dinah Wulf
Design Finch

I love the idea of repurposed pallets into furniture or art.  When I first thought of doing my own project, I would drive around town looking near the dumpsters of commercial and retail buildings.  The last time I went to Home Depot, I asked if I could buy them and they said depending on the […]

Repurposed Media Cabinets

by Dinah Wulf
Repurposed Media Cabinet

There are so many great things about the flat screen television of today.  For example, a) the picture is almost better than real life, b) they have a great sleek modern look, c) although the screen is bigger, they take up less space because you can hang them on your wall. But the WORST thing […]

Scrabble Art

by Dinah Wulf

I’ve seen a lot of Scrabble craft projects like ornaments, key chains, and jewelry on Pinterest and Etsy, which gave me inspiration to do this project.  We had an extra old Scrabble game sitting all alone in our closet ever since we got… wait for it… the Scrabble Diamond Addition! Yes, I am quite the […]

Crafting With Toilet Paper Rolls

by Dinah Wulf

Today, November 15th, is the 13th annual America Recycles Day! What better way to celebrate than to get some craft inspiration for recycling something EVERY American family has in their home? I have become obsessed with the website, Pinterest, especially the DIY and Crafts section.  It has become a part of my daily routine just like […]