56 Repurposing Ideas for Ordinary Household Objects

by Dinah Wulf

Repurposing Ideas for Ordinary Household Objects

There is a reason my motto is “Repurpose, Reinvent!” I have done some serious repurposing the last several years. This list isn’t even all of it. It’s narrowed down to ordinary household objects. Yep… everything on this list was done by yours truly…man I’m cheap…I mean creative. ;) Anyway, I hope you enjoy this reference list I put together of 56 Repurposing Ideas for Ordinary Household Objects!

Dishes and Bowls


Food Containers

Brown Paper Bags



Book Pages

Tic Tac Containers

Old Paintings

Odds and Ends:

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Soda Bottles: Recycled Plastic Bottle Plant Pots

Cabinet Door: Repurposed Cabinet Turned Jewelry Organizer

Coin Wrappers: Recycled Coin Wrapper Gift Embellishment

Ruler: Upcycled Ruler Patriotic Wreath DIY

Rubber Bands: Rubber Band Inspiration Board DIY

Teacup Bird Feeder Repurposing Idea

by Dinah Wulf

Teacup Bird Feeder Repurposing Idea

I love finding pretty teapots and teacup and saucer sets when I go thrift store shopping. You can find some great sets for as little as $2.00 or a pretty pot for $5.00. I always wanted to make a teacup bird feeder and I finally got around to doing it. It’s the perfect project for spring. Oh… and it’s SUPER easy!

I also have to say, the birds in our area LOVE these! They’ve been constantly munching and my little family loves looking out the window and seeing them. Here is what you need.


  • Teapot
  • Teacup and Saucer
  • Chain
  • Twine
  • Charms
  • Pliers (2)
  • Duct Tape (for teapot)
  • E6000 (for teacup and saucer)
  • Birdseed

These are the teacups and saucers I found while thrift shopping. Love the white and gold. I think we may have had similar ones when I was little.

Teacup Bird Feeder Thrift store Makeover

Simply glue the teacups to the saucer with the handle facing up and the teacup on its side. I weaved twine into the chain to make it sturdier.

Chain and Twine

I also added charms with some pliers to the chain.

Teacup Bird Feeder with Charms

I thought it was a nice touch… hopefully the birds think so too.

Teacup DIY Bird Feeder with Charms

Here are the teacup bird feeders. I made two.

Teacup Bird Feeder

Teacup Bird Feeder (4)

For the teapot, simply add a piece of duct tape inside the pot to close the hole to the spout. Fill it with bird seed, then hang it on its side. Here are a couple photos.

Teapot Bird Feeder

Teapot Bird Feeder Trash to Treasure

I thought these would make a great Mother’s Day gift or Teacher’s gift.

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Trash to Treasure Industrial Clock

by Dinah Wulf

Trash to Treasure Industrial Clock

Flea market shopping is a great treasure hunt for me. A few weeks ago we went to the Long Beach Antique Swap Meet. I love that place. I could walk up and down those aisles multiple times and see something new Every. Single. Time.

I saw a couple that I haven’t seen before (I go there a lot). They had a table covered with rusty junk. I spotted an oil can and asked him how much.

The guy kindly replied, “I don’t know, a dollar?”

I handed it to him with no haggling. After all, there was a similar one a few rows back for $8. So, I checked out the rest of the table and found this circular object. I had no idea what it was so I asked.

The man replied, “I have no idea. All this stuff has been sitting in my dad’s barn for years and I just want to get rid of it. I’ll give it to you for a dollar.”


Trash to Treasure Rusty Industrial Clock

He saw a piece of junk. I saw a beautiful rustic industrial style frame. My initial thought was to use it as a frame for a great piece of art or a beautiful piece of fabric. When I brought it home, it sat on my table for a few days.

Then, I was running late to take my daughter to school the other day so I looked up at the time. I had an instant “aha” moment, took the clock off of my wall, and ran downstairs setting the clock on the table on my way out the door to take my daughter to school.

When I got home the clocked nestled perfectly inside this rusty old piece of metal I found.

Trash to Treasure Clock

It fit my décor perfectly…

Trash to Treasure Clock Repurposing Idea

Mini Plastic Cup DIY Easter Baskets

by Dinah Wulf

DIY Mini Easter Baskets

I have to say, these mini plastic cup DIY Easter baskets are one of my most favorite Easter crafts I have done so far! I used the infamous red Solo cups that were left over from an event that I had at my Couples Olympics party.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • One plastic cup basket per basket
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush
  • Twine
  • Ribbon or pre-made bows


Step One:

First cup your plastic cup to the desired depth. I used a pair of fantastic scissors, the Fiskar’s amplify scissors. They just made cutting so much cleaner and smoother.

Plastic Cup Mini Easter Baskets

Step Two:

Next cut three pieces of twine for the handle. Use Mod Podge to dipp the ends and glue it to your cup. I positioned it close to the bottom. Allow it to harden a little. I made several baskets so I prepped the rest of my materials as I waited for the glue to dry.

Plastic Cup Mini Easter Baskets (1)

Step Three:

Next, braid your handle and glue the other side.  It will look like this.

DIY Easter Baskets

Step Four:

Since I was making several baskets, again I did steps 1-3 to wait for the glue to dry. Once the handle glue is slightly dry, brush on a generous amount of Mod Podge around the entire outside of the cup. Wrap the twine around the cup starting at the base.

DIY SOLO Plastic Cup Mini Easter Baskets

Step Five:

Once you reach the end, seal the tip with Mod Podge, ideally at the base of the handle for a clean look. I added little craft bows with more Mod Podge.

Plastic Cup Mini Easter Baskets DIY

Step Six:

Lastly, fill your Easter baskets with grass and Easter chocolates! I filled mine with chocolate foiled eggs. I also added a little pink felt bird that I glued onto a toothpick because I thought it was so darn cute!

Plastic Cup Mini Easter Baskets -Repurposing Idea

Here are a couple more pictures! I hope you try it out. 

Upcycled Plastic Cup Mini Easter Baskets

SOLO Cup Mini Easter Baskets

Plastic Cups turned Mini Easter Baskets

Repurposed Flower Frog Ideas

by Dinah Wulf

Clever Repurposing Ideas for Vintage Flower Frogs
Not long ago, I posted some fun trash to treasure finds from when I went flea market shopping on Instagram. I bought this green metal object even though I had no idea what it was. All I knew was that it interested me. It was industrial looking and also one of my favorite colors.  It had a farmhouse style that just made me attracted to it. I turned it over and saw that it was made by Dazey Manufacturing Company in New York. I Googled it and found that it is a flower frog. So, what the heck is a flower frog? I Googled THAT and found that they are used inside bowls and vases to help arrange flowers and keep them into place… oh… and Martha Stewart collects them (thank goodness for Google!)!! So, since I don’t arrange a lot of flowers I thought I’d think of some repurposed flower frog ideas and find some other ideas out there too. So, here is a round-up of some fun ideas, both my own and some others I found around the web.

I love repurposed jewelry organization ideas. I turned it on its side and hung it on the wall. It holds fishhook earrings perfectly!

Repurposing Ideas Flower Frog Jewelry Holder


Source: Wedding Table Numbers

Repurposed Flower Frog for Kitchen Utensils

Flower Frog as Organizer

Source: Flower Frog as Desk Organizer

Flower Frog as Decor

Source: Flower Frog as Decor

I thought it would be cute in a farmhouse style bathroom as a toothbrush holder as well.

Repurposing Ideas Flower Frog Toothbrush Holder

Flower Frog as Pencil Holder

Source: Pencil Holder

Flower Frog as Photo Holder

Source: Photo Holder

Lastly, I brought it into my craft room and found some fun uses for it including a paint brush holder, scissor organizer, and holder for markers.

Repurposing Ideas Flower Frogs as Paint Brush Holder

Repurposing Ideas Flower Frogs to Hold Scissors

Repurposing Ideas Flower Frogs

Here are some more of my recent flea market finds:

Repurposed Bed Springs and Chair Springs

by Dinah Wulf

Repurposed Bed Spring Ideas

I have been on a roll with the antique and flea market shopping lately. I recently shared some flea market style ideas and some repurposed lighting ideas inspired by these shopping trips. Well, the other day I posted a picture of the bedsprings I bought at the flea market on Instagram and Facebook. I tried to think of some ideas, plus searched the web for some other great ones, so here is a fun round up of repurposed bed springs and chair springs.

My initial inspiration were these strand of lights I saw antique shopping.

Repurposed Lighting with Bed Springs

Here is a DIY Bed Springs Photo Holder by Four Corners Design.

Bed Springs Photo Holder

You can also print out small pictures and use mini clothespins to attach pictures as well.

Repurposed Bed Springs Photo Holder

This is an Antique Chair Spring Candle Holder from Noodle and Lou Vintage on Etsy.

Bed Spring Tea Light Holder

Votive candle holders fit well in them too.

Repurposed Bed Springs Candle Holder

I thought this Flower Holder by Sissie’s Shabby Cottage was a cute idea.

Flower Holder Bed Springs

You can also fill a tall shot glass with water and make a bud vase.

Repurposed Bed Springs Bud Vase

Here is a unique Bed Spring Utensil Holder from Junkologie.

Bed Spring Utensil Holder

This Spring Wreath from Beyond the Picket Fence is a great idea.

Bed Spring Wreath

You can turn the spring sideways and use it for desktop organization.

Repurposed Bed Springs Desk Organization

You can also use it sideways in the kitchen as a recipe card holder.

Repurposed Bed Springs Recipe Holder

This is a neat idea… a Chair Spring Garden Art from Apartment Therapy.

Chair Spring Garden Art

Lastly, how about this Wall Décor idea from The Backyard Bungalow? It’s a cute idea for spring time!

Bed Spring Wall Decor

Flea Market Style Ideas

by Dinah Wulf

Last week I shared some fantastic upcycled and repurposed lighting ideas from when I went antique shopping last weekend. I took SO many pictures that day. There was inspiration everywhere! I took a lot of photos of things that caught my eye. Most, if not all, fit my decorating style. Today I want to share more fun finds. All which represent a trendy flea market style. Because I had so many pictures, I organized this post by styles and types of fun finds including globes, marquee letters, typewriters, old signs, and industrial decor.

I LOVE globes. Mt best friend gave me one of hers because it didn’t quite fit her décor. I am forever grateful. These are just a few I saw last weekend.

Flea Market Style Globes

Marquee letters are all the rage on Pinterest. There are many many tutorials on how to make your own. These are some old ones I found. I love the blue ones best!

Flea Market Style Marquee Letters

I have yet to find the perfect typewriter at the price point I am looking for. Once I do, I will snatch it up. These are some beautiful ones that range over many years.

Flea Market Style Typewriters

Old signs add some great vintage flare to your home décor. My husband and I are always looking. We have the perfect spot, but again… this is one where the price point is tough to find.

Flea Market Style Old signs

Many retailers today remake these industrial antique and vintage items, but if you look, you can find originals right under your nose, and some are less expensive than the reproduction! I have similar items in my home that I have collected over time.  I like to mix the old with the new and modern.

Flea Market Style Industrial Decor

In case you missed them, here are some posts of my antiquing and flea market travels!

Upcycling and Repurposing Ideas for Lighting

by Dinah Wulf

Upcycling and Repurposing Ideas for lighting

One of my favorite FAVORITE things to do is go antique shopping…well, mostly window shopping. I find so much inspiration when I’m out and about. It’s trash to treasure at its finest! Last weekend, my best friend and I went to the Orange Circle and perused all the antique shops. I found a lot of great ideas for home décor and DIY projects. To narrow it down, I thought I’d put together a post of upcycling and repurposing ideas for lighting.

Let’s start with some upcycling ideas. These weren’t necessarily repurposed, but rather upcycled chandeliers that were embellished with crystals. The crystals transform these old pieces into chic and stylish.

Upcycled Lighting with Crystals (3)

Upcycled Lighting with Crystals (2)

Upcycled Lighting with Crystals (1)

I’ve always wanted to do this, and hopefully I will soon. These are beautiful chandeliers in cages. I saw so many cages that would work perfectly.

Upcycled Chandeliers in Cages

Repurposed Lighting Birdcage Chandeliers (3)

Repurposed Lighting Birdcage Chandeliers (2)

Repurposed Lighting Birdcage Chandeliers (1)

Probably my two favorites, these were made from bicycle wheels. I love the mixture of masculine and feminine design.

Repurposed Lighting with Bicycle Wheels (2)

Repurposed Lighting with Bicycle Wheels (1)

I also found a few repurposed desk lamps and floor lamps.

Repurposed and Upcycled Lamps

Repurposed Lighting Desk Lamp

Repurposed Lighting  Lamp

Repurposed Lighting  Floor Lamp

This one is great for an outdoor patio. It is string lights with bed springs attached to them for rustic chic outdoor lighting.

Repurposed Lighting with Bed Springs

This unique orb pendant lamp is made from rusty saw blades.

Repurposed Lighting with Saw Blades

Here are a few repurposing ideas with an industrial look.

Repurposed Lighting  Pendant Style (3)

Repurposed Lighting  Pendant Style (2)

Repurposed Lighting  Pendant Style (1)

This one is made from table legs!

Repurposed Lighting with Iron Table Legs

This window shopping trip was so fun. I took A LOT more pictures, which I’ll share soon!

This weekend, I’m hoping to attend the Long Beach Antique Swap Meet. It’s been a while since I have gone. I’m sure I’ll find a lot of great ideas there. Can’t wait to show you!

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Upcycled Toy Storage Idea

by Dinah Wulf

Upcycled Dollar Bin Toy Storage

Last month I opened up the Dollar Bin Challenge that I do with some fellow Bloggers to my Facebook friends on the DIY Inspired Facebook page. I got a great response with more than a dozen emails saying they were interested. That’s when I came up with this upcycled toy storage idea for all of Mia’s little toys (there are SOOO many at this age!). Sadly, however, when it came to the due date of the Dollar Bin Challenge, only one person submitted their project. But that’s OK! I get it. People are busy and before you know it, it’s February 2015 (can you believe it?)! I can’t wait to show you what Jada came up with! First, let me show you what I did in just a few minutes to add a little pink to these match Mia’s room.

Here are the bins I found at Target for $3 apiece. Love the black and blue.

Upcycled Dollar Bin Storage

Here is Mia’s room. See? I needed to add a little pink!


I used Painter’s tape to tape off some stripes. I wanted Mia to be able to see the inside of the box.

Painted Upcycled Toy Storage Bin

I used one coat of spray paint for each side, and that’s it!

Spray Painted Dollar Bin Storage

Remove the tape after about 15 minutes, and voila!

Upcycled Dollar Bin Challenge

These bins are perfect because they are small and clear… perfect for her Legos, Lalaloopsy dolls, and Strawberry Shortcake figurines, Shopkins (the list goes on). They keep it all organized and she is able to grab the one she wants to play with and know what’s inside. Plus, it’s “pretty” and matches her room. I need to buy about five more!

Upcycled Toy Storage

Now, for the Dollar Bin Challenge! My Facebook friend, Jada Roberts from Westville, Florida made this adorable Washi tape holder. She has six kids and lives an hour away from the nearest Target and she pulled this off! Isn’t it cute?

Dollar Bin Challenge- Plastic Container

As a thank you, look out for a package of goodies in the mail! Thanks, Jada!!

Easy Upcycled Toy Storage Idea


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Upcycled Soccer Medal Holder DIY

by Dinah Wulf

Chalkboard Medal Holder DIY

One of my best friends asked me to make her son something to display his soccer medals on. I had a few ideas, but when I came across an unwanted (and inexpensive) sign in the Christmas clearance section at Jo-Ann’s, I knew exactly what I was going to do. Here is my Upcycled Soccer Medal Holder DIY.


  • Wood, or Old Sign
  • Hook Screws
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Chalk and Stencils
  • Q-Tip

First, here are all his medals!  I just had to show you… he’s only 7 years old and I am a proud “Auntie”.

Upcycled Chalkboard Medal Holder

Here is the sign I found for next to nothing… super cute, but not my style. I grabbed because a) it was cheap, b) it already had a hanger on it, and c) it was black already, which makes it a really easy makeover.

Chalkboard Medal Holder

I ended up painting on four coats of chalkboard paint.  This photo below is after the 2nd coat.  I allowed it to dry 2 hours in between coats.

Upcycled Soccer Medal Holder DIY

I spaced and screwed in 9 hook screws, starting in the center and working my way out.

Soccer Medal Holder DIY

I stenciled on the word “conquered” onto the sign because my hand writing is horrible.  It’s messy here, but that’s where the Q-Tip comes in.  I simply wet a Q-tip and then cleaned off the edges.  After the fact I realized that I had liquid chalk that would have been perfect for this project, but oh well! Next time! By the way, it took me DAYS to figure out the right word. I liked “champion”, “focused”, “determination”, “perseverance”, but in the end, I chose “conquered” because that’s what he did to win these amazing medals. I figured since it’s chalkboard, we can erase it and write something different on it.

Chalkboard Soccer Medal Holder

Here are a couple photos. He loved it when I gave it to him and I even got a special thank you phone call that was so sweet.

Soccer Medal Holder

Chalkboard Medal Holder Trash to Treasure

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Repurposed Jewelry Organization Ideas

by Dinah Wulf

Repurposed Jewelry Organizing Ideas

For some reason if my jewelry is displayed, I wear it more… probably because it’s right there for me to see and choose from, as opposed to a hanger in between my clothes that I forget about. I realized today that I had created several organization and storage options for my jewelry in my walk-in closet so I thought I’d share it today. Hope you find these repurposed jewelry organization ideas inspirational and useful!

Let’s start with something new; one that I have never posted before. I got this cute corkboard for Christmas this year as a white elephant gift. I stared at it for days, because I didn’t really need it in the kitchen. Here’s what I ended up doing with it. The earrings hung nicely, and I used little nails to hang the bracelet and rings.

Repurposed Cork Board Jewelry Organizer

I found this cute metal chest of drawers at Hobby Lobby. I made little labels and use it for jewelry, hair accessories, and makeup.

Repurposed Jewelry Holder

Repurposed Jewelry Storage Ideas

This is a little antique shopping vintage find I HAD to have. I use it for rings that I wear all the time.

Repurposed Jewelry Organizing with Vintage Finds

To match this little ring holder, I made this repurposed pedestal bowl out of some thrift store finds.

DIY Thirift Store Jewelry Holder

I also made this DIY pedestal tray from thrift store finds.

Thrift Store Jewelry Holder DIY

This was an old cabinet door that I repurposed into a jewelry display with some knobs and drawer pulls.


Lastly, since my husband and I travel often, I keep prescription bottle handy to put my jewelry in while we travel. Here are some more repurposed prescription bottle ideas.

Upcycled Prescription Bottles for Jewelry while Traveling

Best of DIY Inspired 2014

by Dinah Wulf

Best of DIY Inspired 2014

Happy New Year! Wow! What a great year. I can’t believe we are officially in 2015…yikes! Just as in 2013 and 2012, I wanted to reflect back to this past year and put together a best of DIY Inspired 2014. I broke it up in different categories. Here we go!

Best Furniture Makeover

I did a lot of furniture makeovers for my daughter this year, but the most popular was an old dresser that I’ve had since college. I painted this Chevron Dresser with spray paint and stencils to add a pop of color to my walk in closet.

Best Thrift Store Makeover

I found a little bench at Goodwill for less than $10 and turned it into an upcycled bench for kids with new paint and a cushioned seat, intended for my daughter’s reading nook.

Best Free Curb Side Pickup Makeover

I hadn’t done too much dumpster diving this year. I did love my Santa Stop Here sign from a shelf found in the garbage and a fabric lined serving tray I made also destined for the trash, but the most popular is this DIY Organization Board made with chicken wire I upcycled from an old painting I found in the garbage.

Best Trash to Treasure Project

One of the first projects I did in 2014, January 3rd to be exact, this Repurposed Jewelry Organizer is still one of my favorites of all time.

Best Repurposing Idea

Not ready to part with my daughter’s crib, I made this Repurposed Bed Spring turned Craft Organization,  that is probably one of the most useful things in my craft room today.

Best Theme Party Post

I had some fun theme parties I have helped with this year including a Mad Hatter Tea Party, Rapunzel birthday, Dr. Seuss party, Beanie Baby, The Little Mermaid, and Angry Birds party, but these Angry Bird Boxes were definitely the most popular.

Best DIY Gift Idea

This was so fun to make and all natural and organic! This Mango Pina Lip Balm was a hit in 2014.

Best Party Related Tutorial

Who knew these DIY Personalized Bachelorette Bags would be so popular! I actually made these for a girls trip to Las Vegas, but quickly realized that they are great for anytime.

Most Popular Printable

My talented brother designed these Tic Tac Packs Spice Container Printables, which turned out to be popular for Campers this summer.

Best Halloween Post

My very last Halloween post of the year was so last minute! This DIY Minion Costume was simple, quick, and easy to do.

Best Christmas Post

These two posts tied for most popular and they are both globe ornaments! My DIY Snow Globes and Winter Woodland Ornaments were a hit on Pinterest this past season.

DIY Whiteboard Drawing Table for Kids

by Dinah Wulf

DIY Whiteboard Drawing Table for Kids

The other day, my Aunt and Uncle dropped off an early Christmas gift for my four year old daughter. Mia. My Uncle made it himself, and Mia just LOVES it so I just had to share this DIY whiteboard drawing table for kids with you today.

Whiteboard Play Table

I suppose you could make it any height and size, depending on the board and age of your child. My uncle made this the perfect height for a 3-5 year old to stand and draw on it.

DIY Whiteboard Play Table

You can easily take the whiteboard on and off.

Whiteboard Play Table for kids

Whiteboard Activity Table

He drilled holes so that 12 dry erase colored markers fit on either side; one side for thick markers and the other side for the thin ones.

DIY Whiteboard Play Table for Kids

He also included an eraser and some magnets so that if she wants to draw on paper, the magnets will hold the paper down.

DIY Whiteboard Drawing Table for Kids

It’s really light weight, that my daughter can even move it herself from room to room.

Whiteboard Activity Play Table

She has played with it multiple times a day ever since she got it!

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Santa Stop Here DIY Outdoor Sign

by Dinah Wulf

Santa Stop Here Sign (8)

I am proud to be a 3M sponsored blogger, and, as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape . Opinions are my own and additional products used in the project were selected by me.

The other day I found a shelf that my friend was about to throw away. It had a few water stains, but I asked her if I could have it anyway. Immediately, I knew what I wanted to do with it. To be completely honest, my outdoor holiday decorating isn’t that great! We don’t even have the lights up! So, to give my home a little more holiday spirit, I decided to make this hand painted Santa Stop Here DIY Outdoor Sign.


  • Wood Board or Old Shelf
  • ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape Exterior Surfaces 2097
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Stencils
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Spouncer
  • Plastic Lid
  • Hooks
  • Rope

The first thing I did was gather my materials. I thought about hand painting the words, but remembered some stencils that I had that worked perfectly.

Santa Stop Here Sign

I measured the length of the board and the width of the letters and words to make sure it would fit, then I taped off an arrow with my ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape.

Santa Stop Here Sign (1)

Next, I painted two coats of red paint on the outer boarder. I wanted the inside of the arrow to remain white so that my green letters would show up better.

Santa Stop Here Sign (2)

While the second coat was a little wet, I pulled off the ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape Exterior Surfaces. Holy moly!! I can’t believe how super sharp the lines were!

Santa Stop Here Sign (3)

Once the paint was dry, I marked off the words in pencil using the stencils.  I did this for two reasons: 1) to make sure the words were centered, and 2) it makes it easier to stencil, because I had to stencil each letter in a different order.  This way, it’s more efficient stenciling a letter one at a time.  You may or may not need to do this, depending on what stencils you use.

Santa Stop Here Sign (4)

Next, I stenciled the words on using a spouncer in an up and down motion. I also like to use a recycled plastic lid for my paint.

Santa Stop Here Sign (5)

Allow your sign to dry completely.

Santa Stop Here Sign (6)

Next, I added some hooks to the top of the sign, measuring 10” from each end.

Santa Stop Here Sign (7)

I hung the sign off of my balcony in an uneven position so that the arrow was pointing to the roof of the house.

Santa Stop Here Sign (8)

Here are a couple after photos.

Santa Stop Here Sign (9)

Santa Stop Here Sign (10)

 Stop by and say hi to ScotchBlue™ on their Twitter page , Facebook page , and Pinterest page . Tell them DIY Inspired sent you!

Upcycled Gift Wrapping Ideas

by Dinah Wulf

Upcycled Gift Wrapping Ideas

I’m a big promoter of upcycling trash to treasure. This time of year (any time, really) is a great time to reduce, reuse, and upcycle trash into something new, useful, and beautiful. A simple way to do that this holiday season is through gift wrapping. I’m no stranger to doing this, so I have a lot of upcycled gift wrapping ideas to hopefully help inspire you!

All of the following examples were done with reusable items such as:

  • Brown paper bags
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Food containers and food boxes
  • Medicine boxes
  • Scrap paper
  • Coffee filters

Here we go!

Recycle Small Boxes for Gift Wrapping – Small medicine boxes and the like are perfect for small gift giving.

Recycle small boxes for gift wrapping


Washi Tape Gift Wrapping – Brown grocery bags or packing paper work nicely for gift wrapping. Just add pops of color with decorative tape.

Washi-tape-gift-wrapping-with brown bags


Recycled Food Containers & Dyed Coffee Filter Flowers – Cracker boxes and cereal boxes are the perfect size for many gifts.

Recycled gift wrap with food boxes and coffee filters


Brown Paper Bag with Neon Color Gift Wrapping – You can also use colorful paper to embellish small gifts wrapped in brown paper bags.

Paper bags as wrapping paper


DIY Repurposed Gift Card Holder – A regular sized brown shopping bags will make four gift card holders.



Recycled Box Gift Bags – Cut the top off a food box and add a ribbon handle for an instant sturdy gift bag.

Recycled food box for gift bags


Border Punch Gift Wrapping Embellishments – As a Crafter, I keep a bin of scrap paper. Use a craft punch and glue them on gifts for embellishment.

Embellish gifts with paper scraps


Recycled Gift Wrapping Idea: Pop Top Cans – Thoroughly washed tuna cans make fun and unique gift wrapping for small gifts.



Toilet Paper Roll Gift Wrapping – Wrap toilet paper rolls in pretty paper and slide a gift wrapped in tissue paper inside.



Themed Recycled Food Box Gift Bags – Make your gift match the party theme, like this Hello Kitty gift bag made out of a food box.

Themed recycled gift wrapping


Pringle’s Can “Pull Me” Gift Kits – Pringles cans are a fun shape and size for anything from nail polish kits to t-shirts.


DIY Repurposed Gift Card Holder

by Dinah Wulf

Brown Paper Bag Turned Chic Gift Card Holder (650x584)

Thank you to J. Jill for sponsoring this post and giveaway, DIY Repurposed Gift Card Holder. All opinions are 100% my own.

I am so excited to a) show you how to make a DIY gift card holder out of a brown paper bag, and b) give one lucky winner this DIY gift card holder along with a $100 J. Jill gift card! I was lucky enough to celebrate the J. Jill opening at the Shops at Mission Viejo the other day. It was a lovely event where I got to peruse the beautiful store, meet some amazing people, and try on the clothes! BUT! More on that and the giveaway in a minute… first, let me show you how to make this upcycled gift card holder.


  • Brown Paper Bag
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter
  • Decorative Tape and Washi Tape

Any paper bag will do. The one pictured here will make four gift card holders.

Repurposed Brown Paper Bag Idea

First, I cut out a rectangle (approximately 4”X9”) and folded it into thirds as shown. The top flap should be shorter than the lower flap. Leave a small gap in between the flaps.

Repurposed Brown Paper Bag

Tape down the top flap with Washi tape, and trim the bottom edge. I used the tape I had left over from my Washi Tape Gift Wrapping idea.

Repurposed Brown Paper Bag Upcycle

Next, add two more strips of Washi tape all the way around the bottom half.

Repurposed Paper Bag

Insert the gift card.

DIY Repurposed Gift Card Holder

Wrap another two strips around the top flap all the way around the holder to close it.

DIY Gift Card Holder Idea

I added more sparkly decorative tape, left over from my 12 Days of Christmas mini tree, on the front as well.

DIY Gift Card Holder Upcycling Idea

 Sooooo, inside is a $100 gift card to J.Jill and one of you is going to win it!

Jill’s beautiful collections are designed for the women who lead rich, full lives. Additionally, to celebrate the opening, J. Jill made donations to their Orange County-based Compassion Fund Partner: Laura’s House. Laura’s House is committed to changing social beliefs, attitudes and the behaviors that perpetuate domestic violence while creating a safe space in which to empower individuals and families affected by abuse.

My visit was so much fun. The store was beautiful.

J. Jill

The clothes were just my style… comfy with a lot of neutral colors.

J. Jill  (1)

There was a great selection of scarves and other accessories.

J. Jill  (4)

I also loved the jewelry.

J. Jill  (3)

J. Jill  (2)

Now for the giveaway! Good luck! The winner will be chosen on Monday, December 15th at 12:00 AM.

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