Recycled Book Page Butterfly Wreath

by Dinah Wulf
DIY Book Page Butterfly Wreath

If you follow me on Facebook, you saw this Recycled Book Page Butterfly Wreath I found on Pintrest. A few of us were commenting on how to make it and inspired each other to take this project on ourselves (Thank you, Elise, Rose, Katie, Jo, Michelle, and Zach & Lois… you all are the best!).  […]

Butterfly and Garden Theme Party Video

by Dinah Wulf
072112-Mia's 2nd Birthday 072

Just a quick post today!  I wanted to share the Butterfly and Garden Theme Party Video I made that’s up on YouTube now.  It’s just a short 2 minutes of my daughter’s second birthday party.   It’s full of decoration, food and drink, and DIY party ideas.  Here it is! Thank you so much for […]

Summer Birthday Party Decorations

by Dinah Wulf
072112-Mia's 2nd Birthday 082

OK, so I decided that since I feel like I have so much to share about this party, I needed to break up my posts.  Yesterday, I did a post on a Summer Birthday Party Sneak Peek; today I want to share Summer Birthday Party Decorations including favors and games.  Next week, I’ll share Summer […]

DIY Floral Arrangement

by Dinah Wulf
Purple and Pink Masquerade Party (4)

My friend Maily is the ULTIMATE (non-professional) floral arranger.   I got a phone call from her a few weeks ago and we quickly got together to collaborate for the flowers for my daughter’s birthday party.  She has such an amazing eye, and I wanted to share some tips if one day you consider taking on […]

DIY Cupcake Stand

by Dinah Wulf
Cupcake Stand 001

The BEST part of this DIY Cupcake Stand project is that I bought these blue trays years ago for $2.00 a piece on sale.  I have used them MULTIPLE times for baby showers, birthday parties, Super Bowl parties, and everyday entertaining. I wanted to use them again for my daughter’s birthday party.  This time, however […]

Tea Party Inspiration

by Dinah Wulf
Stacked Tea Cups

I have been contemplating what to do for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party.  For some reason I keep going back to a tea party theme.  I know she’s a little young, but I think it may work.  It’ll be a small and simple party anyway… we won’t go big until she turns five years old […]

Repurposed Mailbox Ideas

by Dinah Wulf

So, our new house is coming along.  We’ve been doing a lot of small things like changing light fixtures, cleaning carpets, and updating the old mailbox.  Here is a picture of the old one. My husband, for some reason hated this mailbox.  Probably because it still had the old owner’s names engraved in it.  So […]

White Party Inspiration Board

by Dinah Wulf
White Party Ideas (18)

I had so much fun looking for St. Patrick’s Day inspiration and posted a St. Patrick’s Day inspiration board last week.  I had such a great response to it, so why not do it again!  This time, I wanted to the focus to be a White Party. I threw one several years ago (long before […]

Six Ways to Recycle Maps

by Dinah Wulf
Gift wrap

Maps are so beautiful.  I’ve been looking for some ways to use them because I see them everywhere (including my glove box).  Just like CD’s, record albums, and books, they are becoming obsolete due to the emergence of electronics like the GPS and the internet.  But what I do love about maps is that they tell a story and […]

Wine Bottle Frames

by Dinah Wulf
Wine Bottle Frame

I made these wine bottle frames out of recycled wine bottles for a wine tasting party.  It was also a bridal shower party, so I used them for a “who knows the bride best game”. I framed each question and placed the wine bottle frames all over the room so that the guests could mingle, […]

DIY Table Number Ideas

by Dinah Wulf

Making your own table numbers is a great way to personalize and add character and charm to your wedding or party tables.  With all the holiday festivities just right around the corner, let these DIY table number ideas add a little interest to your party table settings. You can use some of these ideas for […]

Forevermore: A Hallowedding

by Dinah Wulf

Happy Halloween Everyone! I also wanted to wish one of my friends from college, Katie O’Bryan and her husband Tony a happy one year Hallowedding anniversary! Or should I say, Hallowversary…no wait that doesn’t quite work.  Scratch that last part. With Katie’s permission, I received the honor of sharing her elegant and eerie Hallowedding with […]

Maily Cano Floral Design

by Dinah Wulf

Maily Cano is probably best known for her successful automobile brokerage company, Dealer’s Network celebrity clientel and all. She has been in the automobile industry for quite some time.  I’d say a female pioneer in a male dominated business. She’s the type of person who will tell it like it is.  No sugar coating… whatsoever!  You […]

Boarding Pass Invitations

by Dinah Wulf
Bachelorette Party Invitation

DIY Invitations add a personal and creative touch to any event.  These cute Boarding Pass invitations are perfect for a bachelorette party, birthday party, or destination wedding. What I love about these, is that there are limitless fonts, colors, graphics, and free clip art that is available to fit any theme, destination, or travel plan. […]

Baby Shower Dessert Table

by Dinah Wulf
Asian Themed Dessert Table2

Baby Shower Dessert Table Dessert tables are becoming more common for baby showers, weddings, and birthday parties.  It’s a simple party idea that can spruce up your decorations and can also be affordable.  A set of various sized candy jars is a great investment for any Host or Hostess.  You can find inexpensive sets at […]

Candy Dipped Fortune Cookies

by Dinah Wulf
07-30-11 034

I made these blue and green candy dipped fortune cookies for my cousin’s baby shower.  I had never done this before and found it quite easy. Here is what I did. Materials Needed: Candy Melts Fortune Cookies Spatula Double broiler or Saucepan and glass bowl Water Vegetable Oil (optional) Wax Paper or Parchment Paper Baking […]

Paper Flower Week: Hanging Paper Flowers

by Dinah Wulf
Hanging Paper Flowers

Here are some elegant Hanging Paper Flowers from Martha Stewart. They make whimsical and colorful decorations for any shower or birthday party, or even a DIY wedding idea.   Step 1 Fold the bottom of a bag in on itself. Cut above the lower fold, removing the bag’s bottom. Trim the top into a petal shape.   […]