19th Apr2012

The Reverse Graffiti Gallery

by Dinah Wulf

I have always been a big fan of street art.  Art is the operative word.  In fact, I have a large three panel Banksy piece hanging in my living room! AND with Earth day coming up, I thought it was appropriate to show one way to help demonstrate a healthy sustainable environment.

When I saw The Reverse Graffiti Gallery project from Green Works, I had to spread the word, because it’s a) eco-friendly, b) it’s something I support and believe in, and c) well, it’s FANTASTIC.  Green Works is eco-friendly because it’s formulated using plant- and mineral-based biodegradable cleaning ingredients, and it is packaged in bottles that can be recycled.

Check out this one minute video clip on how the magic happens… amazing!
Main Video: You Tube Reverse Graffiti Video

This one, is the artist, Paul “Moose” Curtis talking about clean tagging.  He even mentions Banksy! ;)
Video: Green Works Reverse Graffiti: Clean Tagging


About The Reverse Graffiti Gallery

“In 2008, we set out to create a unique and breakthrough way to demonstrate the efficacy of Green Works products.

We chose a high-traffic, extremely dirty, and large spot in San Francisco – the Broadway Tunnel – to become the canvas for a live 140-foot Green Works product demonstration. We enticed Paul “Moose” Curtis, a British pioneer of an art form called “clean tagging,” to help realize our vision.

Green Works products are at least 95 percent plant-based, so we decided to reverse out a mural of plants and trees on a dirty city wall. With a powerful and larger-than-life demonstration, we encouraged people to think about what Green Works could do in their home if it could clean the dirt and grime off a busy transit tunnel.  We saw great results with the original Reverse Graffiti project. We’re excited to elevate and continue the program on a larger scale with the creation of the Reverse Graffiti Gallery by Green Works in Los Angeles.”


Green Works Sweepstakes!

Green Works is making one of LA’s grimiest corners, alleys or nooks beautiful this May and now’s your chance to help!

Enter the Reverse Graffiti Gallery sweepstakes on the Green Works Facebook page for the chance to win a trip to Los Angeles.

While there, you can lend a hand in helping to create a reverse graffiti image with artist Mr. Kiji to appear as the final art piece in the Reverse Graffiti Gallery.

  • The winner of the grand prize will receive a three-day trip for two to Los Angeles to attend the Reverse Graffiti Gallery opening, a $1,000 gift card and access to the best art the city has to offer with day passes to some of the city’s museums.
  • Three additional entrants will also be selected at random to win Green Works products.
  • Registration for the sweepstake ends April 26th at 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time)

Good Luck!

Thanks to Green Works for sponsoring today’s post!

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