10th Jun2011

Travel Collage

by Dinah Wulf

Travel Collage

Martha, my love, this bit of inspiration is an example of exactly why I love you so! This Travel Collage is the perfect way to commemorate your memories. It’s June already and that means vacation time! Hopefully I’ll be able to post DIY travel collage after my next trip…

Here’s how to make it from Martha Stewart’s website.

1. Sort through your memorabilia, and pick your favorite bits and pieces. Scan and enlarge them, and print them out in color.

2. Cut a sheet of decorative paper to the size of a poster frame, and affix enlarged mementos to the paper with double-sided tape. Arrange them in a grid pattern, but feel free to be creative. Layer small items on top, and affix with double-sided tape. Write the place and year of your travels on a strip of paper, and tape it along the bottom edge of the decorative paper.

3. Put the collage in the frame, and hang. Now you have an intriguing collage of memories that will be a great conversation piece, as well as a “scrapbook” you can enjoy at a glance.

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