08th Jul2011

Ways to Repurpose Record Albums and CD’s

by Dinah Wulf

Ways to Repurpose Record Albums and CD’s

With the emergence of the internet and the ipod or mp3 player, we had to have known that just like eight tracks, records and tapes, CD’s would become obsolete too!  Not too long ago, I drove by an old Tower Records building which was about three blocks away from a vacant and empty Virgin Records store. Most of the Blockbuster Video stores around town are boarded up as well.  Yikes!  At least, I have noticed, that all three still have somewhat of an online presence.

Here are some more inexpensive crafts from recycled old record albums, DVD’s, and compact discs.  They make great DIY gifts too! If you  don’t have any old LP’s, you can buy them for about $1 at almost any local thrift store.



Tip: Some old record album covers have beautiful artwork on them.  Frame and arrange a few in coordinating colors to make interesting wall art.

Check out these other creative ways to recycle:

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