30th Sep2011

83 Inventive Ways to Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

by Dinah Wulf
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I have been blogging for over four months now.  In the beginning, I knew I wanted to blog about things that I enjoy doing but I didn’t really have a plan.  I’d take it one day at a time and just figure it out as I go.

A common thread ended up being the whole “green” thing.  I have always been eco-conscious, so to speak, but I never really thought about it.  Now that I have been blogging, and have it all down in front of me (and posted all over the web) I have gravitated toward recycling and repurposing ideas for my posts.  I decided to count how many ideas I put out there and got eighty-three…holy crap!

It’s funny how things work out.  I even have gone on the anti-plastic bag bandwagon and use only recycled bags at the store.  I get irritated if someone hands me a plastic bag or I forget to bring one inside.  Next thing I know I am carrying baby and all my purchases without a bag!

Since this has been an important topic for me, so here it is again… eighty-three crafty and inventive ways to reduce, reuse, & recycle and turn your trash into treasure! Just click on the link or picture to find out more!

1.   Six Creative Ways to Recycle Old Crates


2.   Five Clever Ways to Reuse Tin and Aluminum Cans


3.   Six Cool Upcycled Seating Ideas


4.   Eight Ways to Repurpose Old Record Albums and CD’s


5.   Six Innovative Crafts with Recycled Beer and Wine Bottles


6.   Ten Artistic Ways to Recycle Newspaper


7.   Four Ways to Reuse Old Boxes


8.   Six Eco-Friendly Crafts from Recycled Glass Bottles and Jars


9.   Five Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Books


10.  Five More Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Books


11.  Seven Ways to Reuse Light Bulbs


12.  Six Ways to Reuse Suitcases


13. Nine Ways to Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags


Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle!

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Dinah Wulf
Dinah is a craft, home décor, & DIY Blogger for www.diyinspired.com, a creative blog promoting repurposing through reinvention. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Speech Communication from California State University Fullerton. Formerly an educator at CSUF and business owner, she now is a full time writer, Curator for Style Me Pretty Living, Real Simple Lifestyler, and a member of Martha’s Circle. She has blogged for multiple websites including Angie's List, Fix.com, Home Made Simple, and Sprout Online and has been published in a few magazines and ebooks. Her website, DIY Inspired has been recognized by Mashable, Parenting.com, and Buzzfeed.
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