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Fall is in full swing the South Eastern part of Tennessee. This will be our second winter in the south so we are a little more prepared this time around. Our little 9 pound dog lives in her sweaters!
Yard sales have diminished a bit with the cold, but the indoor flea markets are still going strong. I’ve been able to find some rusty gold to put my creative juices to work. I’m happy to be sharing some of these upcycled treasures with you!
There are so many holiday traditions this time of year and one of the biggest ones for me is to take some time and reflect on friends and family who have added so much joy to my life. Thank you I am fortunate to have all of you!
It’s also a time to give back. A couple of Veterans and I have launched a program called The Pigeon Veteran Outreach Connection. This is a program to help with veteran therapy much the same as therapy horses or dogs but we are using homing pigeons. Homing pigeons have and are being used in the war effort but we are offering them as an instrument of peace for healing.
Happy Winter everyone, I wish many blessings for all of you!

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