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DIY Flower Cluster Headpiece

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  1. Tara says:

    No You Did Not! I didn’t know that and I certainly haven’t noticed any weird growth when I’ve seen you lol Love this headpiece, it looks GREAT on you!

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      LOLLL!!! I know! I hide it well! But that’s also why I ALWAYS have a headband or head piece in my hair when you DO see me!

  2. pattie says:

    Girl, I had that SAME haircut LOL It was awesome. Especially during the Summer. I do love the flower piece too. It’s so girly!

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      You can totally pull that hair cut off too! Thank you, Pattie!

  3. justine burgess says:

    I see no gray hair- but maybe that’s because of the headband. 😉 I had that same haircut all through high school (albeit a mite bit spikier). I love what you were able to do with it, and the headband is a really clever idea for styling the “growing out” bits.

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Thanks Justine! I promise… there are A LOT of grays!! 😉

  4. Jill says:

    I have never worn a headband before. Maybe I need to try one….help me make it!

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      LOL! OK! We need to do a craft night together!

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