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Easy Ways to Declutter and Improve Your Garage

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  1. Danielle says:

    Although I don’t have a garage, I like these tips for a storage space. I agree that once you clean things out, you need to arrange the space so that everything is accessible again, like hanging new nails or installing shelving.

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Thank you so much, Danielle!

  2. Morena says:

    Great tips. Organizing my garage is on my to do list.

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Thanks, Morena! It’s amazing how long I put it off but finally glad I did it!

  3. Jenna says:

    Ok, I have got to get my garage looking like yours! And love that opener – so cool!

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Thanks, Jenna! The opener IS cool. I still get giddy when I use my phone to open it.

  4. Your garage looks great! I love the tool hanger! We are looking for a new garage door opener so thanks for the review!

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Thank you, Steph! You for sure have to check out the MyQ. My husband and I love it.

  5. Amy Anderson says:

    I love your tips! Thank you!

  6. Sue Lewis says:

    Nice ideas, you’ve done a great job in your garage! Decluttering ours was the hardest part of our move, well it was the hardest part at all, because we had too much old stuff, we had to get rid of. Keeping organized the garage in our new place is much easier now. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Thank you, Sue! Now I need to work on keeping it this way!

  7. Pamela List says:

    What a great job. Congrats. Ours is filled with exercise equipment. I would love to pair down but my schedule just does not allow time to go to a gym right now. but some day!

    We do have hanging baskets for each sport which is a big, big help.

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