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Finding Dory Party Ideas

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi. Where did you find the plastic fish bowls ? Such a great idea!

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Thank you, Stephanie! You can buy them on Amazon. This is an affiliate link: http://amzn.to/1X3yp0C So glad you like them!

  2. Britney says:

    So cute! Where did you get your paper Dory for the fish bags?? Thank you for the great printable!

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Hi Britney! You are welcome! I used HP Brochure paper (it’s my fave). You can buy it at any office supply store. You can also use any type of white card stock. Plain white printer paper is less sturdy, but it’ll work as well.

  3. Mary says:

    Where do you get the paper dory fish for in your treat bag? Is there a pattern or picture to download and cut out?

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Hi Mary! I googled an image of Dory, cut and pasted it to a Word document and cut them out. I hope this helps!

  4. Christie J. says:

    Did you use regular copy paper or card stock for the treat bags?

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Hi Christie! I used card stock, but regular copy paper would be fine I think.

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