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Give Bakery Because Cookie Lollipops

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  1. MY kids! Everyday I wake them up thankful they are mine!

  2. My mom always makes my day better. We talk almost every day!

  3. Tara says:

    My daughter, Ashlyn. She has my sarcastic wit & we always have fun 🙂

  4. pattie says:

    The hubster makes every day better for me. He calms me down when things get to crazy for me, and helps me manage our household. We’re partners in every way!

  5. My babies make every day better for me. They always have the biggest smiles for me that make any bad day go away.

  6. Amy Anderson says:

    Well, my boyfriend, but I’d also like to mention my pug Roxie. Not a person, but a special creature that always loves me no matter what!

  7. Xenia says:

    Cute! I love packaging goodies so this is along my line of fun and easy to make!

  8. YUM! I want one right now 🙂

  9. I am a dork. I was so excited about how yummy they looked I forgot to answer the question….. My husband! He has such a calming way about him. When I have had a bad day he brings me back down and reassures me it will be okay 🙂

  10. Chelsea says:

    My husband! He’s so funny and relaxed. I love the way he lives life with no regrets. These look so, so yummy!!

  11. Jill says:

    I would say my husband….but he is always there…and is the best. But my BFF keeps me happy and full of fun!

  12. melinda sanderson says:

    My husband and kids

  13. My neighbor Lori is that special person. She is always there to lend a hand with my kids or provide flour when I am in the middle of a recipe. She is great to talk to and gives good advice and quite often has an open bottle of wine in her fridge for me.

  14. My boys make my days better without a doubt! What a simple, adorable idea!! I am absolutely pinning this!

  15. Monika B. says:

    My daughter makes everyday special. She always wants to help with whatever I’m doing and telling my that she wants to grow up to be like me. I love it!

  16. Alison F says:

    Does it have to be a person? And does it make me sound crazy if I say my cat? Because knowing that fuzzy face is waiting for me at home and is ready to love and be loved no matter what makes my day great.

  17. Dericka Buckels says:

    I would have to say my son. He keeps me smiling and feeling loved.

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