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My favorite things… dollar bins!

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  1. Myra Templeton says:

    Love these PF goodies. My 9 year old (soon to be 10 year old) is CRAZY over Paul Frank. Her birthday is at the end of May so I am STRUGGLING to get stuff gathered as it seems retailers have an extremely limited supply of goods…. I love your bubble idea and will probably “steal” it if you do not mind!! If you do not mind me asking, were there any other homemade, inexpensive type favors that you customized? If so, do you mind sharing your ideas? Thank you for your time.

    Oh… May I ask what you did for balloons or cake design? I have yet to find any type of Paul Frank balloon!!

    1. dwulf dwulf says:

      Hi Myra! Thank you for stopping by!! Yes! PF goods are so hard to find. For balloosa I find it easiest to just go with a color scheme versus the PF theme. It’s cheaper that way too. I actually did cupcakes instead of a cake. For the cupcake topper I did something similar to this: however I printed out PF heads from Google images and used a circle craft punch to cut them out and place on the toothpicks.

      Another inexpensive party decoration is to work with paper. For your son, pinwheels may work ncely. Here is a link for a few ideas:

      Here is more DIY Inspiration for easy crafts that PF Google images would fit nicely onto:

      I hope this helps!! Let me know how it turns out and I’d love to see some pictures!


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