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Upcycling an Old Glass Water Bottle

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  1. Love this, I’ve done the same with some DemiJohn bottles. Can’t go wrong with fairy lights!

  2. tberokoff says:


    I know! Whoever invented these lights was a genius! 😀

    Thank you for writing and letting me know about the DemiJohn bottles!


  3. Elaine says:

    How do you hide the battery pack for the LED lights? I’m just about to set mine up. Thank you for the tips!

    1. T Berokoff says:

      I used electric LED lights for the water bottle because I leave it on quite a bit. But, with another DIY project, I transformed an old glass hurricane lamp that was missing the glass top. The new top is a glass vase. Inside the vase are battery operated LED lights. The cord is gold and the battery box is white so it isn’t noticeable. If you don’t want the cord hanging down the back, you can attach it at the bottle opening with fishing line. It will be undetectable and the on-off switch will be handy. Let me know how it comes out. Picture please! Thanks for writing. T

  4. Koren says:

    Did you fill the whole jug with vinegar only to start?

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