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Wine Tasting Party

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  1. Sara says:

    Awww thanks D! I loved the party so much, everything was personal which gave it that special something. You are so talented! Love you!!

  2. dwulf says:

    This was by far the most fun I’ve had at a Bridal Shower! Love you, Mermer!

  3. Tam says:

    This was the best shower ever!!!. And I luv u both too…..Dinah you are so talented. Happy Birthday my Sister!!!!

  4. Carrie says:

    You are so creative. It was a great party!

  5. dwulf says:

    Thank you ladies!!! XOXO!

  6. Krystyna Fventes says:

    This is a very cool party idea,i will definetly save this for sure,and i’ll come back again hehe 🙂

    1. dwulf says:

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  7. Jamie says:

    Such great ideas for a party! I like how you used recycled wine crates and wine bottles.

  8. Griffin says:

    hello i just found your blog. great idea for a wine party and bridal shower in one! thanks!

  9. Bridal Shower Ideas says:

    The pictures look really awesome adding a factor for great planning for the party.

  10. Tallulah says:

    I am doing a wine-themed shower as well and these are some great ideas! Can you elaborate on how you did the wine tasting? I am trying to figure out logistics on this because I have a pretty big invite list!

    1. dwulf says:

      Hi Tallulah! Thank you! This bridal shower was so much fun. For the wine tasting I made those wine scoring cards. On the cards I hade the instructions: “Give a score from one to five for each category and total. Highest average for all guests wins.” The “winner” was the wine (not a guest). The categories were: appearance, aroma, body, taste, finish. Per the bride’s request we did all red wine. It’s up to you on what wine to choose. Some people mix both red and white, and start the tasting with the whites. I purchased wine glasses that doubled as favors and those were used for the tasting. For each tasting, pour only a small taste (about and ounce). I had a dump bucket ready if anyone wanted to use it (which no one did!!).

      There are about 20-25 taste servings in a typical wine bottle. That is how I measured how many bottles to buy. I also bought 2 extra of each in case anyone wanted more. I would suggest purchasing the wine at a wine specialty store. Ask someone for help and tell them you are hosting a wine tasting party. They can help you find GREAT wines for less than $10 a bottle.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions.


      P.S. If you end up doing it, feel free to post pictures on our FB page! http://www.facebook.com/diyinspired

      1. Lynne says:

        Hi, could you tell me where you purchased the pencils that were used for scoring the wines?

        1. Dinah Wulf says:

          Hi Lynne, I got these pencils a long time ago at Michael’s Craft Store in the dollar bin section.

  11. lucia says:

    Great Ideas, especially love the score card. My cousins and I are planning something similar for our other cousins bridal shower. You wouldn’t happen to still have that template? or be willing to share, would you? Thanks for the ideas either way! 🙂

    1. dwulf says:

      Thank you do much! I’d love to share it with you! I believe it’s in my old laptop. Let me find it and I’ll email you directly!

  12. Mina says:

    Such great ideas! Looked like a ton of fun. Love the little wine charms.

    1. dwulf says:

      It WAS so much fun. One of the best. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting!

  13. Gail Smicklas says:

    Hello! I just came across your ideas for a wine party. I’m having one this Sat evening and I just love the flavor you added to your wine party. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!!

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Oh fantastic! This party to date was one of the most fun parties I’ve been too. I hope you have a great time!

  14. Ashley says:

    I saw your website and loved the ideas! I think this would be a great idea for my boss’ wedding shower. Do you happen to still have that score card template and be willing to share? Thanks again!

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Hi Ashley, I’m so sorry I don’t have it anymore! I really should have kept it. I just made it in Excel. Maybe you can recreate it? So sorry!

  15. Elsy says:

    Love your ideas, can’t wait to start preparing my cousin’s bridal shower. THANK YOU!!!

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Great! So glad you like them! Have fun!!

  16. Dagmar says:

    Hello Dinah,
    I am hosting a wine themed bridal shower at a wine restaurant and your ideas are terrific. Would you be able to email me your scoring card template? Also could you let me know how many questions are appropriate. It’s a shower with max 14 girls.
    Thank you so much in advance.

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      Hi Dagmar! So glad you like the party! Here is a link to the wine scoring card download: https://www.diyinspired.com/wine-tasting-party-score-card-printable/. I think I ended up doing about 10 or 12 questions, which was perfect.

  17. Dagmar says:

    Do you have any advice on timing? My wine themed bridal shower is from 2PM to 6PM, it starts with cheese plates and flat bread followed by a full Menu served at the restaurant/ wine bar. I am trying to figure out when to do the wine tasting activity and the bridal shower game? Which one to do first? I was thinking doing the wine tasting at the beginning between appetizers at arrival and the sit down menu…..and then the game after the menu before the bridal shower cake that will be served with coffee? Any advice?

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      I think doing it before the sit down menu is served. That way they’ll leave with a full stomach after drinking a little wine. You want them to get home safely! I think I gave the game when guests arrive and let them do it as they walked around to look for the questions. It was also a great conversation starter for the guests who didn’t really know each other well. You can go over the answers while your guests are having cake and coffee. I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes!!

  18. Margaret says:

    Any chance you can explain the wine tasting game a little more? I am throwing a wine theme bridal shower in a couple of weeks and I was wondering about the game and scorecard. thanks!

    1. Dinah Wulf says:

      For the wine tasting I made those wine scoring cards. On the cards I had the instructions: “Give a score from one to five for each category and total. Highest average for all guests wins.” The “winner” was the wine (not a guest). The categories were: appearance, aroma, body, taste, finish. Per the bride’s request we did all red wine. The game and rating was more of a fun conversation piece rather than a competitive game. Due to some email requests I ended up making a free wine scoring card that you can print. You can download it here: https://www.diyinspired.com/wine-tasting-party-score-card-printable/.

      I hope this helps! Thanks, Margaret!

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