20th Jun2011

How to Paint a Dresser

by Dinah Wulf

How to Paint a Dresser

I salvaged this chest of drawers when one of my best friends moved (AKA: It was free!!).  Although it was already beautifully hand painted, it wasn’t my style. I decided to repaint it using a wall stencil in the same color as my wall DIY sconce project and my envelope pillows.  I’m not going to lie; it was quite taxing because of the several coats of primer and paint.  Needless to say, it took several days to paint but I’m happy with the finished DIY product. Here are the steps on how to paint a dresser. Here is the before and after:

I did not need to sand this dresser because the surface was already smooth.  I did, however need to apply two coats of primer, since the existing artwork was so dark in color.

I painted two coats of the base color next and then I used a wall stencil for the design.  On a side note, smaller stencils will make your project much easier! Make sure the paint is completely dry in between each coat.

When stenciling the drawer with the accent paint color, make sure the stencil is flat. Keep adding coats until you reach the desired color.

For the final touch, I purchased blue ceramic knobs at Habitat for Humanity Restore for only 25 cents each! Habitat for Humanity Restore has everything you need for DIY any project.

Tip: A sample size of paint is plenty for this project.  You can find sample sizes at a discount (50 cents to $1) at Lowes “Oops Table” or at Habitat for Humanity Restore. Another inexpensive option is to use spray paint.



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